Hawthorne, Ca. Police Murder Loyal Dog

Hawthorne Police Murder Loyal Dog

Hawthorne Police Murder Loyal Dog

The dog’s owner was filming police activity in his neighborhood, as were several other people.  We do this citizen filming routinely now because of an ever escalating number of police assassinations.   If anything, this video proves the point.  The Federal Government is out of control and so is local.

Please send this viral…this animal died of love. There needs to be some re prioritizing within police policy. If we don’t demand it, this will keep happening. The prisons in Cal are so overflowing that they are releasing murderous felons back into the general population but they have room for this guy…and they murdered HIS BEST FRIEND in front of his eyes!!!

Warning:  This will be very hard to take-if  you love animals at all, you will be furious

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