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Osama Bin Laden, Bush and Obama|The Grand Deception

You just know that something is very wrong with this whole thing   It feels staged, orchestrated, all of it;  9/11, the financial collapse,  Osama, Obama, big oil, the toppling of Middle East dictators, all of it.  The last three years have been a goddam, full on, orchestrated catastrophe!  And now we get this latest story, that of bin Laden’s death which at this point could easily be titled  “72 versions”.

There was a forty minute fire fight,  no, there wasn’t any fight,  bin Laden resisted capture, bin Laden did not resist but one of the couriers had a green squirt gun,  it was a million dollar palatial estate, no it was a crappy little compound with a very high fence,  bin Laden’s wife died, no she didn’t, she was shot in the leg when she rushed the Seals, Osama used her as a human shield, no he didn’t,  she identified him, no she just called out his name, he had three wives with him, there were 23 children, his daughter saw him executed, it was a capture mission, no it wasn’t, it was an assassination mission, no it wasn’t,  bin Laden reached for a weapon, no he didn’t, he was buried at sea in accordance with Islamic law, no he wasn’t, he needed regular dialysis, no he didn’t, the Pakistanis knew where he was the entire time, no they didn’t.  Obama watched the attack in real time, no the feed went down for twenty five minutes.   Oh, spare me!  What is real?

Say, did you know bin Laden was diabetic?  They went through his medicine cabinet at the “palace”.  They mentioned the horny goat weed syrup,  high blood pressure medication ( bin Laden suffered from low blood pressure), but no insulin.   His kidneys had been badly damaged after a poisoning in 1999.  Reports at the time noted that his liver had been damaged as well but there was no dialysis machine.  Whoever it was in that compound, nobody ever saw him.  Whoever was in there could easily have been a double.   Why wasn’t there any insulin?  Diabetes does not just go away.  Neither does liver and kidney damage.  He either had a double organ transplant (tough to pull off when you are cave hopping in rugged Afghanistan) or he died long ago and was replaced by a double, to be executed and dragged out at just the right time for the next big charade.

They say they found plans, not fully formulated, to attack American trains. It isn’t enough to irradiate you and feel you up at the airport.  They want to do it to you when you take a train, too.  That’s why they found him at long last.  They needed a cover, a provocation to move along to taking away your liberty at the train station too.  And if you haven’t noticed, Texas is doing road blockades.  Your papers, please.  You tell me you don’t see the slow, dark creep of a virulent Fascism upon this land.

But wait! Osama was a CIA asset many years ago and his family were such good friends with George Bush Sr. and all the baby Bushes.   In fact, they were all such good friends that some twenty four Bin Laden family members were whisked out of the country two days after 9/11 even though all planes had been grounded.  Maybe that was payback for all the dry wells George W. dug in his younger days with bin Laden investment dollars.  It has been reported that bin Laden used the name Tim Osman in the 1990’s and met with the CIA in Los Angeles.  And, in fact, George W. ran many a company into the ground taking bin Laden investment money with it.

So, let’s explore the Bush family tree a bit.  The family patriarch and father of George Sr., Prescott Bush, helped to fund Adolf Schiklgruber (aka Hitler), paving the road to the holocaust and  WWII.   “Poppy” Bush (George Sr.) was CIA Director for one year from 1976 to 1977.   Osama led the fight in Afghanistan to expel the Godless Russians from the Islamic heartland.  We funded him, we armed him.  It’s all a game, people.  We are being played for fools.  They set up these little psycho dramas and we all go along like little idiots.  What are those FEMA camps for?  New World Order and a very early death….these folks want to reduce the population.  They will use vaccines, gulags, the medical monopoly, false flag maneuvers, currency debasement,  controlled and contrived “news”.  Whatever it takes to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes so they don’t notice the genetically modified food in the trough and the tainted vaccines in the syringes.

And we shouldn’t notice that Marvin Bush, a far less public brother of GW, was Director of the security company that “protected” the Twin Towers and Building 7.  He was also a member of the Board of Directors of one of the companies insuring the Twin Towers.  Hmm.

I think it likely that George Bush Sr. has been running this country since he became Vice President in 1981.  Behind the scenes, he has run Reagan, Clinton, George W., and now Obama.  He made it possible for Monsanto to introduce GMOs into our food supply and he made it impossible for a citizen to sue a vaccine manufacturer for damages.   It seems like the Bush family has a whole lot of thumbs pressed in to a whole lot of poisonberry pies.  Yes it does.

Same guy?  Look closely at the lower lip and the pattern of the beard centered just below the lower lip.  The guy in the top photo is charismatic and dashing, the man below him, not so much.

Article claims that Bin Laden was not buried at sea after all, based on confidential emails obtained by the hacker group “Anonymous” :