Adam Lanza-Home Inventory List Released

Check found to cover purchase of yet another deadly firearm!  Nancy Lanza, how could you?

“Authorities” recently released a purported inventory of items found at the Lanza residence.  All major media pointed out that the inventory included a check made out to Adam.  They characterized it as a Christmas gift with a note from Nancy that the check was intended for him to purchase a C183 which was identified in these reports as a type of gun.

Here is a photograph of the deadly, frightening, malicious C183:

The Kodak C183

Kodak C183

Aim, click, shoot. Spare me.  Mainstream media=garbage reporting.

NRA membership cards for both Nancy and Adam were listed in the inventory but the NRA insists that they were not members. I am reminded of Chauncey Holt who explained how easy it was to print up fake I.D.s for Lee Harvey Oswald, fake Secret Service pins and fake FBI and CIA credentials.  He had a difficult time printing up a fake Communist Party membership I.D. for Oswald because the Communist Party did not have an I.D. card.  He had to invent one for Oswald.  How difficult would it be to print up NRA membership cards?

If you are relying on mainstream media for information, you are a fool.  A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.  Think for yourself.

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