Sandy Hook Exposed

Part Two

Christopher Rodia’s Alibi

Lying Connecticut Style

Lanza Car Police Say

The Devil’s in the Details

This Rodia is one hell of a guy.  Even the police vouch for him.  Yes, he’s a felon, yes he has sticky fingers and a pesky copper fetish…and,  yes he has been caught with illegal substances from time to time.   But no, he wasn’t at Sandy Hook that day.  He has an airtight alibi.  He was getting a warning in a town far, far away.

10:05:46am  “872 YEO, possible suspect vehicle”

10:06:15am  “Rodia, operator R-O-D-I-A birthdate August 6 ’69”

First, we hear the license plate number being called in.  Not long after, we hear an officer, presumably reading from Rodia’s driver’s license in order to check for wants and warrants.  Thus, case closed. Vindicated by standard police procedure-so ironic.  He wasn’t there.  He was parked in a fire zone several towns away for which he received a verbal warning from an officer of the law.  That Rodia must be one charming son of a bitch.  Had it been me, even with my pretty blue eyes and ample bosom, I’d have gotten a ticket.

You know, I was thinking, he probably would have been better off getting the ticket.  In court, it’s the paper that counts.  Ever listen to “Bill Handel on the Law”?  People call him up for legal advice every Saturday.

Caller  “I loaned my cousin Vinnie $40,000.  He’s not picking up the phone when I call.  Can I sue him for the money?”

Bill Handel “Do you have a contract?  Did you make him sign a payment agreement?”

Caller  Long pause…”Did I…?”

Bill Handel  “Do-you-have-proof?…let me guess, no, you don’t…in which case, you have no case!”  Bill loves to tell people that they don’t have a case.  It’s part of his schtick.  It’s a great show.

In an interview, Rodia said that he was in another town driving his mother’s sage green Nissan at the time of the massacre and had received a verbal warning from an officer for parking in a fire zone.

In the meanwhile, breadcrumbs continue to lead to the Rodia driveway, or to quote Al Gore, to “an inconvenient truth“:

What’s that at the end of the video…Google earth? I’d swear it’s a green Nissan and a black Honda in that driveway on Vollmer.

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