Flag of California

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California is firmly in the grip of the majority rule Democrats who are beholden to all the unions as well as the Hispanic community, half of whom are here illegally and are presumably ineligible to vote.  And now, we have a Democrat governor, Jerry Brown (round 2) who is deep in the pocket of Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs. Is this state doomed? Does a bear shit wherever it wants to?

(“CARB”=California Air Resources Bureau)

“California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  Between receiving unsurvivable batterings from  CARB with its draconian regulations and onerous state taxes, many companies have fled the state and many more are preparing to flee. They take valuable jobs with them. You are hard at work killing your own tax base. You need to CUT YOUR SPENDING and do not raise even one more tax nor create any new ones. Personal income tax rates are obscene as well, as is our sales tax.  Do you not see what you are doing to this beautiful state and all of its people? The fate of the Delta Smelt is more important than the farmers of California. The fish is virtually extinct anyway. Are you trying to do the same with the farmers? Kill two species with one ridiculous ruling? How much tax revenue is being lost from farmers who can’t plant? Duh.”

Will my small tantrum do any good? By itself, no.  But I just learned today of another travesty being perpetrated upon the citizens of California…the “DROP” program for fire and police. Upon turning age 50 and with at least 25 years of service, any fireman or police officer may retire and then return back to work the next day. They are then permitted to earn both their regular wages AND their pension for another five years.  We presently have over 2,000 people enrolled in the “DROP” program and it has cost the state an additional $1,000,000,000 that WE DO NOT HAVE.  Perhaps you who read this and live in California might ring up your congressperson and tell them how you feel.  Really, there is something pretty foul in the water here, and it isn’t just the Delta Smelt.