Sandy Hook Under a Microscope

The media, which got almost nothing right in the first four to six hours of its reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre, has yet  more corruption of fact to answer to in its reporting of Sandy Hook.  According to the recording of the police scanner, the car reported to the public as belonging to Nancy Lanza actually is registered to Christopher Rodia.   You can hear the plate number being called in by an officer early in the recording and he is told that the owner is Rodia.  Before an hour had passed, police knew that the black Honda did not belong  to Nancy Lanza yet told the public that it did.

Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance is quoted on January 3rd as saying that he has “never heard of  Rodia”.  He then added “the car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia”.  (Well, LT Vance, of you believe that the vehicle belongs to a Lanza relative, why did you ever say that it belonged to Nancy?)

Lt J Paul Vance

Police Spokesman Vance

According to Greenwich CT Police Capt Mark Kordick, the confusion comes from two different locations roughly 35 miles apart in Connecticut.  The question regarding the plate number of  872YEO comes from Newtown, but the answer, “Christopher Rodia, operator” comes from Greenwich in response to Rodia being checked out up there for parking in a fire zone.  Capt Kordick is positive about this.  His full response will be posted soon.

Now, here is what Rodia has to say, as quoted in the 1/3/13 CTPost,com article:

” ‘That was such a heinous crime, I don’t want to be connected to it in any way,’ Rodia said.  He says he was miles away in Greenwich, getting a warning for illegally parking in a fire zone. ‘I was with my niece driving my mother’s sage green Nissan,’ the 43-year-old Norwalk resident said.”

Notice that Rodia never says that the black Honda is not registered to him, only that he wasn’t in Newtown that day.  And notice that he points out that he was driving his mother’s car, and furthermore, he received a police warning  (air tight alibi that  a) he wasn’t there and b) he wasn’t driving the Honda), but does absolutely nothing to address the ownership of the vehicle.  This is the vehicle where a long gun was removed from the trunk by police investigating Sandy Hook.  Remember that?  This Honda is a prime piece of evidence.  Either it points to Lanza or it points away from him.  Lt. Vance said that Rodia is not the owner, but Rodia did not back that up.  Why didn’t he just say “I don’t own any Honda”?  Instead, it’s “I wasn’t there”.

Rodia denial full story here-Connecticut Post Jan 3, 2013:

Photo of Christopher Rodia

Christopher Rodia

All very disturbing , but it gets worse.

The police scanner recording begins at 9:35am.  Dispatch reports a caller at Sandy Hook Elementary hearing shots fired.  Within minutes, an officer is on the scene reporting the sighting of broken glass.  (Therefore, by 9:40am, police knew that the shooter was not “buzzed in”)   This is soon followed by a report of bodies and a request for ambulances.   At approximately 10:28am, an officer reports that there are “victims in a closet in the kitchen“.  At 10:31:13, he repeats “teacher and eighteen kids in the kitchen.

Now wait a minute.  According to media reports, the shooter killed the principal and the psychologist in the hall near the main entrance, turned left and proceeded down the hall which housed the kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

The teacher in classroom number one, Ms. Roig  was on the news stating that she was perplexed as to why her room was passed by.  The shooter ignored her room entirely.  She is the teacher who had herded her group into an adjoining bathroom and slid a bookcase in front of the bathroom door.

Sandy Hook Kaitlin Roig

Teacher Kaitlin Roig

She presumed that the shooter thought her room vacant and continued down the hall.  He apparently also walked past Victoria Soto’s room in order to access substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau’s class where, we were told, he murdered her, all fourteen of her students and  special  needs teacher Rachel DaVino.  Then he doubled back and killed Victoria Soto and a portion of her class.  Media reported that police found seven of her students still alive in a closet.  This would mean that six of her pupils died with her since there were twenty child victims in all and fourteen had perished with Ms. Rousseau.

Soto Class 2012

Victoria Soto’s Class

If you look at a school diagram, you realize that the entry hall, principal’s office and Roig’s classroom are all within a few steps of one another.  Even with stopping to kill the principal and the psychologist,  the shooter could have been at Roig’s door within a minute or two.  Would this be enough time for her to herd her entire class into a small bathroom and move a bookcase?  Wouldn’t the shooter have heard the commotion of all the sliding chairs, the pattering of scurrying feet, the screech of a bookcase being dragged?  Could Roig have accomplished all of this in roughly two minutes?

Or did the shooter take a different course?  Did the shooter actually turn to his right to enter the cafeteria?  There were twenty five students in there rehearsing for a school play in the cafeteria at that time.  Where else in this relatively small school could we expect to find a kitchen?  Go here to explore the school interior for yourself:

Let’s try to take our analysis a little further.  There were twenty five children rehearsing in the cafeteria.  Eighteen child victims and a teacher were located in a closet in the kitchen.  An onsite police officer said so.  It’s on the scanner at 10:28am and repeated at 10:31am.  This means that some of the children in rehearsal survived…escaped…seven children to be precise.

Aidan Licata

Aidan Licata is an amazing six year old and according to his parents one of Victoria Soto’s pupils at Sandy Hook.  Aidan Licata is a hero.  According to his mother, the second that the shooter entered the room, Aidan grabbed as many of his friends as he could in a few split seconds and ran for his life out of the school.  He stopped to hold the door for one little girl who was the last of his group to exit with him.

Connecticut State Representative John Frey who has nieces and a nephew at Sandy Hook had tweeted:

“Rep. John Frey @johnfrey
Sister, driving to Sandy Hook, came upon some 1st graders running from school. She took them to Police Dept. Kids were shaken. Heartbreaking”

Most likely, this was Aidan and his friends.  State Rep. Frey’s sister likely intercepted Aidan and his classmates.  Can we corroborate that?

According to Aidan’s mother,  he and his friends had been taken to the police station and the police brought them over to the fire station where they were reunited with their parents.  During an interview, Aidan’s dad said “we’re — we’re finding out more and more, every day, but he basically, the children witnessed the shooter, coming into the room and shoot his teacher and continue firing, the children acted on instinct and what they were taught, which was to run. They just ran up to the main road, 100 yards away. My son and several of the other students were extremely brave in what they did and, acted with the courage that I don’t know if I have. And, again, they just ran and were fortunate enough to meet a woman who was — is another hero in the …”

So, here is confirmation that Aidan and his classmates were rescued by a woman, most likely Frey’s sister, so then…

Where does Gene Rosen fit in?

According to Newtown resident, Gene Rosen who was interviewed by many in the “professional” media including CNN, FOX News, the AP and Nancy Grace, he was going out for breakfast when he spotted six kids sitting at the end of his driveway.

If the surviving kids were transported by Frey’s sister straight to the police, then they couldn’t have been sitting on Rosen’s driveway.  And if they weren’t sitting on Rosen’s driveway, then how did he know there were six?  But far more damning,  if they weren’t there to tell him anything, how is he able to name Miss Soto as the teacher?

Here is one of Rosen’s many interviews:

The Girl Who Played Dead

There was one additional survivor, a 6 year old girl, who “played dead” and emerged from the school covered with her classmates blood.  Had the police been there before she emerged from the carnage, the body count in the kitchen closet would have been nineteen.

Assuming  Aidan saved five plus himself , plus eighteen dead in the kitchen closet, plus one girl who played dead, we have 6+18+1=25, the number stated to have been in the cafeteria rehearsing.  But did you notice?  Although this aligns more perfectly with the actual information on the scanner, and supports my cafeteria theory, there are still two children missing.

Was Victoria Soto slated to die that day?  A R.I.P. Facebook page was made for her on 12/10.  Rosen knew her name before the media announced it and said that the kids told him…but the kids weren’t there.  Poor Victoria had to have been in the “script”, in the plan, from the get go.  Her death was in progress well before she died.  Why?

To get filled in on other details, go here:

Stay tuned…we still have two missing children…