Sandy Hook WTF

As with 9/11, we have many, many anomalies coming out of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Let’s begin with the police scanner recording currently available on YouTube.  An officer reports back to dispatch that:

1)  Glass was broken around the main entrance door (then why was it ever reported that Adam Lanza, alleged perpetrator, was “buzzed in”?)

2) A teacher reported that two shadows were observed running along the back of the school behind the gym

3)  Suspects spotted in the woods next to the school

4) With clear alarm in his voice, officer yells “They are coming toward me”…then…

5) “We have a suspect proned out

6)  A total of seven deadly weapons were collected that day…three of these from the woods…where the two men had fled.

A child being interviewed after his evacuation reported that he witnessed a suspect prone on the ground in camouflage pants and dark coat.  The child added that he could not see the face because parked cars blocked his view.

An adult male at the school reported that he had seen a suspect prone on the ground in camo pants and dark jacket and saw a suspect seated in the rear of a patrol car.

Need I point out that Adam Lanza was already deceased inside the school?  Who were these additional suspects and where did they go???  They were both apprehended…up the hill in the woods.  And they had several rifles.  WTF?

The Governor’s Tale

The Connecticut state Governor, Dan Malloy, went on camera after Sandy Hook to deliver some remarks.  Here is a curious statement he made:

“The Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state”.   This would seem to imply that the perpetrators did not want the Governor to be unduly surprised by Sandy Hook.  Do we imagine that Adam Lanza took the Governor aside one day and provided him that chilling warning?  Of course not…most likely, it was Homeland “Security”.

The Coroner’s Tale

Robbie Parker’s Tale

I assure you, I am not the insensitive type.  The thought of any parent losing any child breaks my heart.  That said, Emilie Parker’s father has me completely baffled.  He was quick to find a microphone to make his poignant and public statement, which he read from notes, and as he waited to approach the podium, he was captured on tape smiling broadly.  As he neared the podium, he paused and took himself from a relaxed and smiling demeanor to that of a tortured and bereaved parent.  He breathes deeply,  changes his facial expression with deliberate intent and proceeds to describe his stolen angel, Emilie.  WTF?

Grieving Father?

Rob Parker-Highly curious behavior- Click for video



I realize that we are all different, we all have our way of responding to grief, but were my six year old a victim of such shocking death, I doubt that I could support myself on my two legs, much less seek out a microphone…

and a few days later pose for a photo op with a grinning President at the memorial.

That’s Emilie’s mom next to Obama.  Joy to the world!  WTF?

Obama with the Parker family

Daughter Dead-Happy Family

That Obama really is magic.  He can turn the deepest grief into smile bursts of  joy just by walking into a room.  What a guy.

The Teacher’s Tale

Four days before the Friday, 12/14/2012 attack on innocent school children in Newtown Connecticut, a R.I.P. page appeared in Facebook dedicated to slain teacher Victoria Soto.  An alert citizen managed to capture the page before it was removed.   It clearly said “R.I.P. Victoria Soto and at the very bottom, FB declared “Page created on 12/10/12…four days before.  WTF?

The Wife’s Tale

At 1:50 am on 12/15/12, a man called in to the Coast To Coast radio program stating that he wanted to report “something suspicious” about the Sandy Hook shootings.  He stated that he and his wife live in Washington D.C. and that his wife works for the government “in security”.  His wife had taken Fri 12/14 off so that she could go on a doctor appointment.  She was sitting watching the morning news when the first “breaking news” about Sandy Hook came on the screen.

The wife turned to her husband and exclaimed “that’s old news!  This happened yesterday.  I got a text alert on my computer at work yesterday!  The shooter killed his mother too.”  Two hours later, it was revealed by the news that the shooter’s mother was among the victims.  The husband then realized that his wife wasn’t mistaken or confused about the text sent to her computer on Thursday.  He drove her to work and asked her to find the text and print it for him.  She obliged but returned to the car without any print out.  “It is gone”, she told him. As with the Soto R.I.P. page on Facebook, it had been removed.  WTF???

The Principal’s Tale

Dawn Hochsprung, heroic Sandy Hook school Principal, ran out into the hall along with the school Psychologist to check on a noise they heard, possibly of the glass being broken in the main entrance.  They became the first casualties, we have been told.   Then why did the Newtown newspaper, The Bee, print a story on 12/14 declaring that “Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots-more than she could count-that went ‘on and on’.”

Screen capture of the original article can be found here:

The article is still in the archives as one might expect, but like the mysterious text discussed above and the oddly premature Soto R.I.P. page, the damning paragraph has been removed.  The newspaper did print a retraction several days later without explanation, just a simple apology to Hochsprung’s family.

The Black Honda’s Tale

There it was, sitting all alone in the school parking lot right near the building.  Police opened the trunk and found an AR-15 rifle.  News cameras recorded the event for all to see.  Police also had announced that they had found the Bushmaster in the back seat of the vehicle.  Ah!  Adam Lanza murdered his mother at home, stole her guns and her car and drove over to the school.  The black Honda,  Connecticut license plate 872-YEO…Nancy Lanza’s car.  Well, no it isn’t.  The car is registered to Christopher A. Rodia.  Maybe it was Rodia who the cops had “proned out” in the woods.  –Update-most likely Mr. “Proned Out” was not Rodia, but whoever it was, I did locate additional information on this character and will include that in my next article along with more jaw dropping clues. Check back around 1/13/13 for the latest.

Lying Connecticut Style

Lanza Car Police Say

Now, who is this Rodia guy?  He is a repeat offender…drugs (heroin among these) and theft of construction materials.  He was in court on drug charges in August of 2012.  Connecticut police have stepped in to defend Rodia, saying that he was miles away at the time of the shooting.  See their explanation here:

The Green Honda’s Tale

Lauren Rousseau, the substitute teacher who had recently been promoted to permanent teacher at Sandy Hook owned a green Honda.  Her Honda was in the parking lot at the school.  Funny thing about that Honda…it had bullet holes in it…one of those was clearly shot from inside the car.  WTF???


Bullet holes in Rousseau’s car

Four Teachers Gunned Down at Sandy Hook

Then why is only one of these, Victoria Soto, listed on the faculty roster on the school website?  Lauren Rousseau, we are told, was only recently advanced from substitute teacher to staff teacher.  That may explain her name not being there, but what explains the other two, Ann Marie Murphy and Rachel DaVino not being listed?

The Bushmaster’s Tale

We are told that Adam Lanza’s body was found with hand guns near him, not the Bushmaster.   The coroner said that all the victims that he had examined died from .223 ammo.  We were also told that there were shell casings for the .223 ammo, at least 100 of these, found in the school.  From this information, it would be safe to conclude that Lanza did not shoot the children.  He was not found with the appropriate weapon.

Bushmaster AR-15

The Bushmaster AR-15

Furthermore, Connecticut requires the registration of hand guns, not rifles.  There is footage of police pulling out what appears to be a shotgun from the trunk of a car in the Sandy Hook parking lot.  The only AR-15 found at the scene was retrieved from the woods along with the two suspects that have faded from public view.  So then, WHY IS ADAM LANZA BEING BLAMED FOR THIS???

The Mother’s Tale

Nancy Lanza checked in to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods New Hampshire at 12:10pm on Tuesday December 11, 2012 and checked out at 12:27pm on Thursday December 13, 2012.  She was found dead in her home on Friday December 14, 2012.  Nancy frequented the resort on a regular basis, as does world financier George Soros.  One can infer that Nancy was not particularly concerned with Adam being a potential mass murderer.  In fact,  one might infer that Nancy trusted Adam to be on his own from time to time.

The Brother’s Tale

Apparently, there were plans from the beginning to blame this on Ryan Lanza who was at work at accounting firm Ernst and Young in New Jersey that fateful morning.  Early reports were that father, Peter Lanza, a V.P with GE Capital, was found dead in an apartment in New Jersey where the older son, Ryan, lived.

Peter Lanza actually lives in Stamford, Connecticut.  Peter Lanza was completely unaware of unfolding events in Newtown until he reached home after work.  A reporter waiting at Peter Lanza’s home delivered the shattering news to the father…the father who was supposedly laying dead somewhere in New Jersey.

Peter and Nancy had divorced in 2009 and Peter had remarried.  The divorce settlement had been quite generous, by all accounts.  Nancy did not have to work and she was never a teacher at Sandy Hook, nor anywhere else.  She wasn’t a teacher, she wasn’t a substitute teacher…odds are that she wasn’t even a volunteer.  So, where is the connection to Sandy Hook?  There really isn’t any.  This was an invention, like so many other “facts” reported in this case by our worthless media.  So then, WHY IS ADAM LANZA BEING BLAMED FOR THIS???

Where is the coroner report on Nancy Lanza’s death?  We are now being told that Nancy was shot in the face multiple times while in bed in her pajamas.  What gun was used???  Where are the ballistic reports on Nancy and Adam?  For all we know, both of these people may have been murdered by the men who were caught up in the woods.  WHAT GOES ON HERE????  The black Honda did not belong to Nancy Lanza, the gun pulled from the trunk is a shotgun but we are told that it is a Bushmaster.  The green Honda that belonged to teacher Lauren Rousseau bears a bullet hole created from the inside, teacher Victoria Soto had a R.I.P. page posted on Facebook four days before she died, a security specialist working at a government office in Wash D.C. sees a text alert about Sandy Hook and the dead mother a full day before it happened, two suspects are pulled out of the woods with weapons and then quietly disappear…WHAT GOES ON HERE???  WTF???

Obama wasn’t crying…there wasn’t a tear in either crocodile eye…yet he repeatedly wiped away invisible, virtual tears during his press conference.  Are we irreversibly stupid in this country?  Are you waiting for the credentialed “media” to proclaim this a scam?  Don’t hold your breath.  You are going to have to figure that out on your own.  I do hope that I have dropped enough breadcrumbs here for you.

Obama Virtual Tears

No Tears for Newtown