Dreams of Planet X-

Originally posted 3/12/11

Updated 8/12/12-See below for new videos-

Re-update 3/18/13-You need to pay attention, especially if you live near  the ocean-Remember the footage from Japan in March 2011-the ocean swallows absolutely everything…there is something approaching us and all the governments are keeping silent about it.

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Back when I was still living on Long Island, I had a dream.  It was forty years ago, but it never stopped haunting me.  I was reminded of it a few days ago when a woman called in to the Coast to Coast am radio show and  told a story.  I knew it was time to write down the dream.  She said this:

I am out on Long Island quite a bit and for the last year or so, when I look at the sun, I can clearly see another round shape near it.  It is large, bigger than size of the moon as it looks from earth.  It has a crisp outline, not fuzzy like the sun. Does anybody know what it is? Has anybody else noticed it?

So, this was my dream.  I was in the house that I actually lived in.  I walked outside.  It felt like I was leaving a party and I remember feeling happy in the dream. I was talking to someone who stood off to my right. When I turned my head to the right to answer, my blood ran cold.  In the sky, huge….I can’t even explain how huge, was this glowering, black-orange planet hanging in the sky close to earth, so close to earth.  In the dream, I thought “What the hell is it?”  Fear, immense fear shot through me.  Shock.  Awe. Abject terror.  I think that was 1971.

Periodically, I have dreams that feel just as real as daily life.  I have all my senses functioning in these special dreams, sight, smell, hearing, changes in temperature.  The planet dream was one of those.

Sumerian scholar, Zacharia Sitchen contended that there is another planet in our solar system which he called Nibiru.  He said that it has a very different and elongated orbit, taking 3600 years to complete each orbit around the sun.  Therefore, it has the potential of intersecting with another planet’s orbit.  It does not circle the sun like the others and he said that it was inhabited and that those inhabitants created us with genetic splicing.

Lately, I hear about Planet X, the topic of something called “Zeta Talk”. Here, it is described it as a dark star, primarily iron and it affects our planet something like a strong magnet.  Uranus, we learned from our probes,  has a deeply tilted axis, as though it was tipped over by something.  What caused that?

The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the North Pole has been wandering. Airports have had to realign runways because of it. Solstice sunrise was off by two minutes in the high north latitudes,  I believe it was this past spring.  What caused that?

And now a woman on Long Island says she is seeing something next to the sun.

You can explore Zeta Talk here: http://www.zetatalk.com/poleshft/p00.htm

And here is yet more shifting of the magnetic pole demonstrated in a photo you can see here. This compass was taped down on a table surface aligned with true north.  Remember, there already was some magnetic pole shift in play when this person taped the compass down, so what you see here is not the whole story. It has been shifting gradually since 1946, but this photo isolates a very large jump immediately following the 9.0 quake off Sendai, Japan on 3/11/2011.

UPDATE 1/29/2012

Holy Christ!  Was any of this on our news here in the U.S.?  Look at this!

 Over China March 6  2011

Update:  Since the posting of this article in early 2011, this video has been posted on You Tube…NASA Employee tells what he knows

And another insider