Obama Birth Certificate -A Case of Very Bad Paperwork

Something wicked this way comes-our Manchurian Candidate

Who is this man?

Who is this man?

Three years into his Presidency, on April 27, 2011, Barack Obama produced a birth certificate.  Obama never submitted his long form birth certificate in 2008 to defend when Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter, filed suit alleging that Kenya was Obama’s birthplace and he was therefore ineligible to run.   As we may all recall, Hillary wanted to be President very, very badly.  One would have thought that Obama would have produced the document for the court, yet he did not do so at that time.

More than two years later when Jerome Corsi‘s explosive expose, Where’s the Birth Certificate?, was about to become available in mid-May 2011, a long form birth certificate finally appeared.  But this document has many, many problems and has all the earmarks of a forgery.

Back in January 2011, Neil Abercrombie,  Obama family friend and supporter who had recently been elected as Governor of Hawaii ruefully admitted that after a thorough search, no long form document could be found.  Gov. Abercrombie had vowed to find it.   He did not find it, yet it appeared out of thin air on April 27th 2011.  Where was it?  Behind the cheese in the Registrar’s refrigerator?

Now that it had at last appeared, it became  possible to compare it with the two birth certificates of the Nordyke twins who were born at the same hospital one day after Obama.   All three certificates clearly state “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital”.  Each certificate has a unique serial number, as one would expect.  These are official government documents and sequential serial numbers are a vital part of document authentication.  The Nordyke twins, born on August 5th 1961,  received document numbers 10637 and 10638 and both certificates were issued on August 11th 1961.  Obama was born the day before on August 4th and his certificate was issued three days prior to the twins on August 8th 1961, so his certificate number should be lower in the sequence, perhaps something like 10632.  But it isn’t.  Shockingly, his certificate is numbered 10641, well AFTER the twins.  The devil is in the details.  Holy smoking gun!!!

To view this certificate compared to Gretchen Nordyke’s certificate and a list of further anomalies, visit http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=292717

By his own admission

By his own admission

Addendum:  Having now read a great deal more about this document controversy, the back and forth about the layering, the mysterious “artifacts” on the document (little faint markings and floating X’s and other stray letters), for me it boils down to a few simple questions;  Where was the document when Neil Abercrombie had the place turned inside out trying to find it, why is the document ID number out of sequence with the Nordyke twins, why does he have a social security number issued in Connecticut and why does his selective service card show signs of tampering?  These are not one, but THREE vital documents that point to conscious interference, as if he were given an alternate identity.

Researcher Jerome Corsi was dumbfounded to discover that federal passport records are missing for several months preceding and following Barack Obama’s August 4 1961 birth date.  Other investigators went to the National Archives in hopes of finding airline passenger manifests for flights from the U.S, to Kenya.   They were informed that these records were not kept at the Archive but that INS cards were kept there.  Passengers involved in international travel were required to fill these forms out.  The researchers were given copies of 690 rolls of tape from the microfiche records.  They were shocked to discover that there were no records at all from August 1st to August 10th 1961.  The Archive had no explanation for the missing records!

Who, who is Barack Obama and where the hell did he come from?  Who put him in the White House and why?  Who pulls the strings on this fellow and what is his mission???  Who pulled all these vital national records?  Who has the ability to do this? Obama Long Forn Birth Certificate released 4/27/2011

                         Obama Long Form Birth Certificate released 4/27/2011

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has confirmed that the birth certificate is bogus.  He is demanding a Congressional investigation.  One might imagine that should Obama be found to be a foreign national, all of his executive orders would be negated.