The Men Who Killed Kennedy Pt I

The Confession of Chauncey Holt

The Three Tramps from Dealey Plaza

Photo of the three tramps picked up from the rail yard behind Dealey Plaza

Who the heck is Chauncey Holt?  I can almost hear you asking.  Well, did you ever see that famous photo of the three tramps taken a few hours after John Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas?  People have long speculated that the fellow in the hat was E. Howard Hunt, but it wasn’t.  It was Chauncey Holt.   Like E. Howard Hunt, Chauncey saved the best for last.  They both confessed to what they knew about that day in Dallas shortly before they died.  E. Howard Hunt swore that he was not in Dallas that day.

The tale that Chauncey told is long and extremely detailed.   He worked for Meyer Lansky as his accountant but got reassigned to yet more nefarious matters after a few years of keeping the books for Lansky.  He found himself going out on missions that involved the CIA as well as mob members.  Chauncey was a good pilot so he often flew mob men and CIA contract agents around, but he often was assigned small, seemingly insignificant roles such as deliveries.  Most times, he knew what he was delivering, he knew to whom he was delivering, but he rarely knew why.

In Chauncey’s own words, “Very few people know the incestuous relationship that existed and probably still exists  today between these various very powerful elements; organized crime,  the intelligence community , political and powerful business interests.  I thought the American public has the right to know as many of the details as I have available.”

In 1963, he was working for a company in downtown Los Angeles that the CIA had recently purchased.  The company printed forms, documents, and certificates and also made badges such as the kind that policemen and government agents carry.  The company was known for their quality and business was good.  Chauncey worked up on the top floor.  Not everybody was allowed on that top floor.  The “special jobs” were handled upstairs; the legit stuff came from the lower floors.

At that point, Chauncey was taking orders from a man named Phil Twombly.  Twombly, owner of a bank in Fullerton, Ca., had been the Coca Cola Corporation’s Chief of Operations in the Caribbean, so Chauncey knew that he was tied to the CIA.  Because of Coca Cola’s global popularity, the CIA had made good use of Coca Cola’s ability to set up operations in faraway places and Twombly was their man.

Fidel had set up shop in Twombly’s back yard.   Chauncey had noticed that money, which came through Twombly, got very tight in 1962, but the purse strings loosened up in a big, big way around late April 1963.  They were even able to purchase a small private plane and it was about this time that orders came through with instructions regarding items that were to be produced and delivered to a Mr. Guy Bannister in New Orleans.

These were all identification items for various names, but all with the same photo.  The various IDs were to be produced for the following names; Alex Hidell, Leon Osborn, Lee Henry Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald.  And, oh yes, they needed one more thing…an official ID card for the Communist Party.

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