Sandy Hook Likely a Terror Attack!

but by who? Were there plans for more? 

On 12/14/12, according to a report recorded on the Fairfield Ct police scanner, an officer had stopped a purplish van at a location not far from the Sandy Hook school.  He reported two occupants, a possible ski mask, and one occupant dressed as a nun which he apparently thought suspicious because he called them “possible suspects”. There have been rumors about a maroon van that left the Sandy Hook parking lot with its back window shot out.  This was not covered in the media and I think I know why.

Greenwich Village Street

A Greenwich Village Street

The van was most likely released in the hopes of seeing where it would go.  The occupants must have felt so relieved.  The purple van continued on.  It went to Greenwich Village.  

I grew up in New York and I loved Greenwich Village like no other part of New York.  I went there often.  I was always drawn to 10th Street. It felt to me that I had lived there long ago.

In the 50’s, the beatniks lived in the Village, in the 60’s, the hippies.  It got a facelift in the 80’s but managed to retain its creative attitude and its edginess.  You could sit and play chess in Washington Square.   The Marshall Chess Club was on 10th Street.

The venerable Thomas Paine, father of the American Revolution and author of the 1776 pamphlet “Common Sense”, died in Greenwich Village.  It has always attracted “radicals”.   Abbie Hoffman, Jack Kerouac, Paul Krassner and Lenny Bruce all lived in Greenwich Village.  It has always been a conclave of artists, poets, writers and counter culture.  The Village has always had a unique personality.

Washington Square NYC

Washington Square

Now, it  attracts terrorists. Makes sense, really.

NYPD served a search warrant  on 12/29/12 at an apartment in Greenwich Village.  The police took two people into custody; Aaron Greene and Ms. Morgan Gliedman (who was 9 months pregnant). Ms. Gliedman immediately went into labor and was rushed to the hospital.  Both parents have a heroin problem.  In fact, they met in rehab. So romantic, so Greenwich Village.

NYPD announced that they found shotguns, a copy of “The Terrorist’s Encyclopedia”, and, oh yes, HMTD (a particularly unstable high explosive) and chemicals to make more HMTD.  You want to bet they took the yellow brick road back from Sandy Hook?

Greene/Gliedman arrest

Location of Arrest

Yes, there’s more.  There will be a part two.  I don’t think that Greene was planning to blow up Washington Square.  I am thinking Simon and Garfunkel…”Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  We’ll be taking a close look at that Gotham City map next…the one from Batman Dark Knight Rises.  Stay tuned.

Terror Attack Pt 2:

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