Lesbian wedding.

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My sister lives in New York and posted her enthusiasm for the New York legislature’s recent vote to permit gay marriage,  She wrote  “So happy for the gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go New York!”.  Her daughter, my niece, then added  ” marriage is just the next step in the lbgt movement in order for them to be fully accepted by society, and isn’t it true that everyone is created equal? if that’s the case, then why should we limit someone’s rights based on who they love? the question isn’t whether it should be “allowed”, it’s why it has taken so long for this group of people to become fully accepted in the world.”

I gave this whole issue a good deal of thought, instinctively recoiling from what seemed to me to be  naivete, and  responded as follows:

A man was recently arrested because he loves animals…in fact, he loves animals so much that he became intimate with them on a regular basis.  Then there are men who love children, so much so that they would like to marry them.  In terms of logic, the argument you present is fraught with peril because you are arguing that “love” is the premise for marriage. The purpose of marriage is actually to protect property rights, not to ratify love.  Females and children are property in the male mind, and marriage was established for legitimate transfer of personal property such as real estate and currency.  Given the nature of males, there were and are always heated arguments about legitimate children and illegitimate, and who inherits.  It’s really all about “stuff”, not love, and the flow of material goods.  If you doubt me, look up what happens when we divorce.  It is 100% about who gets what, not about who loved who by how much.   People do not need a piece of paper to prove that they love someone.  Nor do they need the government setting them up for yet another pick pocketing caper.
As for rights, gays have had all the same rights for quite some time.  This is about a word, but that word seductively lures at least half of them into a spider’s web that will eventually strip them of 15 to 30% of their net worth (the lawyer’s fee).
As for being accepted by society, unfortunately, it seems to be human nature to invent excuses for excluding and victimizing others.  Consider Islam where the Shiites hate the Sunni and the Sunni hate the Shiite….these are all Muslims who are bound by their Koran to protect one another yet each suppresses the other, often violently, within their respective societies.  If it isn’t skin color, then it is religion, and if it isn’t religion then it’s orthodox vs moderate, and if not that, then it’s sexual preference, and if it isn’t that, then it’s something else.  And as long as there is a Bible or a Koran left on Earth, there will be no social acceptance of gays.  This planet is one bubbling cauldron of psychosis and neurosis. There is always some kind of bullshit going on somewhere, and most certainly every time a legislature gets together for a vote.

Takes all the romance out of it, doesn’t it?