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G. Patrick Flanagan PhD

It was such a thrill for me to actually meet Dr. G. Pat Flanagan in the late 1970’s.  I had read his book titled Pyramid Power earlier in the decade.  I knew of his two surprising inventions which he had come up with between ages twelve and fourteen.  One was the “Bone Phone” which made it possible for the deaf to hear by bypassing the non functioning ears, sending sound through the bones instead.  A patent was granted to Flanagan for this device  by a skeptical patent official who instructed him to perform a test of the device with a profoundly deaf man whom the official personally knew.  They played classical music and when the deaf man began to cry with joy, the patent was immediately granted.  Flanagan was fourteen.

At age twelve, he did a project for his school science fair.  What was it?  The bubbling volcano?   The mung bean sprouts with and without fertilizer?  No.  This twelve year old had designed a device that could detect missiles and atomic material.  His project was confiscated by the US military and he never saw it again.  A General from the Pentagon explained to him that it had been put into one of our satellites and launched.

Confronted with a mind like that, when he proclaimed in a book about pyramids that you could improve the taste of food, keep food from spoiling, and keep razor blades sharp by placing them inside a pyramid, I decided to pay attention.  Now, there are thousands of variations on the shape we call pyramid.  Flanagan was  specific. The pyramid had to be constructed in perfect proportion to the Great Pyramid at Giza in order to experience these wondrous and mysterious effects.

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