CT Police Captain Mark Kordick to Radioman911-

“You recorded a Greenwich police scan and attributed it to Newtown”

Originally posted 1/9/2012-Updated with Capt Kordick’s response to my email

Controversy has been swirling around the issue of the black Honda parked next to the Sandy Hook Elementary School (the one with the rifle in the trunk) and the issue of the ownership pronouncement on the police scanner recording

Police Capt Mark Kordick

Capt Mark Kordick

posted on YouTube by Radioman911. In this recording, we hear the plate number called in by a police officer and the response return that  it is registered to Christopher Rodia.  Understandably, Mr. Rodia is being vilified in his community and he has made a statement to the press in his own defense.  Police spokesman, Lt. Vance, has also made a public statement in an attempt to clear Rodia of any blame in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Here follows a copy of Capt Kordick’s email to Radioman911 as well as my email to Capt. Kordick

“Dear Sir:

Your upload to YouTube relative to the Newtown CT Shooting radio traffic has caused quite a stir as it relates to a Mr. Christopher Rodia. I’m not sure where you sourced your feed, but the traffic related to Mr. Rodia is from a 800 MHz six-channel trunked LMR system in use in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is approximately 45 miles away from Newtown. The Greenwich system carries only municipal Greenwich traffic (public safety and non-public safety) and is in no way connected to the state’s 800 MHz trunked system or Newtown’s.

I am certain of this because after the matter (and all of the Internet Conspiracy Theory buzz – just google “Christopher Rodia”) was brought to our attention, we went back and checked our recordings for December 14. In addition to just recognizing the voices involved as Greenwich Police Officers and Dispatchers, we have all of the audio from our recording system that matches all of the “Rodia” traffic (and some of the other unrelated-to-Newtown casualty call traffic that occurs at the same time.)

In any event, I’m sure you’ll want to help clarify this matter. The “Rodia” traffic is definitely contemporaneous – but from miles away. This has unfortunately additionally clouded an already confusing and emotional issue. Worse, it has brought considerable (and wholly undeserved) angst to Mr. Rodia. Anything you can do to help clear this up would certainly be appreciated.

Feel free to message me back with any questions. I can also be contacted at mkordick@greenwichct.org.

Yours Truly,

Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Dept”

My email response, sent to Capt Kordick on Monday 1/7/13:

Dear Captain Kordick
I greatly appreciate your reaching out to the blogging community regarding the matter of the mis- identification of Christopher Rodia.  I read your explanation with great interest but it conflicts with photographic indicators which show the black Honda parked parallel to the curb at Sandy Hook Elementary.  There is another photograph in wide circulation showing that vehicle being removed on a flat bed.  A closeup shows the plate number  as 872 YEO, the same as stated in the police scan.  I also came across a newspaper interview of Christopher Rodia (CTPost.com).  He never says that he is not the registered owner of that Honda, only that he was not at the school nor in Newtown at the time of the shooting.  He added that he was in his mother’s sage green Nissan at the time and had received a verbal warning from an officer for parking in a fire zone.  You will please note that he was not in the black Honda during this warning…he was in a sage color Nissan.  Here is a link to that article:
So, from what you have added, I am afraid that we now have yet more conflicting information.  I understand your frustration with the blogging community, but frankly, the “professional” press has been far worse.  I am aghast at the sloppy reporting, the twisting of details, the lack of any evidence….everything, and I mean everything, to do with this case has been up to now 100% hearsay.  It is disgraceful.  The public wants the truth, wants the facts, but the facts are nowhere to be found.
Are you aware, for example, that an officer radioed in that there were victims in a closet in the kitchen?  A few minutes later, he repeated, with greater detail, “a teacher and 18 kids in a closet in the kitchen”.
I personally want to be responsible, I want most of all to be factual.  But with the information in the chaotic state that it is, I feel that I have to become Sherlock Holmes and put a magnifying glass to every word. Nothing makes sense.  Official reports do not make sense.  The more I look in to this, the worse it becomes.  I am hoping that you can help me to sort out the truth from the lies.  I absolutely do want to act responsibly.

While I am far from qualified to comment on any aspect of the Newtown investigation, I can put forth the following by way of explanation relative to the Christopher Rodia situation.

The radio traffic in question is an amalgamation of radio traffic from various Fairfield County, Connecticut law enforcement agencies that is made available on the internet via RadioReference.com.  There are 23 different municipalities in Fairfield County, 22 of which operate their own independent public safety radio systems.  One municipality (Sherman, CT) is rural and does not have an organized police department  The Radio Reference “Fairfield County stream” combines many of these systems (not all are represented) and adds the southwestern CT State Police radio traffic to the mix as well.  Listening to the stream is like listening to both sides of several different phone calls all at the same time.
Each of the 22 municipal systems is a separate and distinct entity and none normally interoperate (communicate directly between each other.)  For example, I cannot use my Greenwich police portable or car radio to talk directly with any of the radios on any of the other independent radio systems.  Most in fact are not even in the same frequency range of our local system.
The audio stream in question has audio from a person (I presume a police officer in Newtown, CT) providing a registration plate number (872-YEO) that the media has reported as (and photographed being) associated with the Newtown shooting.  That traffic was carried on the Newtown radio system which cannot be heard here in Greenwich.  Simultaneously – 35 miles away here in Greenwich – Mr. Rodia was being interviewed by a Greenwich Police Officer about his vehicle seemingly illegally parked in a fire lane.  In the seconds after the Newtown transmission, the Greenwich police officer reads Mr. Rodia’s name and provides his date of birth over the Greenwich police radio system to his dispatcher so he can be checked for “wants and warrants.”  The two audio segments are both unrelated and could not have been heard by the involved police officers or dispatchers on each end – they just happened to occur contemporaneously – miles apart.  The audio features segments of both sides of unrelated conversations – the 872-YEO transmission and the Rodia transmission were made by different police officers operating on different radio systems miles apart.  If you listen, you can hear the voices are completely different.
While (again) I have no direct information about anything associated with the Newtown investigation (as far as I know there could have been 1,000 Lanza co-conspirators) the one thing I do know for certain is that Mr. Rodia was in Greenwich, CT, not Newtown, CT when those transmissions were made.  That’s perhaps the most ironic thing about this whole situation.  The audio stream in no way implicates Mr. Rodia – in point of fact, the audio that everyone mentions as somehow indicating Mr. Rodia’s involvement does the exact opposite.  It provides an ironclad accounting of his whereabouts as elsewhere minutes after the incident in Newtown.
Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Department
Sandy Hook Black Honda

Sandy Hook Honda

Police Open Trunk of Honda
Police Find Weapon in Trunk