Three Dzhokhar Friends Taken Into Custody today

What is wrong with this picture?


Dzhokhar photo taken by jogger


Closeup-note hand and arm position

The charges specifically include the allegation that one of them removed Dzhokhar’s backpack from his room on Thursday, April 18th after Dzhokhar sent the friend a text that he could “take whatever you want” of his possessions.

In short, this proves that Dzhokhar left the scene of the bombing with his backpack.  Furthermore, this specific allegation stipulated in the arrest warrant supports the findings of George Hemminger (see video below) that the famous photo of Dzhokhar leaving the scene after the bombings (shown above) has been tampered with.

Look carefully at the photo above attributed to a Florida jogger who participated on the Boston Marathon.  Notice how Dzhokhar’s left arm is positioned.  He seems to be pushing on a non existent backpack strap.  In addition to that particular anomaly, Mr. Hemminger was also able to demonstrate that there was, indeed, a backpack on Dzhokhar’s back which was removed along with the strap that Dzhokhar is clearly holding.

Who edited out this kid’s backpack from this critical photo???  Was it somebody at CBS?  Did these two brothers actually commit this crime or have they been made to appear to be the perpetrators?  I expect better of my country, don’t you?  Let’s get together to bring an end to the era of “The Patsy”.  It is a disgusting practice thoroughly unworthy of a nation that values truth, justice and the American way.  Haven’t you had enough of these grotesque little circus acts yet?