Western U.S. in path of leaking radiation

Radiation Facts

By now, we are all painfully aware of the recent tragic events in Japan and it might be worth a few minutes of time to take note of the astonishing bravery and self restraint being practiced by the average Japanese citizen, even in the face of the most brutal treatment by nature.  They are not looting or rioting and instead are acting in concert to connect relatives, locate bodies, find food and water and suppress an impending nuclear catastrophe…all of this in the midst of very cold weather.  Japan doesn’t usually come out of winter until late April.

Given the circumstances, the nuclear challenge may just be beyond their capacity and radiation has been escaping. The thing to fear is a full explosion which would spew high levels of radiation high into the atmosphere where the jet stream will rapidly spread the radioactive particles all over the U.S.

Things to know:

If the worst does happen STAY AWAY FROM MILK. Cesium 137 will land on the grass and cows feed on grass.  The Cesium will end up in the milk.  Radiation pills only protect the thyroid and thyroid cancer can be prevented.  These pills do expire.  Of the three main brands, two expire in five years, IOSAT lasts for seven years.  Most pharmacies do not carry the pills which are composed of iodine and potassium but you may find them online (at an inflated price).  However, there is another grave danger against which these pills do nothing-leukemia.  There is no known prevention other than staying indoors.  Dr. Theresa Dale has several homeopathic formulas which she says will help with these problems. She says:

“For Cellular Protection and Detoxification
Purchase the Radiation X, which includes Dr Dale’s Homeopathic formula for nuclear and all types of radiation. It is ideal for every type of radiation you could be exposed to. Dr. Dale’s Lymph Plus Detox is a powerful yet gentle drainage remedy essential in “moving” lymph and allowing the body’s energy channels, organs, and glands to detoxify.”

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And you should also know, I do not have any monetary arrangement with Dr. Dale. I have met her and I have used other products that she has and I do know that she is quite knowledgeable in homeopathic treatments….and I also know that homeopathy can be an effective modality of treatment for many conditions. As of 4pm PST today, the reactor is now burning.

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