Fertilizer Plant Fire in Texas

West, Texas apartment building

West, Texas apartment building

As terrible as the bombing attack was in Boston, we had a far worse event in terms of loss of human life and destruction of property.  The tragedy in West, Texas has taken a back seat to the drama and spectacle of suspects and shoot outs in Massachusetts.

I think most of us are finally waking up to the false flag concept.   False flags are incidents planned and perpetrated by people in power to create frightening and destructive episodes.  The purpose is to frighten and cower a population so that resistance is eliminated.   Boogeymen are blamed and everyone rallies against the boogeymen.

We just witnessed the entire city of Boston willingly submit to undeclared martial law.  Everybody stayed home and locked their doors just as they were told.  Afterward, they were praised for being good little boys and girls.

But as all eyes were fixed on Boston, something happened on Wednesday April 17th in a little place called West in the state of Texas.  And it was far, far worse than the marathon bombing.

It started with a fire in a fertilizer plant.  As firefighters came on scene to fight the blaze, the plant erupted with massive explosive force and all were lost.  Buildings within a five mile radius were heavily damaged.  To date, there isn’t a firm death/casualty count.

But I have a surprise for you.  In fact, prepare to be shocked.  That plant did NOT explode from the ferocious fire.  It was hit by a missile.  Please watch the videos carefully.  You really can’t miss it.  As you watch these, consider two interesting points.  First, Texas has demanded that the Federal Reserve return their gold to them and second, this particular plant has been involved in a major lawsuit with Monsanto for many years.