Michael Hastings-Blinded By the Light

Michael Hastings-Blinded By the Light

Hastings Crash-Anatomy of an Illusion Pt 3

Blinded by the Light

Lyrics by Manfred Mann

“Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun

But mama…

that’s where the fun is

LAPD was so convinced that this was just an every day, ordinary car accident that they didn’t call in their homocide division.  Brand new Mercedes go off like nuclear bombs all the time. And no, you can’t have any of the public records, photographs, coroner reports and while we are on the subject, please keep your FOIA requests to yourselves. We are busy solving real crimes. And now, even the grieving widow, Elise Jordan, is saying that it was “just a tragic accident”.   For those who have been digging deeper into this bizarre incident, Michael Hastings’ crash was anything but “just a tragic accident”. Here are the primary facts before us that call in to question the “tragic accident” explanation:

1)  Life in L.A. is fun as hell, but we draw the line at driving through neighborhoods at 100+ MPH, blowing red lights along the way…unless we are being chased by the police, in which case there is always a TV news helicopter streaming the footage to the newsroom so that it can be beamed live to a chase hungry populace.  Which brings us to a question.   Where were the police?

Where were Hollywood's finest?

Where were Hollywood’s finest?

Los Angeles has approximately ten thousand uniformed officers.  You can’t drive five blocks without seeing a patrol car.  Hastings’ car was tearing through seedy Hollywood before reaching Melrose.  Of necessity, tourist mecca Hollywood gets plenty of police coverage, So… where were they?

2)  Engine/transmission:  The engine weighs hundreds of lbs. and is designed to drop down in the event of a collision.  The transmission also weighs hundreds of lbs and is located in the center of the auto.  The engine compartment of a Mercedes is loaded with reinforced steel.  None of this facilitates in the least a nearly two hundred foot launch (on a diagonal) of these extremely heavy engine components.

Mercedes Crash 8/4/13 Katie Lenz

Mercedes Crash 8/4/13
Katie Lenz

The Mercedes to the left suffered a head on collision with a drunk driver a few days ago.  Thankfully, the young driver survived. Rescuers were thwarted from cutting through the dense metal to extricate the bleeding driver until special equipment arrived. The problem was the construction of the Mercedes and all the reinforced steel.  Their standard cutting tools were dulled within seconds.

Please note  that the Mercedes did not explode and the transmission did not leave the car.

3)  There were several explosions of Hastings’ car and one of these was massive. Temperatures soared above 2,000 degrees F.  Cremation of human remains is performed at 1,100 degrees F. At temperatures more than double those used in cremation, flesh will begin to bubble, burn and crack after just a few seconds of exposure.   How then, after at least ten minutes, might one find a sanguinated corpse from which blood samples might be drawn for toxicology tests?  And fingerprints?  From what?


White hot-wheel rim bolt explodes from the car. Why would a witness tell Infowars that she saw a corpse of a young male 25-30 years old with intact clothing, white arms, charring only of the head down to the shoulders? Why would the coroner take two days to make an identification telling the L.A. Times that the body was burned beyond recognition and dental records had been requested?

If that is true, then why was it reported that Hastings had been identified from fingerprints that the FBI had on file?   We were told that the FBI wasn’t investigating him.  Why would they have Michael Hastings’ fingerprints if they weren’t investigating him?  And how could a human body come out of that raging inferno  complete with viable fingerprints  sporting an intact, grey, short sleeve tee-shirt and slacks?

If this was just a simple accident….why are so many people lying?

Conspiracy Theory

Challenges to official fabrications are always labeled as conspiracy theories concocted by the tin foil hat set.  Come on, all together now people, “Chuckle, chuckle”.   This has been a most effective strategy for well over fifty years.  Knuckle heads asking pesky questions are kicked to the gutter with two simple words-conspiracy theorist.   Nothing to see here, folks, just tin foil.

Sadly for the perpetrators, sooner or later, all the worms crawl up from the mud. Consider the case of Princess Diana.  It was just a tragic accident.  The driver was drunk, toxicology said so, even though he was videotaped acting quite sober minutes before they left the hotel in the Mercedes:

Princess Diana Death by Mercedes

Princess Diana Death by Mercedes

Princess Diana: Police Investigating Conspiracy?

It was just reported that British police are taking another look into the deaths of Princess Diana and her companion, Dodi Al Fayed, after a person close to the suspect reported that a member of British Special Forces, had been ordered to eliminate Princess Diana.

Police admitted that they were looking into the “relevance and credibility” of the new accusation.  They also emphasized that they were not reopening the case.

A new report alleges that detectives are looking into claims that Diana was murdered by a a Special Air Service sniper, Sergeant Danny Nightingale, according to The Telegraph.  More specifically, police are reportedly investigating the claim that Nightingale was given orders by a senior officer to take down Princess Di and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed.

From the start, “conspiracy theorists” have alleged that Diana’s death was a setup,  This reported new investigation is “unprecedented,” according to The Telegraph.

Princess Diana’s Death: Caused By Something Other Than Reckless Driving?

The late Diana, Princess of Wales

The late Diana, Princess of Wales

According to Wikipedia:

“An alternative explanation for the cause of the crash has been reports of a bright white flash just before the car entered the tunnel, blinding the driver. Richard Tomlinson made this allegation in media interviews and claimed it was consistent with eyewitness testimony.

Operation Paget investigated Tomlinson’s claim that the use of a powerful strobe light to blind helicopter pilots formed part of MI6 agents’ training in the early 1990s and it was apparent this tactic had been used to facilitate the murder of Diana. The police found that such a tactic never, at any time, formed part of MI6 training.

The detail of eyewitness testimony was thoroughly reviewed and Operation Paget officers succeeded in uncovering two new witnesses. The police found that only one eyewitness at the scene of the crash, François Levistre, made a clear, specific reference to seeing a bright flash. He claimed to have seen it in his rear-view mirror and recounted other elements of what he saw in considerable detail while he was negotiating the difficult bend out of the tunnel, a task which would have required his full attention on the road in front of him. Crucially, however, his testimony was directly contradicted by his then-wife, who sat in the passenger seat next to him. Television documentaries produced by Channel 4 in 2004 and the BBC in 2006 both raised the issue of Levistre’s prior criminal record for offences involving dishonesty.

Other eyewitness testimony made little reference to the appearance of any inexplicable flashes at the crash site. Several witnesses who would be expected to have seen a blinding flash made no reference to one.

In any event, the detailed crash reconstruction revealed that the chain of events that led to the car unavoidably colliding with the pillar started well before it was at the mouth of the tunnel where the flash is alleged to have been discharged. Furthermore, a strobe light of the type that was alleged to have been used is so powerful that a flash emitted from it would have been bright enough to illuminate a very wide area. It would have likely blinded not only Henri Paul, but also the driver of the white Fiat Uno, the pursuing paparazzi and witnesses standing at the road side. The Operation Paget report concluded the alleged flash did not happen. However, eye witness Brian Anderson, an American tourist says that he saw a bright flash too.”

Diana knew that her death by Mercedes was being planned.  Why wasn’t she wearing her seat belt that night?  On the other hand, she survived the crash but she did not survive the ambulance transport.  It sat in place for an hour and forty five minutes with her inside it before heading off to the hospital.