Boston Marathon Bombings-the Facts vs the Lies

The Facts

Boston Marathon Attacked

Boylston Street Bombing

As events unfolded in Boston on Monday April 15th 2013, there were two explosions not far apart in terms of both time and distance along the final mile of the prestigious and world famous marathon.  This is a marathon with strict rules of qualification and people come from all over the world to participate and to spectate.

Shockingly, unexpectedly, two bombs exploded along the approach to the finish line.  Three people died; Martin Richard, age 8, Lingzi Lu, age 23 and Krystie Cambell, age 29.  Additionally, 176 others were taken to the hospital with injuries and many had suffered amputations primarily of feet and legs.

Boston Bombing Aftermath

Boston Bombing Aftermath

These deaths and dreadful wounds have been attributed to two pressure cooker bombs hidden in back packs.  These improvised devices were loaded with carpenter nails and other sharp metals that tore through spectators with savage fury.  It was soon announced by CNN that there was a suspect in custody and the suspect would be taken to the court house.  But then, around 3 pm local time, the Moakley Courthouse in South Boston was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi

Meet Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi

The FBI had scheduled a press conference for 5 pm local time but suddenly canceled it.  No suspects were taken to the courthouse that day, leaving mainstream media with egg on its face.  Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C. President Obama had met with the Saudi Foreign Minister.  The meeting had not been scheduled. reported this fascinating sequence:

Jan. 14, 2013: President Obama meets in the Oval Office with Saudi minister of interior.

Jan. 16: Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano signs “arrangement” with Saudi minister bestowing “trusted traveler” status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal security screening procedures.

April 15: Saudi college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is seen near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis. He’s tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings. Authorities question him.

April 15: FBI agents search Alharbi’s apartment, leave with bags of evidence. He’s described as a “person of interest” in attacks.

April 16: Secretary of State John Kerry secretly meets with the Saudi foreign minister, locking out reporters who initially were told the meeting would be open.

April 16: Saudi ambassador phones several papers and insists neither Alharbi nor any Saudi nationals are involved in the bombings. Saudi officials visit the well-connected Alharbi at a Boston hospital.

April 17: Officials clear Alharbi, who’s reportedly related to al-Qaida Gitmo detainees, as a person of interest.

April 17: FBI ID from photos and videos two Mideast-looking men with bags scouting scene of bombings and circulate them among law enforcement. AP, CNN and even Boston Globe report one arrest has been made. CNN describes suspect as “dark-skinned male.” Media swarm Boston courthouse for arraignment.

April 17: Obama has sudden unscheduled meeting with the Saudi foreign minister at White House.

April 17: Justice Dept. scolds CNN for arrest report. FBI cancels press conference. Courthouse bomb scare.

April 17: Terror expert Steve Emerson reports ICE has been ordered to “deport” Alharbi for “national security” reasons, out of reach of FBI questioning.

April 18: Napolitano denies Alharbi will be deported.

Did the Saudi minister request diplomatic-level immunity? Did Obama sign off on a “voluntary” departure?

source:  Saudi suspect in Boston bombing, a Saudi Arabian news site, reported that Michelle Obama rushed to the hospital where the young terror suspect was recovering from wounds sustained at the Boston blast.

Michelle visits Saudi terror suspect

How interesting that Michelle did not stop in to see any of the other victims of the bombing that were still in the hospital, not even Jeff Bauman who tragically lost both of his legs.

It turns out that the twenty year old Alharbi has lots of interesting relatives.  At least six of his family members are active in Al Qaeda.  Five others are currently enjoying the hospitality at Gitmo.

According to Glen Beck who alludes to documents provided by inside sources, Alharbi was suspect number one.  He is here on a student visa and was supposed to be attending college in Ohio.  Instead, he is residing in Boston.

With suspect number one snatched to sanctuary by Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Saudi Foreign Minister, it became scramble time to find a substitute, a scapegoat, a patsy.  Meet the brothers Tsarnaev, poor souls.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The Late Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Tamerlan was 26 years old, married to an American woman and father of a child.  He had been denied American citizenship due to an incident of domestic violence but had been a U.S. resident since 2002.  He was a tall, robust young man who at one time had aspired to represent the United States in Olympic boxing. According to his mother, the FBI had been watching him for at least three years.

Younger brother Dzhokhar, age 19, was a student at Dartmouth.  In fact, he was in class on Wednesday April 17th while Obama met with the Saudi Foreign Minister.  Classmates reported that he went about business as usual with no hint of his role in the heinous bombings.  By Thursday the 18th, his world would be forever destroyed.  That is when pictures of his brother and himself were broadcast, their names announced.  That is when they robbed a 7 11 store, carjacked an auto, murdered an MIT security guard, 26 year old Sean Collier found dead in his patrol car, shot multiple times.  The evening news regaled us with accounts of a ferocious gun battle, explosive devices being hurled by the brothers at responding officers. The confrontation culminated with officers attempting to handcuff the older brother, Tamerlan.  According to reports, the younger brother gunned the stolen Mercedes Benz SUV and aimed for the circle of officers.  The officers jumped out of the way and the panicking Dzhokhar ran over his brother instead, dragging his body some distance.  Dzhokhar callously drove away.  That’s the story.  But here is another story from an eyewitness who called in to a radio show.  The caller, Linda, who witnessed the entire event from an apartment across the street, tells a very different story:

The Lies

However, we also have THIS…a CNN interview with a journalist identified only as Gabe who was on scene.  Gabe reports that Tamerlan was marched to a patrol car after removing his clothes…all of his clothes.  There is video toward the end that shows Tamerlan being led to a patrol car totally  naked.  He was not wearing a suicide vest at any time.  Nor does he appear to have been run over by a car…not a patrol  car, not a car driven by his brother.   See for yourself:

A link follows showing what Tamerlan looked like after the police finished with him.  I warn you and I apologize to you. The photo is graphic, shocking, grotesque and you should prepare yourself before you look, if you look, if you have the stomach to look.

Keep in mind, as Linda testified in the video, these young men were not hurling explosives as we were told.   The massive gash on his side may have been photo shopped…maybe.  If the massive gash was added, it would be to convince us that he was wearing a suicide vest as was reported.  However, it is not likely that such a vest would have produced this type of wound.  It would have blown the body apart.  In any event, video proves that the suspect was utterly naked at time of arrest.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev corpse-GRAPHIC

Martial Law…Shhhh…it’s undeclared

Friday morning found Boston under undeclared martial law as residents were advised to “stay in place” because crazed terrorist Dzhokhar was still on the loose.  No one could go to work, school, not even the grocery store for the entire day.  As darkness fell, so we are told, and just as “authorities” issued a kindly order of permission granted to return to life as usual, a Watertown resident went outside in his backyard to have a long awaited cigarette.  Well, that’s the story.

It was then that he noticed that there was a cut in the shrink wrap (originally reported as “tarp” by the media) over his beautiful boat.  He looked inside and observed a pool of blood and called the police.  Thermal detection was used and, bingo!  Suspect found.  Great job, everybody!

On Saturday, it was being reported that Dzhokhar cursed continually all the way to the hospital.  Then police reported that  Dzhokhar was in serious and guarded condition, unable to be questioned.  Today, we learned that he is unable to speak, having been shot in the throat.  Then we were told that he shot himself, probably during a suicide attempt as police tried to force him out of the boat.  Do you see any blood, any dark staining on this young man?  Would you expect that the neck area of his shirt would be bloody from such a wound?  I certainly would.  Also, somewhere along the way, it was reported that no gun was found in the boat, yet it was also reported that the younger brother shot at officers from the boat which caused the police to riddle the boat with oodles of self defense rounds.  Same tune, second verse.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev exits boat

After it was announced that Dzhokhar could not speak due to a self inflicted gun shot to his larynx, reports of cursing all the way to the hospital morphed into “mouthed curses”.  Another example of the White Knight talking backwards.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev toting backpack

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev toting backpack at Marathon

Here is our 19 year old at the Boston Marathon.  He is supposed to be hiding a pressure cooker in that backpack-a nice, heavy 6 quart pressure cooker filled with explosives, ball bearings, nails and a timer attached.  Yet the backpack is not bulging as it should with such bulky cargo.  And he has the backpack casually slung over one shoulder.   His cap is on backwards and he has made absolutely no attempt to disguise himself.  Fa-la-la…just passing through.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev  toting backpack

Tamerlan Tsarnaev toting backpack at Marathon

And here is Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  His backpack looks a little more likely to be hiding a weaponized pressure cooker.  Look carefully at the top of the backpack.   It is solid black, no patches or markings of any kind.  That backpack does look as though it has the capacity to carry a 6 quart pressure cooker.   Now, here is a photo of what remained of one of the backpacks.  Note that it is black. The younger Tsarnaev’s backpack looks to be putty color or tan with black straps.  This can not be Dzhokhar’s nor Tamerlan’s.  Although black, please note that Tamerlan’s backpack has no white  square.  In fact, it has no markings of any kind.

Boston backpack has a white square

Boston backpack has a white square

Boston backpack has a white square

Closeup of white square

Let’s see where the black backpack with a white square near the neckline might be found in this sea of people.  Oh look!  A match!  As you can see from the overhead crowd photo below, these bad boys were standing right in the area where the bomb in the black backpack exploded right near the finish line.

The real Boston bombers?

The real perpetrators?

The black nackpack was not Tamerlan's!

This is not Tamerlan!

They look rather official, don’t they?  They have identical shoes, same pants, similar jackets.  The hatless guy with the backpack also has a wire in his right ear.  You can see it in the middle photo of his back…and, of course, you can see the white square at the top of the backpack quite plainly.  His friend seems to be similarly equipped.  Might they be listening to a “broadcast” from their team leader.  They seem to be part of a team, don’t they?  All their gear and clothing look brand new.  And they are most assuredly not Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, correct?

Is this the man??? A Saudi?

Is this the man??? A Saudi?

Hey Joe, you forgot your backpack!  You know, the big black one with the white square at the top?

Look, Ma, No Backpack!

Look, Ma, No Backpack!

Before the  blasts, the crowd had been told over the loudspeaker system that there was a bomb drill going on.  They were reassured that the bomb sniffing dogs and big men with backpacks were part of a planned exercise.  Might we infer, therefore, that the persons placing backpacks were also part of a planned exercise?  Might that not explain why people in the crowd were complacent with the placement and abandonment of the killer backpacks?

The Putty Color backpack-Dzhokhar the Terrible

Backpack near Barricade Backpack near Barricade

Putty Color Backpack Drop

Fa-la-la…Well, there he is…the telltale white cap worn backwards, the trademark of Dzhokhar the Terrible.  And look!  There is the putty color backpack right near the barricade.

Now let’s see what things look like after the blast.  We should be able to find a shredded putty color backpack as we found with the black one.

In the next photo, we can, indeed, observe the putty color backpack.  It is sitting to the right, positioned between the tree and the city mailbox (described as a trash receptacle by the media).  And look, the backpack is in excellent condition.  It is neither shredded nor charred.  Hard to believe that it hid a weaponized 6 quart pressure cooker loaded with explosives and metal shrapnel.  However, I have a very hard time accepting this photo.  It does not seem authentic to me.  It just feels wrong.  Even though there is a post explosion photo showing the backpack in the same general area INTACT, supporting the concept that there was no explosive concealed inside of it, the photo just feels wrong.

Here is what appears to be a tan or putty color backpack near the base of the tree to the far right between the tree and the mailbox.

Putty Color Backpack Intact

Putty Color Backpack Intact

Here is the problem photo enlarged just a bit:

Backpack near Barricade

Putty Color Backpack Drop

Here is what hits me as out of place

There is a row of people along the barrier.  There is the putty and black backpack peeking through a convenient space between the legs of two female spectators.  The lady to the left of the backpack is standing sideways and the other has her hand up near her nose. Dzhokhar’s head is floating right above their heads and the backpack is straight down, as though he is in the act of casually releasing it as he proceeds away from the scene.  Caught in the act!!! But, look carefully.  There are two men walking toward him.  One man, the guy in the yellow cap, is right there.  Wouldn’t he have tripped over it, or at the least looked down at it so he would not trip over it?  Furthermore, given the girth of the man in the yellow hat, he is in the process of colliding with Dzhokar.

And doesn’t Dzhokhar’s head look just a little too big compared to people who are as far away from the camera as he is?  His skin tone is off as well.  To my eye, this looks photo shopped, both Dzhokhar and the backpack.

Now check this out…a man named Glenn is sure that another now famous photo of the departing Dzhokhar has been altered…the one which appears to show Dzhokhar without his backpack after the blast.

Continuing-more material forthcoming-bookmark and come back…the juiciest part is yet to come…