The Faked Death of Howard Robard Hughes

I was sharing an apartment in Las Vegas with Richard

Howard Hughes's gravestone

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Robard Hughes in April 1976 and when the news hit regarding Howard Hughes’ “death”, Richard assured me that Howard was still very much alive.  It was one of Hughes’ doubles, a heroin addict, that died down in Acapulco, Mexico, he said.  It wasn’t long before a flurry of Howard Hughes wills  hit the Las Vegas probate court.  The Mormons had one, Melvin Dummar had one.  Hell, even Richard had one.  To my memory, the court ruled in favor of the Summa Corp./Mormon will at the time but the Loomis side of Hughes’ family filed a challenge.  I do not know who prevailed in the end.  I can only say that it wasn’t Richard.

Apparently, there is a Harry Hughes who also claims to be an illegitimate son of Howard Hughes who, like Richard, claims to have an implant near his eardrum that connects to a satellite.   Here is an interview with Harry. 
Notice how you want to discount him because of the fantastic meanderings.  To me, this says that he has been programmed with disinformation, possibly in order to distract from a few kernels of truth that he embodies in his tale, such as the ear implant which Richard did have.  It is important to somebody, somewhere that poor Harry comes off as being utterly insane.  This little video of Harry does a very good job of connecting the concept of satellite linked ear bud and “insane”.
I will say that Richard was a great deal more grounded than this Harry fellow.  Richard was always measured, factual and specific as well as in possession of documents that supported his claims. It is Harry’s claim of having that satellite-linked implant that captures my attention.  Harry mentions Katharine Hepburn and rumors of her having a son which he surmises might be himself, but he bears no resemblance to her.  Richard, on the other hand, has her facial structure and complexion.

Katharine Hepburn

 After Howard’s April ’76  “death”,  Richard told me that Howard visited Las Vegas from time to time but that he wore disguises…changed his appearance with makeup and false noses and other rubbery apparatus that Howard had on hand, procured from his Hollywood studio days.  One day, I was playing roulette and a man sat down at the table.  He looked very odd and I stared at him quite a bit.  He wore a tool belt with some common items hanging from it…hammer, flashlight, screw drivers.  When I got back to the apartment, Richard asked me if I had recognized Howard.  I told him about the odd man at the table with the tool belt.  He said that was him, that he was in town and that it was Howard at the table…that the belt was a pun of sorts…a play on “Hughes Tool Co.”.  But truthfully, to this day, I have never been sure of anything surrounding Richard Hughes nor the off looking man at the table.
Of all that Richard told me, the story of the Glomar Explorer has always been my favorite.  It involved a Russian sub (the K129), a Spanish galleon, and gold…lots of gold.  And there was the messy incident at the Watergate Hotel that brought down President Richard Nixon.  Howard was the man behind the scenes pulling the strings on so many interesting puppets.  And Howard was ever so tight with the CIA.  Just try to imagine the mischief quotient of that particular combination.
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