The Men Who Killed Kennedy Pt 2

The Confession of Chauncey Holt

E Howard Hunt compared with Chauncey Holt

E Howard Hunt compared with Chauncey Holt

In the photo to the right, most of the photos are of E. Howard Hunt.  The two center photos are of the “third tramp”, the tramp wearing the hat from the famous Dealey Plaza Three Tramp photo.  Notice Hunt’s distinctive mouth.  The left corner (your right) of Hunt’s mouth makes a sharp. downward turn in the four outer photos, but not the center two.  Chauncey Holt admitted that he was the tramp in the hat.   While there is definitely some resemblance, the tramp in the hat was not  E. Howard Hunt.

Lois Gibson, a forensic artist and face expert with an international reputation, concurs that the tramp in the hat was Chauncey Holt.  She also agrees with Chauncey’s testimony that his two companions were Richard Montoya and Charles Harrelson (actor Woody Harrelson’s father).    So, what were these three men doing there?  Did they kill Kennedy?

Chauncey had been busy following orders that were coming in from Phil Twombly.  He had prepared four sets of identification documents, each bearing the same photo, but each for a different name including the names Lee Harvey Oswald and Alex Hidell.

Identification for Alex Hidell

Identification for Alex Hidell aka Lee Harvey Oswald

These were to be delivered to Guy Bannister in New Orleans in August of 1963 along with a number of guns.  Trombly had also asked Holt to buy up every Mannlicher Carcano that he could find and bring them over to James T. Masen, a Dallas gunsmith.  Chauncey obliged.  Everybody got their goods and that was that.

The Mannlicher Carcano

The Mannlicher Carcano all tricked out with a wobbly scope

But there was another order that really had Chauncey wondering.  He received a shipment of bullets and they looked brand new, all shiny and fiery, as if they had just been cast.  But Chauncey had a keen mind and he noticed that these were not brand new.  They had been fired once, either into water or into soft wadding because he noticed ever so slight distortions in the shaping of these bullets.  For anyone familiar with the finding of the “pristine bullet” on Kennedy’s stretcher at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas, this should ring a rather significant bell.

According to Chauncey, these slightly distorted 6.5 caliber Mannlicher Carcano bullets were to be loaded into various casings.  One of these was a 264 Remington case which could be used in the excellent Remington 700, for example, instead of the very crappy Carcano.  They also were instructed to load some of these bullets into a 308 casing, also referred to as a “Mexican load”, making them suitable for a Remington 308, however, such a modification would guarantee total inaccuracy in spite of the Remington 308 being a highly accurate weapon.  All of the loaded bullets were delivered to James T. Masen, a gunsmith, in Dallas Texas in the summer of 1963.

Criminal and military experts in Poland analyzed the audio from the dictaphone that had been inadvertently left on in Dealey Plaza which recorded the sound of the shots.  They identified 5 shots from three different rifles and from three different locations in the plaza.  My goodness, that Oswald really got around!  They say that the third shot fired in the 5 shot sequence did come from a Mannlicher Carcano, but that the other four shots were not Carcanos.  They say that these other four shots came from German rifles…like a Mauser?  I will give you another video to support the Mauser concept in a minute.  Based on the oscilloscope tracings, I postulate that the first shot and the fourth shot were from a Mauser.  I also think that there was a Remington used for shots two and five. and a Carcano for shot three.  Here is the Polish analysis:

This next video is the testimony of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig.  There were many attempts on Craig’s life following the Kennedy assassination.  After seeing the video, you will understand why.  Finally, in 1975, they were successful in taking this brave man’s life.  Surely, they could not afford to have him around for the US House Select Committee  on Assassinations that took place in 1976.  See with your own eyes what Craig and the other deputies really found in that book depository minutes after the shooting:   And here are examples of the Mauser and the Remington Fireball:

The Mauser 7.65

The Mauser 7.65

The Remington Fireball

The Remington Fireball

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