Stranger than Fiction

How often have you heard that truth is stranger than fiction?  There are so many bizarre true stories out there.  We think we understand reality, but we don’t.  There will be a collection of these true but stranger than fiction tales added over time, so take the RSS feed or add yourself to the subscribe list to receive email alerts as new articles roll out.  Enjoy-

Looking across Castle Park in central Bristol,...

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This true tale took place in the year 1210, during the reign of King John “Lackland” of England and was recounted in an important book of those times, a book read by the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto IV.  The book is known as Otia Imperialia.
A woman was sitting at her kitchen table in Bristol, England.  Her husband, a sailor, had been gone for many, many months on a sea journey. She was startled to witness a knife come hurtling through a dormer window which embedded itself in the table just in front of her.  She stared at the knife.  It looked so familiar.  She knew her husband’s knife well and she knew it was his.  But how could it be?  She pulled it out and stored it in a drawer thinking to show it to her husband when he returned.  She knew it was his.  She knew it, but where had it come from? When the sailor finally returned, his wife listened to his stories as she went to the drawer to fetch the knife.  She quietly laid it before him and his buoyant chatter  suddenly seized.  He stared, his eyes grew twice their normal size.  After some time, he was able to relate his astonishing tale that would at last explain where the knife had come from, but to this day, not how. He told her “I was eating supper with the crew.  When I finished, I went to the side of the ship to wash my knife in the water but as I leaned over, it slipped from my hands into the ocean.”  The couple then compared the date and time of the wife’s incident and the husband’s loss of his knife.  The two events had happened at the same time.

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