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(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

HAARP is a project spearheaded by the U.S. Navy, Air force and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. There is much debate surrounding this project. Is it a Star Wars weapon, a weather modification tool, a communication device, or merely a benign academic project out in the remote Alaskan bush?  Military documents state that HAARP intends to “exploit the ionosphere for military purposes”.   Unfortunately, the power levels being used represent a reckless threat to our defense shield (the ionosphere) which could have catastrophic consequences.  The earth’s magnetic field which reflects harmful cosmic rays away from us has weakened greatly in the last two decades, some might say to the point of alarm.

Dr. Nick Begich wrote a book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.   He came to some alarming conclusions regarding HAARP’s true purpose after researching the patents that have been filed on behalf of the HAARP project. HAARP technology is based on the theories, research and work of Nikola Tesla.  There are tales of disquieting side effects that appear to have accompanied some of Tesla’s experiments, the mysterious and devastating explosion over Tunguska being among them.  There has been a spate of reporters lately caught on tape speaking absolute gibberish.  One of HAARP’s known potentials is the disruption of cognitive function.  Bees can’t find their way back to their hives and are dying by the millions. They depend on the earth’s magnetic grid to navigate, as do birds, whales, dolphins and fish.  We had many reports of mass die offs of fish and birds in the weeks preceding the massive 9.0 quake off the coast of Sendai, Japan on March 11 this year.

Here is a video of the signals being broadcast by HAARP starting on March 9th 2011. To me, the cause and effect is pretty clear, and even more so if you factor in that the same HAARP patterns preceded the quakes in Haiti AND Christ Church, New Zealand.

I have a question. If this benign little atmospheric research tool is actually setting off megaquakes,  shattering nuclear power plants, washing away multiple thousands of innocent lives,  should it have the right to continue to operate?  WTF? Our country has been co-opted by extremely evil people. The video below is an absolute must see.  How long before the world rises up to defend itself from us?  And most Americans do not have any idea what is being done in our name.  We’d better make this stop before it is too late, before they pump so much energy into the ionosphere that it ignites, before Russia and China unleash their justifiable rage on unwitting Americans, whichever comes first.  What you will be seeing is a chart of HAARP, NOT earthquake traces.  Furthermore, the HAARP website that these tracings were taken from is NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE. This public information site was shut down in late March following the 3/11/11 quake and tsunami that hit Japan!