The Men Who Killed Kennedy Pt 3

Chauncey Holt’s Confession

The Godfather

The Godfather

Most of you have seen the movie “The Godfather”, so you know by now that the mafia has its code of conduct.  This code was also adopted by the CIA and was described by G Gordon Liddy many years after he had served time for the Watergate break in.  That code says “don’t rat out anybody, keep your mouth shut, do your time,  and somebody will come by with a car and a fat envelope for you on the day you get out”, or words to that effect.

Now, if it so happens that because of what you were ordered to do, and what you saw while you were doing it, and what you know happens to be enough to send everybody to the gas chamber,  you are in what we call a precarious position.  And that’s what Chauncey Holt found himself in following Nov. 22, 1963.  He had been a tight rope walker in a circus when he was young, and there he was out on that tightrope all over again.

Luckily for Chauncey, two of the family’s most powerful Dons had his back; Meyer Lansky and Peter Licavoli.  (Lansky actually had enough pull within the group to get a pardon granted from the other Dons on behalf of  Bugsy Siegal, but Siegal blew it all by himself a short while later).

Licavoli was also a very well respected member of the family and a very high ranking Don.  Chauncey liked both Licavoli and Lansky very much, and they genuinely liked him as well.  Lansky, who loved math, thought Chauncey was a math genius and Licavoli, who loved art, admired Chauncey’s art talent.

Chauncey Holt

And then there were attorneys Frank Belcher, powerful President of the California State Bar who had family connections to both big oil in Texas as well as to the the CIA (Belcher’s sister was married to George Reynolds. Reynold’s brother, Bob, was Chief of Station at the CIA facility JM/WAVE in south Florida which had run the covert operations against Cuba. Reynold’s father owned JA Belcher Oil Co in Texas), and to Joseph Ball (Warren Commission Counselor), and of course William King Harvey of ZR Rifle fame (ZR Rifle was the CIA’s original executive snuff team and Wm King Harvey was its head honcho).  In fact, Harvey actually went so far as to provide Chauncey with memos relating to Chauncey’s various orders and activities relative to Dallas and the steps leading up to it.  These sundry documents support Chauncey’s story rather nicely.

Wm King Harvey-Head of CIA ZR Rifle

Wm King Harvey-Head of CIA ZR Rifle

So, you see, Chauncey held a lot of real estate in “safe havens”.  Otherwise,  there would have been no video left by him and many damning details and clues would have been lost forever.  Look back at that list.  This guy Chauncey was in a class of his own when it came to snake charming .

James Files

Although Chauncey did not mention James Files and may not have been aware of him, no discussion of the Kennedy assassination would be complete without covering him.  Files is serving a life sentence in Joliet Prison.  When you watch this, keep in the back of your mind that he is there for life.  I will tell you why this is important after you finish the video:

An investigator named Joe West had started interviewing Files after receiving a tip from a retired FBI agent named Shelton.  Files had not admitted his role in the murder to West but he had given him a tip about the fact that a mercury round had been used, adding that traces of mercury could be likely be found in Kennedy’s casket because mercury does not break down.  He also mentioned that a casing was still behind the grassy knoll and that the casing would show signs of being bitten down on by human teeth.  A casing was located a few inches under the dirt just where Files said and it had been bitten, just as Files said.

West then filed a lawsuit demanding the exhumation of John Kennedy’s casket so that  tests for mercury could be performed.  That motion did actually make it to a judge but before the judge could issue a final ruling, Joe West had a heart attack (which he survived), but died a few days later from a “medication mix up” at the hospital and the lawsuit died with him.  As an aside, many years ago, my friend Richard Robard Hughes had told me that the CIA had various means of inducing heart attacks.  I never doubted that, nor should you.

If you look for m0re of the interview with James Files on YouTube, you will hear him say that he immediately broke the rifle down, placed it in its case, and calmly walked away toward the Dal Tex Building in Dealey Plaza where Roselli and Nicoletti were already waiting in a car.  Files says he placed the case behind the seat and drove away, letting Roselli and Nicoletti out of the car at a nearby gas station.  But Files has left something out, something very important.

Lee Bowers, who was described in the article “Curious Facts About the JFK Assassination”, had confided to friends that he had seen two men standing at the fence on top of the knoll…two men.  Ed Hoffman, the deaf mute that everybody ignored at the police station, said that he had seen two men there as well.  Hoffman says that one man was wearing a dark blue jacket and the other man was wearing a hat and a light colored shirt, possibly striped, that made him look like a railroad employee.  He saw the man in the jacket hand a rifle to the other man and he watched the second man break the rifle down and place it inside what looked like a toolbox.  The man in the jacket immediately strolled away toward the buildings and the second man walked away along the train tracks.  Files told the truth, but Files also lied.  He had a partner up there and there is every reason to suspect that this other man is still alive.  Files named all the others that he knew about because they are long dead…Sam Giancana, Roselli, Nicoletti, but he never mentioned the other person with him on that hill.

Files may not have been the shooter; he may have been the “railroad man” that the shooter in the jacket handed the rifle off to.  Being that he is in prison with a life sentence, it does him no harm to claim himself as the shooter, does it?  And in so doing, he is shielding the actual shooter.  That is staying within code.  That’s being a goodfella.

Files was 21 years old in ’63.  This is what they send to kill a U.S. President?  Cool Hand Luke or mafia lookout?  Which of those two tasks would you assign to a 21 year old?  As for me, I think I’d rather have a Corsican in my starring role.

As Files said. however, Nicoletti was in Dealey Plaza and Nicoletti was a shooter, and Nicoletti was positioned in the Dal Tex building (not the book depository).  Chauncey had mentioned that he was asked at the last minute to stop by Licavoli’s ranch in Arizona to pick up two passengers.  Chauncey was planning on flying everybody over to Dallas, but when he got to the ranch, his passengers had too much luggage and the luggage was very heavy…it was very, very heavy.  It was too heavy for the plane.

Licavoli had supplied a station wagon that was registered in  Chauncey’s  assumed name for that mission which was John O’Malley.   Chauncey’s passengers on the road to Dallas were Charles Nicoletti and Leo Masceri.

James Files said that he drove out of Dealey Plaza with Nicoletti and Roselli in the car.   Lee Bowers, a railroad employee stationed in a tower behind the plaza and knoll parking lot,  gave his testimony to police on the afternoon of Nov 22, 1963 in which he stated that he saw several cars in motion in the parking lot behind the knoll shortly before noon.

The first of these was a dirty 1959 Oldsmobile station wagon.  He described the driver as a middle aged white male with partly grey hair.  He noted that this car had an out of state license plate comprised of all numbers in black against a white background.  There was a Goldwater ’64 sticker in the back window.  Goldwater was Arizona state Senator who was the Republican candidate for President.  He ended up running against Lyndon B. Johnson.

The next car Bowers noticed was a 1957 black Ford with a Texas plate.  The driver was a white male was age 25-35 and was speaking into a mike or telephone.  Chauncey said that while he was in the back lot behind the knoll, he saw somebody he knew in a car there.  He said that he saw him speaking to somebody on a mike.  He said that man was Aldo Vera Serafin, one of the world’s foremost assassins and Cuban exile.

Imagine that.  Bowers was describing Serafin and Bowers was describing Chauncey Holt!  In so doing, Bowers was independently corroborating Chauncey’s account of that day.  Bowers went on to describe a third car that caught his attention that afternoon, a 1961 white Impala, also very dirty, also with that distinctive black numbers on a white background license plate, and also bearing a Goldwater ’64 sticker.  So, we actually have two cars in from Arizona in that back lot behind the knoll.  Chauncey did say that he saw somebody else back there that day that he recognized, but he only named Serafin.

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