House of Rothschild

Rothschild Coat od Arms

I suppose that it is time to introduce you to the Rothschilds.  Many of you have heard the terms “shadow government” and “black ops”.  It is not possible for me to know how much you know of these things, nor what you think of them.  But I will tell you that time is running out and you need to have an opinion and you need to form one soon.  And then you need to think about yourselves and more importantly, your children  Your lack of knowledge, your desire to just file this information somewhere in the back of the bus of your conscious mind will have repercussions that will horrify and sicken you.  We are staring down the barrel of a totalitarian future, a totalitarian world.

Right from the start, I want to educate you about something rather important.  This world has seen far too much prejudice and blatant hatred directed toward persons of the Jewish faith.  Lazy, unscholarly dullards that we tend to be, we think that we understand the term “Jew” or “Jewish” when we hear it.   Judaism originated over five thousand years ago in the middle east.  It is the sons of Abraham that carry the bloodline of the original “chosen people” of the Old Testament   These were the slaves captured and brought to Egypt to serve the Pharoah, and it was that same band of human beings that were led from their bondage by Moses who led them to the land we now call Israel.  It may be important to note that Moses had a little help with this project, the vast and barren desert being a rather formidable barrier to migration.

Most of us are familiar with the rules of Judaism in terms of what defines a Jew.  This is a right of birth passed on from the mother.  In other words, it is genetic, or was intended to be genetic.  We like to think that this rule comes from the fact that before the advent of DNA testing,  fatherhood was difficult to prove, while motherhood was rather self evident.  I suspect that it has more to do with mitochondria and the passing along of inheritable traits.  We now know, for example, that IQ is carried in the mother’s mitochondria.

The Rothschild family is considered to be Jewish which is why definitions are important.  Up until the late 1700’s, the family was actually named Bauer and their story begins in Frankfurt, Germany with Moses Amschel Bauer, a money lender and proprietor of a counting house.  Moses Bauer had placed a red sign above the entrance of his counting house.  And on that red sign was a symbol, a hexagram.  The hexagram appears on the modern day Israeli flag.  Those versed in mystical matters will recognize the symbolism being reflective of the esoteric principle of “as above, so below”, two interlocking triangles, one with the apex pointing up and the other apex pointing down.  When Moses’ son, Mayer Amschel Bauer, inherited his father’s counting house business, he changed the family name to Rothschild (“red sign” in German).

What has this to do with Jews, Judaism and the like?  The Bauer family came to Frankfurt from an area of the world known in Medieval times as Khazaria which occupied the land between the Black and Caspian Seas.  Historically, the people occupying the region tolerated and even embraced Jews who had migrated there to escape the persecutions that they were suffering elsewhere.  Many locals, in fact, embraced Judaism, finding it to be a pleasing set of beliefs. They also embraced migrating Muslims and Christians.  Legend has it that in 838 AD, the king of Khazaria hosted a debate of sorts between the three faiths and chose Judaism as the most sensible religion and thus installed it as the official faith of his kingdom.  The people of the region thus instantly became “Jews”.  Not everybody had the right mitochondria, yet suddenly, in that kingdom, everybody was a Jew.

to be continued……