Sandy Hook Terror-Madmen at Work

Barman Map

Gotham City Map CloseUp
Strike Zone 1-Sandy Hook

Part Two

The Devil’s in the Details

For weeks now, I have been looking at videos pertaining to the Gotham City map, finding myself simultaneously amused, fascinated, and repulsed.  On the one hand, how challenging to imagine that more attacks might be ferreted out in time to stop them, on the other hand, if this map is a kind of code from the perpetrators, that would be treating this like some kind of interactive game, and that’s beyond psychotic.  Then again, mowing down twenty tiny, helpless children is psychotic in and of itself, isn’t it?

I must briefly digress

Something interesting has just surfaced.  Please keep in mind that we have had absolutely no proof that Adam Lanza was at that school in Newtown that fateful Friday…none.

Shepard Ambellas, founder and director of has unearthed something terrifically tantalizing.  There is an entry in the SSDI database (Social Security Death Index) for Adam P Lanza, born April 22, 1992…died Dec. 14, 2012, right?

No, not deceased Dec 14, 2012.   Adam Lanza died the day before on Dec 13, 2012.  See for yourself.  And while you are there, be sure to read the comments.  There are many challenges in the comment field, but it seems to me that the rebuttals are pretty solid.  Here is a link to that article:

Intelhub-Adam Lanza SSDI entry

Now let’s return to Psycholand

There is a great deal to say about that Gotham City map.  First of all, as you can plainly see, it says “SANDY HOOK” in neat capital letters and it is labeled as “Strike Zone 1”.  There are a total of five strike zones on that map.

Quite curiously, the Prop Master of the Batman Rises movie, Scott Getzinger, 46 years old, died in April of 2012.  He was in a car accident and was taken to the hospital with a few broken bones. His injuries were said to be non life threatening.  He never checked out of the hospital.

Stranger still, he lived in Newtown, CT.  He and his wife were having major issues with the Newtown school board pertaining to issues surrounding one of their three young children.  Being Prop Master, Scott would have had control of the Gotham City map.  It is just one more bizarre feature of this extremely bizarre case.

Let us now examine Strike Zone Two-“NARROWS”

Dark Knight Rises Map

Gotham City Strike Zone #2-NARROWS

Trying to anticipate the next attack, if it is even really there, is a lot like trying to predict from the Bible Code.  In the Bible Code, it’s relatively easy to locate the prediction once  the event occurs.  It becomes painfully obvious at that point.  But before hand, well, there are thousands of possibilities sitting there.

Which one is the right one?  There are many schools all over the country with the word Narrows in their name, there are docks and neighborhoods shaped like the shape of that artificial island labeled NARROWS.  And there is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Verrazano Bridge-NY

The Verrazano Bridge

If you focus on the light blue lines outlining the Narrows island shape on the Gotham City map, you can see a boat.  Could it suggest explosives on a boat set to detonate at a position from under the bridge?  The Verrazano is a very long and low bridge.  It connects Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Again, if you focus on the light blue outline, the boat looks something like a ferry or a Carnival cruise ship; not a freighter, not a war ship.  In New York, you can take the Staten Island Ferry to cross the Narrows.  Were they going to place the explosives aboard that ferry? Not the bridge, but the ferry?  And when they arrested Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman in Greenwich Village, did they thwart it?  Greene/Gliedman Arrest Greenwich Village NYC

Here is Strike Zone 3

Down Town? Cobble Hill?  Cobble Hill is in Brooklyn.  Go back to Strike Zone 2. You can see part of the word Cobble Hill in the bottom left corner. Remember, the Verrazano connects Brooklyn and Staten Island. Therefore, we are looking at the narrows from the Brooklyn side.  Across that weird island that looks like it could be a boat must be Staten Island.  So, we are looking at something planned for the Narrows!

See how this can grab you?  Now, I have to see if I can figure anything out about strike zones 3, 4, and 5.  I am pretty sure I nailed strike zone 2.

Dark Knight Rises Mao

Strike Zones 3 and 4