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Richard Robard Hughes

Ms Hepburn-Lion in Winter

I eventually met Richard.  I arrived at Maria’s and there he was, a very corpulent man dressed in what looked like military fatigues.  From the way he was dressed, he reminded me of Fidel Castro, right down to his cap and fat cigar.  I met with him many times after that and we became friends.  Over time, he told me many things.  And the things that he told me shocked me and opened my eyes.  Through him, I learned that the world we know, or think that we know, isn’t real at all

Richard Hughes was born in September of 1945 and was never sure who his mother was.  But he sure did look a lot like Katharine Hepburn.  He showed me his birth certificate.  The mother’s name was redacted, showing only the name of the father who was clearly stated as Howard Robard Hughes. He also showed me his adoption papers from the Edna Gladney Home for Foundlings, Dallas-Ft. Worth.  He told me that I was holding the only copies in existence because the Gladney Home had no record of him ever being there and his birth certificate was missing from the Dallas- Ft. Worth records. Curious…reminds me of Barak Obama.

A friend of mine was working as an investigative journalist for a popular national magazine.  I told her the story of the Gladney paperwork issue and she gasped.  “I have been working on an article about the CIA and one of my sources actually told me that the Gladney Home was used to discreetly redirect inconvenient and embarrassing “situations” back when abortion was illegal.  The CIA used it to protect the reputations of their own daughters in addition to those of influential persons.  That is entirely possible!”  I was stunned by her confirmation.

As an infant, Richard was adopted from the Gladney Home by a couple who lived in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  He grew up there having no idea about who his father was.  His adoptive parents, Pat and Maureen, were of very modest means and he was their only child.  From time to time when he played in the schoolyard, he would notice men in suits across the street who seemed to be watching him.  They never spoke to him, they never bothered him; they just watched him.

But one day they did speak to him.  They told Richard that they were going to take him to meet his father.  He was taken to Los Angeles to the home of Billy Wilder, the famous movie director.  Howard had been in the movie business back in the late 1940’s.  Hughes had inherited a fortune from his father, the founder of the Hughes Tool  Company, manufacturer of an innovative drill bit that was used in oil rigs.  It was that superior drill bit that brought Howard into contact with the oil men of his generation and gave him the capital to start gobbling up companies such as RKO Pictures.  Howard became acquainted with Wilder during his RKO years.  And it was in Wilder’s living room that Richard learned who he actually was.

To be continued

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