Revelations by Richard Robard Hughes-

Hughes Communication Satellite

Hughes Communication Satellite

Part 2


 As I lay there on the bed, the more I thought the more confused I became. I wondered,” why me”?  I was just a country boy and was totally unqualified to take on something like this.  Then it occurred to me that I did not ask for this, it had just been offered to me.  For whatever reason, maybe it was just meant to be and why not roll with it?  One thing for sure, I was damned sure to find out very shortly and the word “SOON”, might mean anything from one minute to forty five years or anything in between, as will become evident as the story continues.

I was shaken from my thoughts by a knock at the door. I noted that there was a TV screen mounted in the door and I could see that it was Billy. I opened the door and he came in. I said, “well that’s pretty cool”, pointing at the screen.  He replied,” if you think that’s cool just wait what’s coming later tonight and tomorrow.  You won’t believe your eyes but let me assure that it is all real. Howard wants you to call your wife and tell her you won’t be back ‘til tomorrow morning. He will be down in a few minutes to talk with you and let me assure you that he is a good, honest and brilliant man. Be sure that you always listen to him and obey all he asks of you, you will be very happy that you did. To call your wife just pick up the phone on the bed and tell whoever picks up that you need to call your wife and they will put you through. I gotta run now but I will see you again very soon.  Have a good night and hang on to your hat.  You are in for quite a ride”.

Billy shook hands and then he left. I headed straight for the phone and did as Billy had instructed and in a moment was connected with my wife. She was happy to hear from me and wondered where I was. I explained to her that the business was going to take longer than I thought and that it would be in the morning before I could make it back. I told her that I was sorry. I could not explain more. She was great that way and said “ok well, just be careful and I will see you then”. I told her that at some point I would try to explain more.  We said good bye and hung up.

I swear it was not two seconds and there was a knock at the door and as I got up and looked at the screen I could see that it was Howard. I opened the door and he was dressed in a black jump suit with HH on the chest, monogrammed in gold. He said “Hi Richard, ready to go down the rabbit hole with me”?, and laughed.  He stuck out his hand and shook.  I said” don’t I need to wash my hands or something”?  He said, “pay no attention to that, it’s just part of a mystique I am building around myself for now and in the future.  Blows peoples’ minds, doesn’t it”?  I replied “for sure”.

We had a seat on a beautiful couch and Howard asked me if I would like anything to drink. Before I could answer he said, “oh, yeah you like unsweetened iced tea, right”?  I replied “yes sir”, amazed at how he knew that. He chuckled and told me that I need not call him sir unless he was pissed off. Within moments of his offer of a beverage, there was a knock at the door and Howard opened it.  There stood a man dressed in a red jump suit with an HH monogrammed in silver.  He rolled in a shiny silver cart with my tea on it. The man bowed to Howard and was gone; the cart had a pitcher of tea and a glass. Howard poured my tea and then handed it to me.

I took a few sips and then Howard said “let’s get started” as he motioned me toward one of the walls where he pushed a button anda panel slid to the side revealing a screen with a diagram of the complex. It looked like a small tube within a much larger tube with six floors built around the core with a seventh floor at the bottom in a square. He explained “as you can see the complex has seven floors with a hanger at the top and on the seventh floor is our power supply and other things you will be shown at a later date”. He returned to the couch as the panel slid shut and continued to explain.

“I am sure that you noticed when you went to the chopper pad to come here that one of my men seemed to talk to himself and then the chopper arrived”. I admitted that I had indeed noticed and had wondered what that was about.  “Quite simple”, he said.  “We call it an earphone which is controlled by a device planted in the top of the mouth which can be activated by the tongue.  This connects to a ring of satellites that circle the globe at all times controlled by our control center here. Richard, most all you see here is about twenty to thirty years in the future and before you ask how that is accomplished let me tell you that we are deeply entrenched with the military industrial complex. This allows us to do most anything with any phase of the military and government we wish and a large portion of industry around the world. Our organization is controlled by a small number of men from all involved parties. I am the head of this organization and this will remain in effect until I am gone”.   

“My son you have to understand that there is no love on either of our parts.  Hell, we don’t even know each other, however I will bet I may know more about you than you do about yourself as I have watched you for so long. I will tell you that with me it is the blood line which is most important of all. You are my son and the first of the bloodline and if I can train you properly then you should be next in line to me. In the morning we plan to put an earphone in you and you will be connected to the system. Then he looked me dead in the eyes with eyes that seemed to almost change to a steel look and said, now will be you’re last chance to get out of this and there will be no turning back.  I must also inform you that with each earphone a small explosive device is implanted to take care of any situation.  If you were to be compromised and if required, please understand that I never hesitate to resolve a problem. I want you to know that there will be many tests that I will put you through.  You will not know when they are happening, just do what you think is best at the time. Think about it for a moment and give me your answer”.  I said, “Sir, I do not have to think about it, I already have and my answer is yes. I have no real idea why me but I think this is something that is meant to be, so let’s go right ahead; I look most forward to it!” Howard stood up and I also, he said “great, we have a deal!’. He then asked if I would like some coffee and I responded yes. Coffee came, soon followed by a visit from a man that Howard wanted me to meet.

A tall man entered the room dressed in a black suit like Howard’s, gold H’s and all, Howard said, Richard this is Eli Constantine but we call him Sam. Sam is my second in command and will be one of your trainers. We shook hands and Sam said I had someone else to meet and we would talk later. I said it was a pleasure and he was on his way.

Howard motioned for me to have a seat and we started to drink our coffee, he asked me how I felt about everything. I said that I felt like I was in a fairy tale and could not wake up but I added that this was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen and could not wait for the next thing to happen. He laughed and said that this was no fairy tale and I was seeing some of the greatest accomplishments of his life and that it was really nice to share them with me and he looked forward to much more. There was a knock at the door and Howard said, “speaking of what is next, well here it is. Just try not to lose it.”  He laughed as though very pleased with himself. He opened the door and I did almost lose it.  What stood before me was a man that looked just like me.  I was speechless as he stuck out his hand and said, “Hi I’m Jim and I am your double”.  I remember just flopping back on the couch and saying “ Oh, Shit.” I just sat there dazed as Howard offered Jim a cup of coffee.  Jim accepted.  Howard said that we should keep this brief because there would be much time in the future when all would become clear. He told me that Jim would be able to take my place at anytime which would allow me to be wherever I needed to be for training and other things. He said no one could tell the difference as Jim had spent years learning all about me and how to act just as I did. He would fill in with my wife and she would never know the difference. Jim was to return to Betty the morning and that they would return home and that I would follow the next day where Jim and I would meet and switch places. Howard said that I and Jim would again soon and fill in the spaces. He thanked Jim for coming.  I stared at Jim in amazement.  He shook my hand again and said that he looked forward to working with me. Jim then exited the room.

Howard took me to the back wall by the bathroom and pushed a button.  The wall slid to the side to reveal  two more rooms; one was a duplicate control room and office where he said I would be using for my studies when at the complex. The other room was my bedroom, a king-size bed, bathroom and all the rest. One of the most beautiful rooms I had ever seen. First class all the way. He showed me a closet that contained six jumpsuits all in black with RH in gold on the breast, he said that these were mine now and that I should have one on in the morning when I was ready to leave for surgery, a closet next to it which contained duplicates of four of my normal street clothes. He said he was going to leave and let me get some sleep and that he had taken the liberty of ordering me a meal of fried shrimp and fries. I was told to be ready to leave at seven in the morning and to expect a wakeup call at six. I walked him to the front door where he asked, “quite a day don’t you think”?  I replied “Lord yes” and thanked him for the chance at all of this. He chuckled again and said, “don’t thank me yet.  We have just begun.  Let’s hope you feel the same way in ten years”. He said goodnight and left. I felt like my brain was flat fried and all of a sudden I was tired all over.

In just a few minutes my food arrived, the best shrimp I think I have ever had.  I wondered how he knew my favorite food was shrimp but he knew everything else so why not that?  I finished my dinner and went straight to bed and was fast asleep.

Bright and sharp at 6AM the phone rang and I was instructed to be ready at 7AM and not to drink or eat anything. I thought well, hell that’s not a problem, you have all the food. Sure enough at 7AM the knock came and there were two men with a wheelchair. I invited them in and they said they needed to draw some blood and insert two IV lines, which they promptly did.

We then left the room, went down the circular hall to an elevator, got on and I was taken up one floor to the hospital area and medical research center. As we got off I was greeted by Howard who asked how I was feeling. I said great and scared to death. He laughed and said there was nothing to worry about, that they had the most advanced medical tools in the world and they would be using lasers that could make a cut and then seal it back up and that I probably would not even know anything had happened. The techs then rolled me to an operating table and put me on it. Two men in scrubs introduced themselves as my doctors and assured me there was nothing to worry about. I looked over at Howard who was smiling and WHAMM the lights went out.

When I came to I realized that I was back in the bed in my room, Howard was there with one of the docs and one tech. The tech stepped in to the next room and had a seat at the console. Howard said now listen to this and he motioned the tech. My head almost exploded as I heard “power on Richard this is control”.  I said, “Holy Shit that nearly blew my head off!” Howard laughed and said “yes, but was it clear”. I said “fuck yes but how about turning it down”?

Hughes Network Systems Logo

Hughes Network Systems Logo

He laughed and said, remember “no pain, no gain”.  He was like a kid in a candy store and having a ball. He spoke to the tech and we went through a series of retries and got it just perfect. He told me not to worry, that I would get used to it. The doctor instructed me to run my tongue across the top of my mouth and asked if I felt any pain.  I did not. All I felt was just a small scratchy piece on the roof of my mouth. He asked me to feel toward the far back and see if I felt two small bumps which I did. Howard said the bump in the front was to call control and the one in back was a direct line to him. I pushed the one in front and he said say “power on” to control and I did.  They responded “Control here Richard”. Howard told me to close out with “control, I am clear”. We then tried this and it worked fine. Howard said, “well, it’s time to go home.  Can you walk”?   I could. He told me to change to my civvies and we would go. I thanked the doc and the tech and they were gone. After changing Howard led me out of the room and we got on the elevator and he pushed the down button and we went down one floor and got off. He said “I just wanted to show you one more thing” as we entered a room that in the center had a gigantic globe of the earth with satellites circling around it. He said this was a model of the satellites we communicate with and each one has a laser with weapons grade capabilities. He motioned me to the wall and had me look through a small glass where I saw a silver disc mounted on a stand at one end and a large rock mounted on the other. He handed me some glasses, turned a few dials on the wall and pushed a button on the wall and a bright stream of light came out of the disc and shot straight for the rock which both started to melt and then exploded. He then turned the machine off, and said “pretty cool, huh”?  I said “damn straight”! He said “I thought you would like that”. I was beginning to like this guy!

Howard took me up to the hanger said he would be in touch soon and to have a good flight home. He said, “by the way, I am sending you home on my plane, have fun”!  I saw that the jet star looked much larger than the one I came in on. As I climbed on board I saw a blast shield rise behind us as the co pilot closed the door. He introduced himself and the pilot and said “Mr. Hughes thought you might like to ride up front so please take my seat and I will read a book”. I said thank you and sat down in the co pilot’s seat.  The pilot warned me, “this may be a little different take off to what you’ve ever had. Ready”?  I replied ”yes sir”. He pushed the throttles forward and with a loud boom the plane shot down the runway and shot straight up into the sky.  This ain’t your normal jet star, I thought to myself.

                                                         TO BE CONTINUED