Oil of Oregano

My daughter recently contracted the flu which deepened into severe bronchitis in barely a week’s time.  Mainstream medicine doesn’t have much for fighting virus so alternative medicine was a place to look for relief.  Here is how her incident unfolded:

She was far from home, away in Switzerland.  I noticed in a Facebook post that she was complaining of a pain in her knee and my concern jumped from standard motherly worry to grave concern.  I suspected that her lymph nodes were inflamed so I called her and urged her to get to a doctor immediately.  She did and she was given the customary fist full of medications including an antibiotic.  At first, she rapidly improved but within a few days time she began to experience all of her symptoms all over again….sore throat, cough, etc.

In the meantime, I had by coincidence read an article about how microbes were becoming immune to the human arsenal of antibiotics.  Many strains have now adapted and have undergone genetic changes that make them impervious to antibiotics.  The medical community is understandably highly alarmed by this.  I wondered if this was the explanation for my daughter’s recurrence of symptoms.  I remembered that oil of oregano is highly effective for the treatment of colds and flu so I ordered some and sent it to her right away.

Imagine my relief at seeing her next Facebook post “Oil of oregano….disgusting, but man, does it work!”

Make sure that you get certified wild, organic oregano. It needs to be mixed with olive oil and packed in a bottle with a dropper.  http://www.nowfoods.com has it and the pricing is under $8 per bottle.  Every home should keep a bottle on hand.  Flu season is approaching and those flu shots are simply nonsensical.  There are many, many strains of flu virus and there is no way that pharmaceutical companies can predict precisely which strain will be the new killer and have enough vaccine produced in time.

Oil of oregano also works topically and can be applied to skin infections as well as Herpes sores.  Please be advised that it will sting.  However, the virus is killed on contact and relief from the infection is virtually immediate.  It is an inexpensive, natural and highly effective anti-viral compound provided that the source is authentic wild oregano.

And yes, it does have a revolting taste.  This terrible flavor can be greatly mitigated by squirting the oil of oregano on a spoonful of cottage cheese and swallowing without chewing.