Facial Exercise-part 3

There are many books on the market as well as free how to videos on You Tube.  Here is a very informative introductory video and several exercises are demonstrated total freebie: If you look to the right on that You Tube page, you will find many, many very effective facial exercises video taped for you to access at no charge.  Look for the “Howdini” facial exercise videos but keep in mind that these are isolated samples and examples and can not be relied upon as your sole source for learning facial exercises.  There are many muscle groups in the face and neck and you need to address all of them, in proper order, and with proper technique.  And there are many techniques, so pay careful attention to the face of the teacher and then make a selection to learn what they know!

If you are ready for an entire regimen, look up Cynthia Rowland or Deborah Crowley. These ladies charge for their DVDs and classes, but you will be taught a comprehensive program by very expert people. You do not need the personal lessons (the DVD should do) unless you fail to get the results you want in a month or two.  And you should pretty much ignore any skin care products that you might see on either site. In a future article, I will be sharing about what is awesome and what is not.

And just remember, facial exercises do for you what plastic surgery can not, make you look younger. A DVD or lessons with a personal facial exercise coach costs a tiny fraction of what the surgery does and there are no risks and no unexpected consequences.  Your circulation will improve and therefore your skin color will get much of its former natural blush and glow back. And the act of engaging your facial muscles in tension based exercises goes a long way to preserving the bone scaffolding underneath. Remember the Piso-electrical effect described in part 1? Bone preservation is very important in preventing the drooping and sagging of the later years.

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