Why Is American “Healthcare” So Expensive?

Fannie S. Cohen, graduate of the University of...


Riddle Solved!

American “healthcare” is so expensive because the system is geared to manage your symptoms, not to cure you. In that way, you become the gift that keeps on giving; you tithe monthly to Temple Pharmacy. They milk you until they have damaged you too much, then send you to the hospital where you don’t get out for under #50,000.

They give you too many tests, but often don’t run the right tests. They feed you denatured food and then pump IVs with nutrients into you. They give you mammograms that eventually give you the cancer that they eventually find.  And you pay for that every step of the way.  Cha-ching!

THAT is why “healthcare” is so expensive.

(American “healthcare” is dishonest, that’s why it is so expensive)