Sandy Hook-Dancing in the Dark

Fish Bait Store sign

Fish Bait Sign

Consider this a brief interlude from the transcription of the police scanner material.  It’s time to discuss chumming…from a different perspective.  This is from “The Art of Chumming” by M J Keyes:

“OK, if you think chumming is either immoral or brainless, you may as well stop here. Freshwater chumming is not considered kosher in North America for some reason, even though the minute an angler hits saltwater, it becomes a state of the art technique. To my mind, chumming done right is a skill few have mastered.

The basics of fishing are simple: find the fish, and bait a hook with something they will eat. “

Great points!  Do you see what he is saying?   Effective chumming is not a haphazard matter.  It’s a skill.   Here is where I say “as above, so below”.  Here follows a list of some tasty Sandy Hook chum-tantalizing wastes of time:

1) The parents are all actors

2) Nobody got killed-it was all a hoax

3)  Fund raising pages were created a month or more before Sandy Hook happened

4)  A tribute video was created on Vimeo over a full month before the massacre

5)  Emilie Parker was sitting on Obama’s lap two days later in a photo op

6) Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes were both scheduled to testify at libor hearings

7)  Clues appear in the Batman movie linking Aurora and Sandy Hook

(I want to be clear before I move on.  I am personally convinced that all but one the  seven points each have merit (with the exception of #6 which I disproved by looking up the witness lists and calling the Congressional offices myself).  The six remaining points all have merit.  But they are all too easy to explain some other way, even if that other way is a lie.  I want to prove that Sandy Hook was a carefully orchestrated black operation, not the work of one disturbed, skinny vegetarian with a Glock, a Sig Sauer and a Bushmaster.  Here is a link to what I feel may be the best theory so far regarding that Batman map from Dark Knight Rises:

It did seem to me at first that this was the sloppiest black op on record.  You know that these fiends plan this shit out months if not years, even decades in advance.  How could they leave all these loose ends?  And then it dawned on me.  These are there on purpose.  We are supposed to chase these butterflies and look more and more foolish as simple explanations materialize; not proof, just simple explanations.  All of that is just the low hanging fruit.  The prize, the truth, is hidden way up in the tree.  And it’s a slow, hard climb.  Remember that.  Don’t get fooled by the bait.

And one more thing…don’t ever forget this.  They are conditioning you along the way.  They’ll let you relax.  See, you can keep your guns.  They’ll just quietly dry up the ammunition.  And then they’ll pull something even bigger…and that’s when they will make their move.  It will come fast, and it will come furious.  I am wondering if there is some connection here.  Were the weapons used at Sandy Hook from fast and furious?   If it were true, they would dare not admit it.  And they would do everything in their power to conceal it.

Back in 1963, when Bobby Kennedy began to realize that the assassination team that he had helped to assemble to kill Fidel Castro had participated in his own brother’s murder, he cooperated with the cover up.   Maybe somebody is holding this over Obama’s head.