The Magic of Monsanto

LE MONDE SELON MONSANTOA few days ago, a brave team of scientists in France came forward to announce the shocking results of their unprecedented two year secret study on the Monsanto pesticide, Round Up, and “Round Up ready” genetically modified corn. Rats were fed genetically modified Monsanto corn.  The French scientists observed damage to organs, specifically  liver, spleen and kidney at the 120 day mark.  There was evidence of inflammation in these vital organs.  The rat’s diet was only 11%  GMO.   A few months later, they began to see this:


GMO Tumors in French Study-

and they knew that they were looking at catastrophe.  Did you notice that these are very large rats?  In addition to liver and kidney damage, the Round Up and GMO seed also damage the pituitary, the gland that governs growth. There had been no study to this 120 day mark done to date.  Monsanto made sure of it.

Monsanto has employed many dark tactics over the years.  The Monsanto contract stipulates no saving of seed and no testing of seed, they bribe government officials, they file lawsuits…everything they can do to hide what their products really do, everything they can do to proliferate their poison as far and as wide as they can. The group of French scientists knew what to expect from Monsanto, so they conducted their tests in total secrecy,  the research was considered so “hot”.

According to a French article in Le Nouvel Observateur, the researchers used encrypted emails, phone conversations were banned, and they even launched a decoy study to prevent sabotage!  They were on a mission for humanity, tilting at a gigantic windmill.  They pulled it off.  They have the proof.  They got the goods on Monsanto!

Corn is a staple food in South America.  It is part of every meal.  More Mexicans now die of cancer than of heart disease.  Thanks to the French researchers, we now know why.  The question is how do we respond?  Suggestions, please.

One last thing….how did Monsanto get past the FDA?  Well, this guy helped them along with Donald Rumsfeld.   A conspiracy behind every bush, or a Bush behind every conspiracy?  This guy sure gets around…at least one Bush thumb in every poison pie:

George Bush Championed Monsanto

George Bush at Monsanto

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