Growth hormone

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I have done more than my fair share of experimenting with various products associated with anti aging.  There are nutrients, devices, skin serums and creams, and HGH products galore.  Having researched and tried so many things, I am now quite the expert on this topic and I will be reporting on my findings and experiments in future postings.  So if you are interested in finding out what works and what doesn’t, please bookmark the site and add your email to “subscribe” at the very bottom of the blog to receive email alerts as reviews are added.  I do not sell the email addresses and everything that I will be reporting on has been personally tested and evaluated.  Much of what is out there is a waste of time and money, but there are some very effective and affordable products out there as well.

I am not sure which is worse; the aches, pains and deterioration of aging or looking in the mirror and not recognizing one’s self anymore.  I have been there and I have managed t reverse that which time hath wrought. I’d like to share what I have learned with you.