GE132-Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium is pure magic

Organic Germanium is pure magic

Here is something that could improve, enhance, and possibly save many lives if only people knew about it.  Organic Germanium (GE132) is some pretty powerful alternative medicine.  It is an element, a semi-conductor, which in an organic form,  performs ever so many magic tricks inside the body.   It has four electrons, but one of them is weak and easily dislodged from its orbit.  This leaves a vacant spot which it fills by capturing a free radical.  This bad boy takes prisoners, forces particles to behave, then escorts them harmlessly out of the body.  It is excellent for clearing the body of free radicals and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Organic germanium  is a grayish-white powder which in its inorganic state must never be consumed because over time, it is lethal.  In the elemental or inorganic state it can not be processed by the body so it collects in the kidneys, turning them to stone.

The best way to take it is by placing it under the tongue and holding it there for as long as possible.  What remains may be swallowed, but most of whatever is swallowed will never make it into the bloodstream.  The cells of the stomach will absorb it and use it.  That is why it needs to go under the tongue.  From there, it can directly enter the bloodstream and perform its scavenger maneuvers.  It is awesome stuff.

Following WWII, a Japanese scientist, Dr. Asai, developed a complex method for converting the inorganic element into an organic form.  He was actually studying coal for the Japanese government trying to find a way to make coal yield more energy.  Instead, he discovered a myriad of medical uses for organic germanium.  He noticed that there was a lot of germanium in coal and he found himself wondering what it was doing there.  On a hunch, he tested the waters of Lourdes and he found it there as well.  The Japanese have been using GE132 for several decades in treating various health conditions.  It is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant.

There is a patent on organic germanium as “an inducer of the production of interferon in the body”.  Tests have demonstrated that there is no lethal dose of organic germanium.  Massive quantities were fed to rats with no harm to them whatsoever.

I have found a trusted source to be Nutricology in San Leandro, Ca.   As for dosage,  it really depends upon what condition you are treating but 100 mgs daily is a good, overall dosage.  It is not a drug and no prescription is needed but it should never be taken long term because once it is done clearing out the heavy metals, it will leach calcium from the bones.   It would be unwise to take organic germanium for more than three consecutive weeks.

It is difficult to find and it is so eclectic that you will be challenged to find anyone who has heard of it.  Always make sure that you are purchasing the organic form of germanium-GE132.