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Energy Pyramid:

(fire in the middle)

“God Geometrizes” – Plato

I followed the directions precisely and cut my pyramid out of office copier paper.   The sides of the  Great Pyramid are of a particular ratio and I measured and cut my sides accordingly.  After assembling it, I oriented it to true north with the help of a compass.  I stored my razor on a platform 2/3rds of the way up.  I was sincerely surprised to find that the razor was remaining as sharp as new despite  month after month of use.  Certain aspects of this, by extension, reminded me of astrology.

Astrology is in part knowing the geometry of the sky as well as knowing what those angular relationships mean in terms of the energy being manifested in daily life.  There are angles known to be harmonious yielding easy flow of energy and other angles which are known to be stressful or discordant.

Dr Emoto has demonstrated that water can respond to intention and the resulting shapes take on the form of complex and often staggeringly beautiful geometric snowflake like shapes when frozen.  And if you attach a flat surface to a violin, sprinkle sand over the plate, draw the bow across the strings,you will see that each note produces a different geometric pattern in the sand, much the way that each word projected into the water produces a unique geometric form.  Frequency and geometric shapes seem to be intimately connected or as Plato stated, “God geometrizes”.  The geometry of the Great Pyramid either produces or modulates a free flowing energy, an energy that we are yet to fully comprehend or explain, but an energy that is there just the same.

Bosnian pyramid emitting energy beam

We see this in South American pyramids also…take a look at this video:

Take a look at some excellent photographic examples of Emoto crystals: