The Fraud of Obama”care”

The Affordable Care Act and other fairy tales:

This is from a Federal document distributed in 2010:

Liar in Chief

Liar in Chief

You were told that you could keep your policy, you were told that you could keep your doctor. It was a LIE and it was a KNOWN LIE….it wasn’t a slip of the tongue or any other such nonsense.  It was a lie.  It was sheer deception.

We now see from round one, the experience of Americans who purchase health policies directly from insurers, that the entire process is nothing but a horror story. The website  constantly crashes… because it is so popular…(No, Obama, dear, the Drudge Report is what you call popular and I can’t recall it ever crashing).

We also now know that there is absolutely no security built into the government site. The site and every private detail entered in to it can be accessed by every cub hacker anywhere in the world.  The government cares about you deeply.

Blowback, Obama Style

People’s hours are being cut back, employees are being laid off, doctors are preparing to sell their practices (hospitals are buying them out, btw).  People who think that they have their policies set up actually do not.  The federal site does not process payments (no payment = no insurance).

It also doesn’t interface properly with the insurance companies.  The federal site often transmits gibberish to the insurance company.  It also does not issue accurate quotes.  It issues confirmations, yet nothing actually happened, except that you entered highly confidential information into a site where anyone can hack it.   Bizarre.

Obama Stealth

A bevy of stealth taxes are about to be unleashed at the new year… and the odds are that you are blissfully unaware of them.  For example, anyone selling a home will be taxed 4% of the sale price.

People receiving policies through an employer will be taxed on the amount that the employer pays.  And after all the dust settles, policies will be in the $20,000 range. Don’t you suppose that this will destroy what’s left of the middle class?

People currently insured through an employer were given a one year reprieve so that they wouldn’t feel the abuse until AFTER the 2014 elections. Isn’t this fraud? Don’t we prosecute fraud?  Think it through-the future doesn’t look so good. This BS needs to be stopped now.

Do Something

Think about your vote in 2014. Look up people’s voting records-maybe support the little nobody guy who is willing to kill this abomination of a law. Do something if you want a world that your children can live in. Do something…such as pass this along.   Call a senator, call your congressmen, (those wonderful people who voted themselves exempt from Obamacare)  Call your friends.  Just do SOMETHING.



Affordable care act is actually unaffordable!