Facial Exercises-My Story

It’s your choice

I attended Cynthia’s  class, purchased her DVD and went through some practice exercises that she taught us.  She had provided individual mirrors and complimentary cotton gloves for us and showed us six exercises. As I went through this process, I began to notice that I had lost virtually all the muscle in my face!  When I put my fingers in my mouth and pinched as instructed, there was no muscle there. I could feel my fingertips touching one another with nothing much more than skin in between.  No wonder I looked like I was melting.  I was obviously starting way back in the pack.  But I was determined.  I wanted a total makeover for myself and this was a critical challenge.  I had to succeed.

Unlike most who can expect to have reached 85% or better of peak results within eighteen weeks, it actually took me years.  I had no muscle left and had to rebuild everything.

Now that I know what I know, I would recommend that facial exercises be learned and put into practice starting as early as the late twenties. It is far easier to maintain what you have than it is to rebuild what was once there.  Trust me, you don’t want to let it go that long.

It took me six years to rebuild my face and in the end, it took a lot more than the exercises alone to get my muscles to thicken.  As we age, there is a drop in ATP which is a vital neurotransmitter.  In my case, my muscles simply weren’t “getting the message”.  I noticed that they were toning and tightening somewhat, but not thickening so hollows and bone prominences were still evident in the temple, eye and cheek area.  This sent me into a frenzy of research and personal trial with nutrients, human growth hormone, micro current, fillers and topical treatments and serums.  Articles on those topics will be forthcoming…

My letter to Cynthia Rowland with before and after photo of me:


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