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Compromised-How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA

Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed and John Cummings-a book review

On the page preceding the contents page and above a letter from President Truman describing the purpose of the CIA that he had created, the author begins:

“This book deals with the Central Intelligence Agency co-opting the Presidency and how black operations, like a cancer, have metastasized the organs of government to the point where the malignancy can not be removed without destroying the government it was designed to initially preserve.”

Compromised is the story of Terry Reed, former CIA asset turned CIA liability.  He saw many things first hand. He saw that Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, was instrumental in the Iran-Contra operations in which arms were sent to the Contras in exchange for cocaine. He knew that they used the Mena, Arkansas airport for the operations.  He knew the ace pilot, Barry Seal, who flew many of the missions and was later “terminated” shortly before his scheduled trial.  Seal had told Reed that the Bush brothers were into the cocaine business.  Silence is golden.

The book is 546 pages, packed with detail and extremely illuminating.  Terry had to flee for his life and his struggle to survive is documented within the book.  More Americans should read Compromised.  It helps greatly in grabbing the bigger picture that envelopes us today.  We who have lived through 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s have been witness to many orchestrated events, thinking them “real”.  In fact, only the deaths and casualties were real, but not necessarily the explanations of who was to blame.  Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11…we Americans have given up so many liberties in the wake of these extraordinary events.

The Bush family, Bill and Hilary and now Obama….these are henchmen in our bosom working on behalf of a much bigger conspiracy.  Will we awaken as a nation in time to undo that which they have wrought upon us?