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Mandalay Bay-Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My!-Part 2

In order for any of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival attack to make sense to you, it is imperative that you read part one of “Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My”. Without the context provided in part one the rest will only confuse you more. Please do not proceed any further without reading part one. Here is the link for part one:

Our Corpse

We should probably begin with what is, aside from the dead and wounded toll, our one and only fact. The man who lay dead on the floor of Mandalay Bay suite 32-135 the night of October 1st 2017 was not Stephen Paddock.

Had Stephen Paddock been, as described by the coroner, six foot one with brown eyes and defined, rounded earlobes and lots of missing teeth, we’d be fine. But we are not fine because Steven Paddock was six foot four, blue eyed with a very particular earlobe structure that is referred to as “attached”. And Paddock had teeth, lots of teeth which is probably why the coroner used fingerprints to support the identification instead of the more customary dental charts. I would like to pose a question as to how fingerprints were used to identify Mr. Paddock when the man had absolutely no criminal history?


Earlobes are as unique as fingerprints and a lot more difficult to fudge providing there is a sufficient trail of photographic evidence. Every photograph of Mr. Paddock shows his earlobe structure rather clearly as well as his blue eyes. His driver license and fishing license confirm blue eyes as well as a six foot four inch height. So who is the dead man on the floor? Your guess is as good as mine but we can all be sure of who it is not. It is not Paddock.

Here are the comparisons so that you may see for yourselves:

Mr. Paddock


Paddock Earlobe Closeup

SP Earlobe Closeup

Look carefully not only at the earlobe but the entire ear.  There is simply no match here. The ear of our corpse is rounded at the bottom much like a reverse letter “J”.  Paddock’s lobes angle sharply where they join the face. Technically, he has no earlobe. The man on the floor is not the friendly, intelligent accountant millionaire….period, end of story. Therefore,  for the remainder of this article we shall refer to the dead man on the floor (and possible shooter, though Paddock likely took off well before the attack on concert goers began) as “SP”…which represents the concept of Stiff Person, not Stephen Paddock.  Mr. Paddock’s name will only be used when actually discussing Mr. Stephen Paddock. From here on, when you see “SP”, think “stiff person”, not Stephen Paddock.

One last thought before we move on. It is entirely possible that Sheriff Lombardo was telling the truth when he stated that it looked to him that Steven Paddock had an escape plan.  From the looks of those earlobes, Paddock most assuredly did.

Eye Wide Shut

Right eye closed, left eye open

To the best of my knowledge absolutely no one has noticed a very disturbing and obvious detail about this corpse.  One eye is wide open but the other is closed. There is some suggestion of lividity along the right cheek below the closed eye.  What might this tell us?  Think about it. What could this mean?  Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat for a few minutes and see if you come up with anything.  As you do so, let us make one more observation about our corpse.

Mouth Closeup

There seems to be some tissue missing from the left mouth corner (your right) and there is a blood pattern of an unusually straight line running from the mouth corner toward the ear. The gunpowder residue, which is black,  is right in that mouth corner.  Now, I will ask again. Does this evidence tell you anything?

Here is what it tells me. At the moment of death this man’s head was turned to the right. The LVMPD FIT report did mention injury to both legs; ” Preliminarily, the injuries noted were on the posterior of both calves”.  This is a vague statement and there is no further detail but it does suggest that the man was struck from behind with an object long enough to contact both calves.  The Las Vegas Review Journal was given a copy of the coroner report and this is what they wrote:  ” Paddock also had scrapes on his right upper calf and knee and a bruise on his left calf.”  This description would suggest that the man was struck from behind and fell on his right knee.

So then, it sounds as though the dead man found on the floor in Vista suite 32-135 had his legs knocked out from under him and fell to the floor, landing on his right knee. Likely he was then pushed over and held down with the right side of his face making contact with the floor.  Pressure was applied to his head making it impossible for him to turn his head nor to open his right eye. The purpose of forcibly holding down the head was, of course, to facilitate the insertion of the barrel of a gun onto the left corner of his mouth. Murder, she wrote.

Eau du Rat-First Whiff

The following is a quote taken from the LVMPD preliminary report released on January 18,  2018:

“On or around September 9th Paddock made his room reservation for a Vista Suite ending in 235 but not a specific floor. On September 20th Paddock was internally  assigned to room 33-235. On September 21st Paddock was internally changed to room 32-235. On September 24th Paddock was assigned to room 32-135.”

Footnote 4 at the bottom of the page states:

“4 All internal changes to Paddock’s rooms were done by a Mandalay Bay computer without Paddock’s knowledge.” 

We can discard any notion of this having been a well planned, premeditated act on the part of Steven Paddock with this one simply stated footnote. He never asked to be placed in a room overlooking the concert nor in sight of the fuel tanks for that matter.

That said, footnote 4 is only partially correct. The wording makes it sound as though the computer system autonomously made these changes to Paddock’s room assignment but the computer can not do this. A human being would have looked at the vacancies on September 20th and chosen to place him in 33-235.  A human would have subsequently moved him to the suite one floor below (32-235 , still in his preferred wing) on September 21st.  And a human being would have moved him to the 100 wing the day before his arrival on September 24th.

To underscore the fact that Paddock did not want the suite on the 32nd floor in the 100 wing, Paddock spoke with his VIP host about his room assignment two days after he checked in. According to the LVMPD report:

“Paddock spoke with his VIP host reference wanting the “Vista Suite” at the end of the hall with the double doors. Paddock was insistent on the suite and connecting room. Paddock wanted to be in the 200 wing as it had a better view, according to him. Paddock was upset about the room, but was not angry. Paddock never mentioned the reason why he wanted a connecting room.”  Paddock obviously did not want a room overlooking the venue. So much for the carefully planned theory.


It is difficult to pinpoint the very first lie in this despicable, deplorable, insufferable charade.  Let’s agree to allow one or two of the earliest Pinocchio briquettes to quietly extinguish on the hearth.  It would be unreasonable to expect the first round or two of public statements made within a few hours of the massacre to have been without flaw.  Not much was known yet much was being asked.

When Sheriff Joe Lombardo stood before the cameras and assured everyone that it was just one solitary lunatic with twenty three bump stocks up in suite 32-135 of the Mandalay Bay it wasn’t so much that he was lying. He was struggling to preserve a city and its economy, struggling to defend millions of residents who depend on the conventions, the honeymooning couples, the sightseers, the gambling Californians and the international high rollers that collectively make life in Las Vegas possible.  None of us would have wanted to be in his shoes that dreadful night.  So then, regarding the first round or two of mendacious mumblings, all is forgiven.

But long after the emotional peak of the event had passed the lies kept coming. With each round the lies got bigger, bolder and more bizarre Here we are more than six months out from October 1st, 2017 and officialdom just can’t seem to find any truth to share. The public is left to wonder if the police and FBI are simply and unrelentingly corrupt or simply and unrelentingly incompetent. Or might it be a little of both?

Let us review some of the highlights, a veritable Whitman’s sampler of chewy prevarications shamelessly fed to a public starving for information:

  • The date that Stephen Paddock checked in to Mandalay Bay suite 32-135
  • Paddock’s careful, crafty, premeditated selection of a suite overlooking the concert venue
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of Paddock companion Marilou Danley
  • The howabouts and whenabouts of SPs death
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of security guard Jesus Campos
  • The whereabouts and whenabouts of building engineer Stephen Schuck

Press Conference-Pinocchio and the Enforcer-source: HDRCFX Cornwall (YouTube)

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Mandalay Bay-Liars and Windows and Doors, Oh My!-Turning Point

Definition of the term “False Flag”:

Real carnage with a fake narrative; an orchestrated pre-planned attack performed in such a manner as to cast blame on an innocent target; a nasty little strategy that not only instills deep fear in a population but provides the initial step in the formula “problem-reaction-solution”.

The Cody Snodgres Story

Cody was recruited by the CIA pretty much straight out of high school. He had a high I.Q. and had intended to study physics in college. The CIA makes a habit of recruiting highly intelligent young people because, as we all know, you just can’t fix stupid.

At first Cody protested that he didn’t want a government job. He wanted to work for himself one day. The recruiter assured him that they could accommodate his drive for personal independence and made him a contract agent….a highly compartmentalized contract employee paid with cash, lots and lots of cash.

Cody raked in millions over time performing missions overseas. But one day Cody was offered something here at home.  They wanted a building blown up in a dusty little American town, a place you may have heard of called “Oklahoma City”.  Cody said no…he wasn’t willing to pull that shit in the U.S.A. so they pulled in Tim McVeigh instead.  The targeted structure was, of course, the Murrah Federal building.

Remains of the Murrah Building, Oklahoma City

Now, let’s think back to what we Americans got right after the Oklahoma City bombing incident on April 19th 1995. According to legal analyst, Andrew Cohen:

“The most significant negative consequence of the bombing was the passage of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA), a 1996 federal law that enhanced penalties for terror-related crimes and sought to streamline the federal appellate process for claims arising out of state criminal cases. There were too many appeals taking too long, AEDPA proponents argued, to the point where delays were eroding confidence in our justice systems.

What the AEDPA has actually done, however, is further erode confidence in our justice systems by blocking from substantive federal judicial review even state appeals that have merit. It turns out that the officials most vociferously supportive of the AEDPA were often those from jurisdictions that had terrible records of wrongful convictions spurred by prosecutorial misconduct, racial bias, inept judges, and shoddy police work. They didn’t want endless appeals, we now may say in retrospect, because they didn’t want those dubious convictions overturned.

So there are countless innocent men and women who are still in prison in America today because of the AEDPA, a law that likely would never have passed had the Murrah building not been bombed. And even as the law has “streamlined” appeals in some cases it has bewildered lawyers, frustrated judges, and generated countless new procedural and substantive questions that the United States Supreme Court has been forced (with varying degrees of success) to address term after term after term.

The AEDPA is a terrible legacy of the Oklahoma City bombing—made measurably worse because officials then overreached again in restricting due process rights just a few years later following the terror attacks on New York and Washington. You can draw a straight line from the AEDPA to the Patriot Act if you try. And neither this Congress nor this Supreme Court (no matter how many wrongful convictions we read about) seem likely to try to restore the status quo ante of 20 years ago.”

Source: New York University School of Law, Brennan Center For Justice

As we witness the flow of time from the bombing of the Murrah building to today we, and our Constitution, have been assaulted by 911, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas 10/1 and most recently,Parkland, Florida.  There are many more such events in between, almost too many to mention. All of these events have a common purpose, a common theme and a common source. Instead of poorly informed American students marching around demanding gun control, we should all be marching around demanding the dissolution of the CIA. It’s that simple.

And now, of course, they can snatch you out of your bed in the middle of the night and “disappear” you for no particular reason. No hearing, no trial, no explanation, no note left on the pillow for your frantic family….and it’s law…because they can call you a terrorist and that makes it all ok….even if you are not a terrorist by any classic definition because now, if you simply disagree, you are a terrorist.  This is what happened while you were all busy being good, hard working Americans. Now let’s get back to the Las Vegas Massacre.

The Mandalay Bay

                                           Las Vegas Blvd. South

Most people are not aware of this but the Mandalay Bay Hotel is built right over an aquifer and during construction suffered from a serious malady, subsistence or uneven settling. One wing had dropped some seventeen inches and a company specializing in structure reinforcement had to be called in to combat the problem back in 1998.

In the year 2000, the corporation owning Mandalay Bay filed suit against its insurers in an effort to recoup cost over runs on the construction:

“Mandalay Resort Group of Las Vegas sued three of its insurers to force them to pay costs it incurred to correct the $950 million Mandalay Bay’s subsidence problem in 1998.

The resort spent between $8 million and $10 million to install 536 metal cylinders under the 43-story, 3,700-room building, after it began sinking during construction in June 1998, which resulted in hairline cracks in the valet parking garage, warped door frames, windows and other structures. The hotel-casino sank 18.8 inches during construction as its weight squeezed moisture out of an underlying aquifer. In a Clark County District Court suit, Mandalay alleged Allendale Mutual Insurance Co., FM Global, Factory Mutual Insurance Co. doing business as Layne Associates Ltd. Insurance — which paid $1 million of its total claims — improperly dismissed the rest of its claim and attributed the subsidence problem to “faulty workmanship, construction, design and materials.”


This subsistence problem seems to also be an issue for next door neighbor, Luxor.  Concerns were raised locally in 2011 when cracks were being noticed in the Luxor.


Both properties are currently owned by MGM Resorts. The CEO of MGM Resorts, James Murren, as well as a significant number of MGM Board members dumped MGM Resort stock in the month of September immediately preceding the October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest Festival held directly across the street in yet another venue owned by MGM Resorts.  And the month prior to that saw financier George Soros placing a PUT option on MGM Resort stock. Soros was betting that MGM Resort stock was going to take a nosedive in the near future.  These people must all be psychic, right?

Shades of 9-11

Twin Towers Controlled Demolition

Why spend so much time on the structural problems of these neighboring hotels? It is important because of a parallel event that took place on September 11, 2001  It was a well known problem for the Twin Towers in New York City that both buildings were riddled with asbestos. In addition, one of the towers’ structural integrity had been compromised by a bombing in the underground garage in 1993.

Killing many birds with a single stone is the signature of a well-planned mission.  It’s a kind of efficiency that the Germans would be proud of.  Waste not, want not. These operations can get very expensive. Best to maneuver as many “problem children” into position as possible before letting that stone fly.

There had been a piece of legislation languishing in the Senate. It was the unconstitutional “Patriot Act”. According to the ACLU, the Patriot Act was:

“Hastily passed 45 days after 9/11 in the name of national security, the Patriot Act was the first of many changes to surveillance laws that made it easier for the government to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor phone and email communications, collect bank and credit reporting records, and track the activity of innocent Americans on the Internet. While most Americans think it was created to catch terrorists, the Patriot Act actually turns regular citizens into suspects.”


And thus a complex, well planned operation was cobbled together consisting of multiple key missions; Demolition, gold grab, insurance fraud, provide impetus and cover for anti-Constitutional legislation…and last but not least, make sure some conferences are set up for that morning in various conference rooms and make sure certain pesky people get invited. And, oh yes, one last thing…..a big thing…whip up public support for an all American invasion of small, dusty countries.  Sweet…efficient, and deliciously diabolical.


This is how things are done when the soulless run the operation. It was no different with Route 91 and the Mandalay Bay. Well, the planning was no different, the soullessness of the planning committee was no different,  but the execution of the plan did not go quite as smoothly.  In fact, something went terribly, terribly wrong.  Something went so wrong that it can’t be massaged back to efficacy no matter how hard they try, Kinda like Humpty Dumpty.  How does that rhyme go? “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again”,  Right fellas?  You woke up at approximately 11:19 p.m. on 10/1 to find that the yolk was on you.

Liars and Windows and Doors Part 2;


Rebecca Zahau Suicide?

Rebecca Zahau

Originally published Sept 9, 2011-New Information added-Sept 24,2011:  The attorney for Rebecca’s Zahau’s family reported that a woman’s scream for help was heard at 11:30pm by a neighbor living a few doors down from the Shacknai mansion on the night that Rebecca Zahau “committed suicide”.  It is being re-published due to today’s ruling of wrongful death brought against Adam Shacnai, (brother fo Jonah Shacknai, then boyfriend of Rebecca Zahau) in a civil action adjudicated in a court in San Diego, California.

On July 11, 2011 tragedy struck in the life of Jonah Shacknai, the CEO of the company that makes the facial filler Restylane.  His six year old son, Max, lay unconscious on the marble floor at the base of a staircase, a lightweight chandelier beside him.  On July 13, 2011, tragedy struck Jonah again when his live in girl friend Rebecca was found hanging from an outside balcony.

Jonah’s brother, Adam, was the person who discovered her and cut her down.  She was utterly naked.  It was reported that her legs were bound at the ankles and her hands were bound behind her with the same red rope that was wrapped around her neck.  A sad, sad suicide to be sure for our poor Rebecca who no doubt was consumed by guilt for not having kept a closer eye on the rambunctious little boy who now lay in a coma at a nearby hospital.

Max succumbed to his injuries a few days after Rebecca’s tragic death and just seven weeks later, her death was ruled an official suicide by the San Diego coroner.  Case closed….a tragic accident followed by a pathetic suicide.

Not so fast, San Diego.  There is much left to explain. What woman commits suicide NUDE?  What human being performs Cirque Du Soleil contortions with rope, binding their wrists and ankles and then slithering up and over a second story lattice work balcony?  And then there are those inconvenient little details from the autopsy that say that residue from sticky tape nearly 2″ wide had been present on Rebecca’s lower legs at time of death.  Was she trying to remove her leg hairs with duct tape first?  And what about the hemorrhages found under her scalp?  I suppose she knocked herself out first, too.  And really, with her feet tightly bound, how did she get up over that flimsy rail?

A turquoise, long sleeved shirt was wrapped around Rebecca’s neck with some of the fabric stuffed into her mouth.  And there was a message in black paint on the door that read “She saved him, can you save her”.  Police noted that there was black paint on Rebecca’s hands. so clearly, they say,  she wrote the message as a kind of cryptic suicide note.

No, my dears, this was murder and some basic staging, she wrote.


Rebecca was 5′ 3″ in height.  Given the height of the lacy wrought iron balcony, it is highly unlikely that she could have made it over that railing on her own in her double bound condition.  The only way she could have managed this feat unassisted would be to tumble over it which would be possible had she been considerably taller.  Most likely, the top of the rail came up to the bottom of her rib cage. With her feet bound and hands tied behind her back, she could only clear it by rolling forward over the rail.  If the rail hit her at waist height or lower, this would be possible.  But she was only 5′ 3″, therefore, even if she stretched up on her toes, it is highly unlikely that she could perform this maneuver.

Now, let us consider the oddity of the shirt wrapped around her neck over the rope with part of it stuffed into her mouth  and the four bruises under her scalp…and the tape residue on her legs.  What story do these clues tell?  She was knocked unconscious and her legs were taped so that she could not escape.  The murderer then set to the task of staging the hanging, preparing the rope for her wrists, placing rope around her neck. During this process, she began to regain consciousness and the murderer grabbed a nearby shirt and stuffed it into her mouth and used the long sleeves to wrap it around her neck and tied the long sleeves together to keep it in place.  I suspect that she was then strangled back into unconsciousness at which point they pulled off the tape and bound her legs with the rope. They painted the odd few words on the door (she saved him, can you save her), then smeared a little paint on her hands.

She was then taken downstairs and outside.  The rope line was bundled and thrown UP TO the balcony.  The murderer ran back upstairs, grabbed the bundled line and hoisted her up, fastening the line to the foot of the bed.  She finally died of a slow asphyxiation at the end of the rope.

The demo that the police department provided of how a person COULD tie up their own hands, lean forward and step through to get their hands behind their back can only be done with unbound feet.  Once the hands are behind the back, how do you bind your feet?  If you bind your feet first, how do you step through to get your hands behind you?

Lastly, had she been thrown or jumped from upstairs, there would have been more footprints on that balcony.  If she bound her own feet while inside the room, she would have been able to take very tiny steps or hops to the rail.  There would be more than one clean set of footprints in the balcony dust.  If she bound herself while out on the balcony, same thing.  There would be evidence of the rope dragging around in the dust, evidence of her trying to jump through her arms, evidence of her stretching up onto her toes in order to tumble over.   Had the murderer thrown her or lowered her from above, again, there would be more footprints on that balcony.

A great deal of damage would have been done to the muscles and bones in her neck had she either jumped or been thrown from upstairs.  There would have been damage from the velocity of her 100 lbs of body weight focused under her jaw.  At the very least, there should have been crushed neck vertebrae and such a drop could have decapitated her.   Instead, her autopsy stated:

“RZ autopsy page 10: “There are no fractures of the cervical vertebrae and no epidural, subdural, or subarachnoid hemorrhage of the spinal cord. There is no spinal cord softening. The atlanto-occipital [b]junction is intact[/b].” RZ did not have any damage to her spinal cord, nor any bleeding or damage to the 3 layers of meninges covering her spinal cord. She did not sustain a classic Hangman’s Fracture. Therefore, death would not have been instantaneous. Probably 4 to 10 min or so.”  (courtesy of KZ’s post on the Hinky Meter)

This was a very cold murder by a very cold, very strong man… or men.  This was methodical and premeditated.  They left no prints, they wore gloves and they brought and removed tape.  This was not spontaneous and this was not a crime of passion.

Rebecca Zahau|Murder She Wrote Part 2

Originally published 11/18/11-Updated 3/31/14-see bottom of the article for links to new information which came to light in 2014.

This article is being re-updated due to a jury ruling in San Diego issued today, April 4, 2018, in a civil action taken by Rebecca Zahau’s family against Adam Shacknai, brother of Zahau’s boyfriend, Jonah Shacnai. It was Jonah Shacknai, wealthy pharmaceutical executive who owned the Coronado mansion where Rebecca Zahau was found hanging from a second floor balcony, naked, hands tied behind her back and legs bound together. The coroner at the time gave an inexplicable ruling of suicide.  The family is hoping that this civil trial ruling will persuade San Diego law enforcement to re-examine the evidence in this case.  There are many links at the end of this article demonstrating just how questionable the suicide ruling was.

Dr. Cyril Wecht recently completed an autopsy on the exhumed remains of Rebecca Zahau.  Dr. Wecht confirmed that all neck vertebrae were intact. The most important and glaring demystification of the evidence surrounding Rebecca Zahau’s death rests with this single, damning fact.  It is this one fact that brings the case to a razor like singularity-that Rebecca could not have leaped, rolled, nor slithered over a railing to her death from the height of a balcony because of one simple reason-all of these produce momentum and a force which becomes focused at the point where the rope engages the neck just under the jaw.  This kind of force crushes delicate neck vertebrae.

Imagine tying a 100 lb weight to the end of a rope and then dropping it over a rail, the other end tied to the leg of a bed.  There’s a pretty strong snap once the length of the rope is reached, then quite a bit of swinging.  The bones in the neck cannot sustain this force; they fracture, they crush.  In fact, this type of hanging from such a height can actually produce decapitation.  Rebecca had intact neck vertebrae…all of them.  She was either hoisted from above….or slowly and gentlly lowered from the balcony which resulted in a slow asphyxiation. This is something that the coroner should have noted at the time but did not.

Add to this the fact that a neighbor had heard a woman’s scream before midnight.  Rebecca was found with part of her shirt stuffed in her mouth.  Oh, that’s right…she screamed because it suddenly dawned on her that she was about to commit suicide in an impossible way so she had to stop everything, unbind her hands, hop around looking for a shirt to stuff in her mouth lest she scream again, rebind her hands and then go for it one last time. (The coroner had speculated that Rebecca thought she might scream, so she stuffed part of her shirt in her mouth to ensure that she wouldn’t)  But there was a scream.

So, ask yourself, why is the San Diego Coroner ruling this obvious murder a suicide?  There’s something really, really nasty lurking under the surface here.   There really is.  Bottom line: Rebecca Zahau clearly was murdered.  Here is someone else who thinks so:


Dr. Maurice Goodwin proclaims murder

Zahau’s family files wrongful death lawsuit

link to Rebecca Zahau Murder She Wrote part 1:

Mandalay Bay-Las Vegas Shooting Part 10

Figures Lie and Liars Figure

This man spent the greater portion of his life seeking out a Unified Field Theory…so am I

A Cautionary Tale About Statistics

I wrote this article as a result of a visceral reaction that I had to a manipulative video made by #IamJohnCullen/#John E Hoover. All of the Hoover videos are manipulative propaganda. This reaction came from the YouTube video posted on the topic of  statistics- A22:

Long ago in a distant galaxy I worked all day long with statistics. I was a media buyer. Every move I made hinged on the stats. I had to estimate rating deliveries on new programs, old programs, specials, news reports, comedies, melodramas, soap operas, cartoons. I had to figure out if a new program was going to appeal more to males than females, more to teens than 18-34 year olds, more to higher incomes than lower incomes, more to Toyota buyers than to Honda buyers. I was top in my field. I do not say that from ego, but from fact. I had an extraordinary record for hitting my numbers ( media, we called them “projections”) as well as selling more actual product than my peers. At one company, I became so in demand with clients that I found myself working 100 hour weeks.

That particular company was the ONLY media company in the industry that subscribed to BOTH Nielsen and Arbitron; the reason being that they did a lot of sub contract work for major agencies, some of whom subscribed to Nielsen and some subscribed to Arbitron.  At the time, both Nielsen and Arbitron measured television audience deliveries.  Therefore, I found it to be highly intriguing and highly disturbing that on any given day, ARB might show a 15 rating while NSI stated a 7 for the same exact program. So, of course, me being me and wanting to solve the mystery, I began to explore why.

I began by phoning up the reps at the two companies and challenging them to explain. Each told me how solid their methodology was, the other guy was wrong….no gold there. So I started doing personal projects in my non-existent “spare time” to get to the bottom of the mystery. I went to the front of the books where the more “raw” data could be found. This is where they published their sample sizes and I quickly saw that this was where the problem began. As an example, in a city the size of Los Angeles with millions of people, returned diaries measured in the neighborhood of 400 to 450 meaning that each returned diary spoke for some 20,000 other people.

Then I observed that both employed “weighting” factors in an effort to compensate for erratic diary returns in the various categories that concerned media buyers the most such as ethnic groups, high income groups, teens, homeowners, low income groups, etc. The light dawned. I was looking at data based on assumption, not measurement. I was looking at dozens of assumptions overlaid on very small sample sizes. In short, I wasn’t looking at data at all. Those agencies were shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for their precious subscriptions to junk science. That’s the real world.

You can apply this lesson to global warming or virtually anything else that is based on statistics, up to and including whether helicopters, Saudis, AK47s, Steven Paddock, or a team of mercenaries were involved in the Las Vegas massacre. Unless you have enough data and the right data, you are stroking yourself. That’s the real world.

We have recently been informed that the Las Vegas coroner performed autopsies on roughly 50% of the victims. We know, or should know, that many people were injured in various ways, many from tripping or being trampled, or shot but managed to survive.

We hopefully realize that the data on survivors is unavailable due to HIPPA laws combined with the fact that hospitals are private corporations and not subject to FOIA requests. Therefore, we will never have enough data to  prove where the shots originated, how many people were involved in the attack, whether this was a foreign attack or domestic, whether the weapons were bump stock, belt fed, or semi automatic cartridge, whether the FBI is covering up for themselves or for the CIA…or a little of both,

Quite simply, we will not be able to reach valid conclusions while solely employing the means of statistical analysis. That said, there are places where statistical analysis can be of help however we must also embrace the concept of thinking and looking “outside the box”. I will readily concede that “outside the box” is a nebulous and perilous place, yet we must venture there.

I would like to acknowledge and direct readers to several people who are doing an incredible job, both with science and outside the box.However, keep in mind that not every point will be valid whether science based or intuition based (including me). These people are all making noteworthy, serious contributions and display dedication to the victims and the families of this horrendous travesty. D James, John E Hoover/Mr Visual/#IAmJohnCullen, According to Joe, Charlton, Charles Walton, Laura Loomer, HDRCFX, and Jake Morphonios. ..and last but not least, Scott Binsack. Some of the aforementioned are counter co-intel pro.  You know who you are and to you I say thanks for some great material. I enjoyed myself ever so.

In the end, it will boil down to this. It was Saudis (funding), Mossad (planning/training), and CIA (staffing/providing the “expendables”).

One last point….consider what can happen in the unfortunate event that the herd turns on the sheep dog. This hopefully illustrates why it is important to be part of a coordinated, cooperative team when your back is to a cliff. Solo hot dogs risk ending up on the grill…with or without mustard and relish.

Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think Part 9B

X Files?

Here follows still shots taken from the strangest footage you are likely to see associated with the October 1st concert massacre in Las Vegas. You can watch this footage on You Tube. According to Joe has it titled “New Video Evidence Inside Mandalay to Substantiate My Theory”.   The footage is extremely brief, only about six or seven seconds, but it is profoundly peculiar.   It is definitely a hallway in the Mandalay Bay. That is their carpet and the artwork on the wall to the right is a butterfly which is the Mandalay theme. All of the artwork is butterfly themed. Still shot number one is taken just before the first person appears.  It is the perspective that shows where the camera was relative to the end of that hall where all the shenanigans take place. All of the other shots have been cropped by me in an effort to see each person more clearly. :

1: The empty hall

2:  Man number 1:

3:  Man number 2:

4:  Man 3 and man 4:

5:  Man number 5: (note: as man 4 passes, we can now see that he has something slung over his back to the left of the man carrying a larger item)

6:  Man number 6:

I don’t know where this explanation came from, it may have originated with Las Vegas PD, but I have heard several times that this was just an ad hoc strike team of officers sent in to the Mandalay Bay to clear the floors. I am going to assign that explanation a paltry 3% chance of being true and here is why. Let us put ourselves in the place of the officers who had to actually go in there and do that job. We can see that this is a team. We can also see that men 1, 4, 5, and 6 are all carrying items, some items are bulky or large. This leaves only 2 men acting tactically, ready to fire.  Therefore, men 2 and 3 must be protecting 1, 4, 5, and 6 and whatever they are carrying, correct?

Now, whether you are ad hoc or swat to the core, in no event are you going to traverse a long hallway in as tense a situation as this was without acting tactically…every single man. You want to live. You have to pass that open hall. On a tactical mission, will you carry bulky items that delay you from accessing your weapon?  You are in the rear. The two tacticals are up front, no tacticals behind you. No. This can not be any police team clearing halls. But here is the $64,000 question. What are they carrying? Why?

Example of a Mandalay Bay Suite

Mandalay Bay suites are beautiful, aren’t they?  The lighting is so soft and subdued.

So then, how do we account for this bright, white light that seems to just flood over the floor in this crime scene photograph leaked to the press?  Look at the floor of the suite next to Paddock’s body…bright, reflected light. Look carefully at the rug, how it looks with the light that is natural in the room.

Now look at the room as it appears in the Paddock photograph. Nice lighting, yes? It’s a nice white light, not soft, not subdued. It’s directional, limited to a particular area, not like the natural room light which is diffused.  CSI has not been here yet. There are no identifying number cards placed anywhere.

Professional Photography Tools

Who are these people? They are not a police tactical team. If they really had to have some men carrying items like that one of the armed ones would have stayed in that open area until the vulnerable ones passed. It can’t be CSI because they would not come in until everything was clear for them to come in and photograph, in which case, they need no tactical member escort. So who are these people?

Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think-Part 8 B

Jake vs Joe – Are these shooters or just reflections of helicopter strobes?

Shooters or Helicopter Strobe Reflection?

While this article could be construed as a debunking of Jake Morphonios’ video titled “Debunking the Luxor Rooftop Gunmen Theory-Las Vegas Shooting-Part 47” I  prefer to think of this as a defense of the YouTuber known as “According to Joe” who was the first person to examine the footage that captured the shooters up on the Luxor roof top near the David Copperfield Theater.  It was Joe’s findings that I presented in my article “Mandalay Bay Not What You Think – Part 8″ which immediately precedes this article as you scroll down on the main page of the blog.

In short, Joe (a former police officer) asserts that there were muzzle flashes on the video, 100%.  Jake disagreed and attempted to demonstrate that these flashes were simply reflections from a helicopter strobe and tail light, a helicopter that was performing a highly illegal and highly dangerous fly through between hotels,  far too low and far too close to the Mandalay Bay. Jake was non-plussed by this extreme violation of the local aviation rules and dismissed this by stating that it was the Las Vegas police helicopter that appeared on the Flight Radar 24 recording .  It is important to note right at this point that the police helicopter did not arrive on scene until approximately 10:25 pm, some ten minutes after the volleys aimed at the Route 91 concert venue had stopped.

Obviously, one of these men is right and the other is wrong. Let’s move in for a very close examination of these opposing points of view to see if we can determine which man is correct.  I will be concentrating on what I believe are the two Achilles’ heels in Jake’s video.

  • Heel #1: These lights are just reflections
  • Heel #2: The reflections are from the police helicopter

I will be presenting information from the following sources:

  • Google map 3D of the Las Vegas area between Mandalay Bay and the Luxor stepped suites and rooftops where the two shooters can be observed
  • Still shots from According to Joe’s video titled “100% Two Actual Shooters on Video in Vegas” posted to You Tube on Nov. 12, 2017
  • Wikipedia chart of tallest buildings in Las Vegas with their respective heights notated in feet
  • Still shots of helicopter positions, identification data and anomalies according to Flight Radar 24 as presented and analysed by  Truth Tracker posted to You Tube on November 4, 2017. The title of this video is “Las Vegas Shooting Proof, the Disappearing Helicopter and the Imaginary Plane”
  • Quotes taken from the police scanner regarding armed men in camo entering vehicles parked in the Excalibur parking lot. We can see The Excalibur Hotel in the foreground of the photo in question. (Thank you Greg from the UK for posting so much of your transcription in my comments section of the preceding article).


According to Joe

In this first still shot taken from “According to Joe” the helicopter flies in to view from somewhere behind the space between the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor.  At this point the helicopter lights do reflect on the north-most face of Mandalay Bay but the reflection is cast well below and ahead of the helicopter. Also notice that the reflected light on the glass of the hotel is only slightly bigger than the lights on the helicopter.  Once that helicopter clears that edge of the narrow north face all of the angles change.  There is no longer any surface for those strobes lights to bounce off of. The Mandalay Bay is a Y-shaped building.  The next wall that the chopper will pass is angled away from the Luxor. That wall faces east and the wall beyond that is angled to the south and also facing east.

Achilles Heel #1

Illegal chopper flying between hotels


To further support the case against the flashes on the roof terrace of the Luxor suites/Copperfield Theater being that of reflected strobes look carefully at that area between the light pole and the south tower. By the time the chopper reaches that point it is just too far away to do what Morphonios tells us it is doing.  Did Morphonios consciously decide to overlook the fact that he was dealing with zoomed in footage?  The zoom function enables us to clearly see the flashes on the terrace roof but it greatly distorts our perception of distances.

In order to appreciate just how distorted the photo above actually is let’s look at the 3D Google map of this area.  The string of larger dots represent the path of the helicopter, the smaller dots show how far the light from the helicopter strobe would have had to travel to the terrace in order to prove Jake’s perfect synchronization.  And even if the strobes were powerful enough to cover that distance, what, exactly, would they be reflecting off of????

Google 3D map of Mandalay Bay to the Luxor terraces

Now let’s look at something else of importance….the height of the Mandalay Bay hotel, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Hotel heights in Las Vegas including Mandalay Bay Hotel

We can clearly see that Mandalay Bay is 480 feet in height.

FAA Authorized Flight Path for Strip Tours by Helicopter

         Helicopter Tour Flight Path Originating from McCarran Airport

All helicopter traffic out of McCarran Airport must  head due north, curve west after passing the downtown area (North Las Vegas), head west and then south roughly following the I-115 freeway. They continue until they pass the Mandalay Bay Hotel and then turn east to return to base on the outskirts of McCarran Airport. It is a well defined elliptical path that all tour helicopters must follow. Failure to do so could result in loss of pilot license for the pilot and/or the operating license of the tour company. It is no small matter to violate the defined flight path.  There are passenger jets landing and taking off around the clock from McCarran to contend with as well as noise restrictions, all of which are under the authority of the FAA.

Helicopter Tour Flight Path From North Las Vegas Airport

Please note that there is NO authorized path directly above nor between any Las Vegas Strip hotels.  Both flight plans track south of the Mandalay Bay before curving to the east.  Both flight plans restrict the tour helicopters to fly south when on the west side of the Strip and both must fly north when on the east side of the Strip.  Tour helicopters may not fly directly above those Strip hotels nor can they fly between them.


Achilles Heel #2

Jake tells us hat it was just the police chopper….no….no….NO it isn’t and it is ridiculously easy to prove that it isn’t.

At approximately 10:25 pm, some nine minutes after the last rounds of automatic fire were leveled against the fleeing crowd, a Las Vegas police helicopter arrived on scene as shown in the next screen shot taken from one of Truth Tracker’s videos analyzing the Flight Radar 24 data from McCarran airport the night of October 1st. The green line shows the path that the helicopter flew. It approached from the north, hooked left to make a fly around of Mandalay Bay and then went east to the edge of the airport.

Look closely at the data card to the left of the screenshot. It shows the helicopter’s altitude just above the red dot in the box between the two blue lines.  The altitude shows at 3,100 feet. It is high up in the sky and it is not violating FAA altitude parameters although no doubt it could if deemed absolutely necessary.  The very fact that the police helicopter’s path can be captured in its entire route around the Mandalay Bay demonstrates that it was not flying below radar. not below 300 feet, at any point in its run. Had it gone that low it would have “gone dark” from Flight Radar 24’s point of view. It would have “blinked out” as did several helicopters that had taken off from McCarran airport and apparently landed on or near the Mandalay Bay Convention roof .

The police helicopter is at 3,100 feet, where it should be, way, way up in the sky. Let us take another look at the helicopter that was flying between the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor:

Now that we know the Mandalay Bay is 480 feet in height we can estimate this chopper’s altitude. Goodness gracious. It would appear to be flying at 300 feet maximum. Now that is interesting.  Radar cannot pick anything up under 300 feet, both satellite and ground radar.  It would seem that this boy was trying to stay off radar, wouldn’t it?  And if this were the police chopper looking for something that caused him to drop down that low for a better look, wouldn’t he be using his floodlight, the one they scan the ground with?  Bottom line for Jake, this is no police helicopter

Jack Pot

The police scanner is the connect-the-dot jack pot in our mystery.  One of my readers, Greg from the U.K. has taken the time to transcribe the ongoing scanner chatter that transpired well after 11:20 pm, the time that was given for the discovery of the lifeless corpse of Steve Paddock on the floor of suite 135, 32nd floor, the point in time where most copies of the police scanner cut off. You can find his work in the comments section of Part 8.

At time mark 10:10:31 (10:10 pm which was the mid point in the assault on the concert) an officer radios in the following:

‘We have a rifle deployed. We are in front of Mandalay Bay. We are trying to see where the shots are coming from. If anyone can advise if they’re coming from Mandalay”.

Dispatch responds:

“It sounds like it’s either Mandalay or Luxor. We cannot tell”.

And there is this one:

10:24 13 Female officer on scene:  “I have security talking to me right now they have a tall male with a 413 ( person with a gun) inside the Luxor males restroom.”

10:25:26 “There was a subject on top of the valet at 23:30 hours (11:30 pm) at the Luxor.  He was running across the roof.”

10:32:29 “About three minutes ago a black Duly unknown truck, looked like a Chevy, unknown occupant ripped out of the parking lot east of Excalibur, south of Delano. Reported by several people and witnessed by me. Keep an eye on it”.

Those little red triangular awnings in the foreground of the photos belong to the Excalibur.

What Does Muzzle Flash Look Like?

When I looked at Joe’s closeups of the shooters on the Luxor suites veranda, I was troubled by the size and shape of the light coming off of the shooter on the left. It just seemed too much to me so I started hunting around for anything that would show me what authentic muzzle flash looks like. Here is what I found and it looks like a damn tight match to me. If you watch Joe’s video at slow speed, you will see all of these flash shapes coming from that Luxor veranda:

I am hoping to visit Las Vegas to see if there is any reflective material up on those terraces but for now I think Joe is correct. I will update if I find evidence to the contrary.

Upcoming:  The telltale Paddock suite doors, Jesus Campos, the cart in the hall, the body on the floor and other interesting odds and ends


Mandalay Bay-Not What You Think – Part 8

Because a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

October 1st, 2017 – Our pictorial begins with a helicopter flying between the Mandalay Bay and The Delano Hotels….100% illegal, by the way.

Just as it clears the far left edge of Mandalay Bay, two shooters open fire, automatic fire, on the concert goers. They are not in nor on the Mandalay Bay. They are not Stephen Paddock. They are not one person.  They are two shooters on one of the open roof levels of the David Copperfield Theater located next to The Excalibur Hotel.

Before you look at the goods, familiarize yourself with the layout. The David Copperfield Theater is a stepped structure to the immediate right of the Luxor Hotel on the map. The Theater affords excellent targeting to that area to the far right of the venue, the area where panicked, fleeing concert goers were instructed to go after the initial volleys of automatic weapon fire had started the stampeding of the crowd. They were literally herded straight in to the next attack zone.

These were, by no means, the only team. There were many shooters that night.  Some were seen at ground level by fleeing concert goers. No muzzle flashes were captured on video coming from the Mandalay Bay that night. Paddock, or whomever that was dead on the floor that night, was simply the “Oswald”, the patsy.

The disgusting gutter slime that keep doing this to us should roast in hell for all their inhuman little schemes. From my lips to God’s ears. Lone shooter, 64 year old millionaire gone crazy on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay my a__

This was a tightly run, highly planned, paramilitary operation. Period. :


David Copperfield Theater                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               And now the goods:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       First, the unidentified chopper comes in to view                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Illegal Chopper flying between hotels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Chopper clears MB-Look at staggered rooftop of Copperfield Theater                                      

For contrast-No shooting yet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Muzzle Flashes Begin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Now Go Watch the Video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Should the link fail to work, you can find it on YouTube under the title    “100% TWO ACTUAL SHOOTERS ON VIDEO IN VEGAS “- According to Joe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 7-Update 1

Death Toll Continues to Mount – Not unlike the aftermath from the Grassy Knoll

God forbid this list keeps growing but if there are more people to add this page will get updated as necessary.

This is update #1 to the original article posted 10/30/17. It is now 11/2 and there is another person to add already:

10/31/17: Orville Almon, age 66, of Almon Law, the attorney for Jason Aldean and many other Nashville recording artists died in his sleep from a seizure (the same was said of young Kymberley Suchomel). Following a meeting he attended with MGM officials, Las Vegas police and the FBI. He described the meeting to a friend as having been “incredibly strange and complex”. Mr. Almon practised entertainment and music law. In addition to representing Jason Aldean, he was also the attorney for the Route 91 Music Festival.

The website “Music Row” said of Mr. Almon  “Over the years, Almon has earned many awards and accomplishments including being recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Mid-South Super Lawyers and by BusinessTN as one of Tennessee’s Best 150 Lawyers”. In closing, it might be important to note that Mr. Almon was known for his integrity.

10/9/17:  Kymberley Suchomelage 28– Wrote a lengthy description of her ordeal which she posted on Facebook – stated with certainty that there were multiple shooters on the ground at the venue

10/16/17:  Dennis, age 52,  and Lorraine, age 53, Carver escaped the concert killing field on October 1st only to die in a fiery car crash eerily reminiscent of the death of journalist Michael Hastings. They were driving home at night in their 2010 Mercedes Benz when, for no particular reason, the car ran off the road and slammed a metal speaker intercom and two brick pillars. The vehicle was immediately engulfed in flames. The only problem with this scenario is that the Mercedes is built like a tank with steel reinforcement in the engine compartment and along the car’s underbelly. It is also equipped with technology that warns the driver of situations like going off the road and heading for brick pillars and even goes so far as to apply the brake assist so as to avoid collision. Perhaps authorities should look in to the possibility that it had a bomb placed in to it because there is no way the Mercedes explodes upon impact . It is a meticulously engineered automobile. Here is her Facebook post following the ordeal at the concert:

Lorraine (Lora) Carver’s Facebook Post

I found the following paragraph from the Las Vegas Review Journal, October 27, to be of interest. It was part of an article written about the crash and death of the couple (credit: Rio Lacanlale) :

“A week after the fatal crash, another item carrying memories of their 52-year-old father showed up on their doorstep. During the confusion of the shooting, he had lost his phone, but a Las Vegas FBI agent promised to ship the phone to him.

‘When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there,’ Brooke said. ‘This is how we know they’re looking down and watching over us.’

10/15/17: Chad Nishimura-Mandalay Bay Valet who helped Stephen Paddock with his bags was shot outside his church while exiting his car. The coroner and police did not release the name of the deceased (Nishimura) for an extended period of time. Mr. Nishimura had been reported as missing from work after the mass shooting upon the crowd at the country-western concert. Now we know that he was not missing, he was murdered. At the time, Mr. Nishimura had reported that there was nothing unusual about Paddock’s luggage when he checked in. He had been cooperating with police and had been interviewed by the FBI. Chad had given an interview to KITV in Honolulu which has since been scrubbed.  Draw your own conclusions.

10/22/17: Sheryl Stiles, mother of Iraq war veteran and Las Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield. age 34. Charleston died at the concert on October 1st. His mother and many other relatives had traveled to Las Vegas for his funeral. Two days after burying her son, Ms. Stiles was on an escalator at her hotel. She suffered a heart attack, fell and subsequently sustained a brain injury from the fall. She was removed from life support last Sunday. Her son, Charleston was not on duty while he was attending the Harvest 91 concert the night of October 1st.

10/24/17: Danny Contrerasage 35– Found dead in a vacant house in Las Vegas. Multiple gunshots-Coroner ruled homicide. Danny had posted on his Twitter “Feeling lcky to be alive. can’t believe I got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky:”  @dannyc911

Danny sent out that Twitter at 3:03 pm on 10/2. His Twitter account was suspended sometime thereafter:

Danny Contreras Twitter Post Following His Escape

And then:

Danny Contreras Twitter Page




Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think- Part 5B

Bermuda Bob Revisited….and are we on the trail to uncovering fake news embedded within this event?

Is this how real evidence gets undermined or was the Las Vegas Massacre another hoax perpetrated upon us? Did people die? Were the sounds of gunfire real?  Future articles will be focusing on these questions.

I wrote an article three days ago…part 5. I am sitting here just a trifle stunned by what I stumbled across last night. I had to drop everything to cover this. I just can’t believe it.  For me personally, this is a turning point. Going forward, I now must focus on analyzing, in great depth, what is true and what is false in this event.  Is there an after the fact spin being layered in to distract from, and to discredit, genuine evidence?

In part 5, I pointed out a blurry, dark, grainy and exceedingly brief sequence captured on cell phone video by a concert goer. A large man jumps up and rapidly exits the concert all by himself. I pointed out that he was tall, stocky, wearing a long, white, short sleeved t-shirt and dark Bermuda shorts.  I also noted his remarkably slender calves given his otherwise stocky frame. Here are the two shots of him that I managed to isolate from the video. In one of the stills, he happened to lower his left hand into some background light. You can see the silhouette of the object he is holding and it looked like a weapon.

Next, I located some outrageous footage taken from the mezzanine level of the Tropicana Casino taken the night of October 1st. People in the casino were stunned by a group of people marching through, some dressed like imitation SWAT, holding automatic weapons and telling them to put their hands up. To the rear of the rag tag parade were two men, one of which was a tall, stocky man in a short sleeved white shirt and Bermuda shorts. I pointed out that he had surprisingly slender calves and wondered if he might be the same Bermuda Bob from the shadowy concert video. I also pointed out the odd, green, handled soft carry case he was holding and showed a similar case that was designed for a very deadly brand of hand held weapon. While I felt I was on to something important, I never expected to find what I found tonight. I can now give you a rather fascinating pictorial sequence. The moral of this story has got to be ‘never wear your favorite pair of tangerine shoes to a massacre’.

Those shoes seemed like such a mistake for a shooter to make, but then again, if one is planning to spin things later on, it makes perfect sense. Instead of what it looks like, instead of what it seems, this could be evidence of extraordinarily diabolical thinking, intricate pre-planning.  This is a turning point, the precise spot where things need to be examined from a different perspective.

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Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

Bermuda Bob closeup of item in his hand

Peculiar Parade

Bermuda Bob, put on your red shoes

Is that you, Bermuda Bob???

Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 6A

Possible shooter captured on cell phone video taken from the back wall of Route 91 Harvest concert

Witnesses, victims present at the Route 91 Harvest concert, have insisted that it sounded like some of the shooting at them was coming from inside the venue, not from far away. At long last, footage has surfaced of what may be exactly that. This series of still shots were taken from a You Tube video. I will provide a link so that you can see this with your own eyes.  Here we go:

Back Wall of Route 91 concert venue

Zooming in on the man in black who pops up



Looks as though this person has climbed on top of a trailer inside the venue and is getting in to position to begin firing..

Here is the full video:

Part 6 is in the works – a continuation of the goings on at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino and more witness statementd




Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 5

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT

Multiple shooters, Multiple locations

There are so many detailed eyewitness accounts available all over the internet regarding the bizarre assault on Las Vegas three weeks ago that it is difficult to decide which to include here. As we learned from Kymberley Suchomel in Part 4, shots were coming at them from all sides, all directions.  Some of the shots seemed to be coming from within the venue itself. People reported horizontal shots as well as those coming from higher elevation. No one, including police, saw anything at all coming from Mandalay Bay until the very end of the prolonged gunfire.  There is a video posted in Mandalay Massacre- Not What You Think Part 3 which was filmed by a concert attendee who managed to escape. In that video we can hear at least fifteen separate volleys of varying duration, varying distance, varying weaponry.  From time to time we can clearly hear vollies overlapping.

The footage from the female taxi driver waiting in the taxi line at Mandalay Bay establishes that there were shots being fired from a great distance as well as shots coming from directly overhead. A forensic acoustics analysis by Mike Adams available on YouTube backs this up.

Using math and physics, Mike demonstrates that there were two and possibly three shooters firing on the crowd. One was approximately 450 yards away from the venue and another only 250 yards out.

So why is law enforcement and FBI still trying to perpetuate this myth of a lone shooter?  It is just absurd at this point to continue with the charade.


In the Crowd ?

Hand Held Rapid Fire Weapon

Here is an exchange between ABC’s George Stephanopoulos  and Michelle Leonard, a vendor at the Route 91 Harvest country western concert, who was forced to flee for her life. . Stephanopoulos tried, as gently as possible, to plant in her mind (and the viewers) that all of the shots were coming from high up in the Mandalay Bay.

GS  “Could you see where the shots were coming from from where you were or did you just have to get out of there too quickly”?

Michelle: “I couldn’t see ’em. All I did is I heard ’em and I knew that something was wrong and I just knew it because I do these shows all the time and they do not put fireworks in the middle of the show when country artists are singing.  They don’t do it”…

GS:  “Do you have a sense of how long the shooting went on. Are we talking a minute, less than a minute, a little more”?

Michelle:  “It was more than a minute…they went off. It felt like it was maybe fifteen to twenty rounds and then it was again, and then it was again, and then it was again and you had no idea where it was coming from or where to go“. 

There it is, there it is! That magical moment when the reporter is given room to step in and shape the Mandalay Bay 32nd floor narrative. Here it comes:

GS:  “So you couldn’t see and obviously the shooter was fairly far away so you couldn’t tell if the shooter was saying anything. All you heard was the shots

Michelle:  “I didn’t know if the shooter was far away because it sounded like it was so close. I thought it was in the crowd“.


Ambulances line up in front of Hooters

Regarding Hooters Hotel and Casino, Kymberley Suchomel wrote that

The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel.”

Michelle Leonard in that ABC Stephanopoulos  interview cited above also said that “My friend found people in front of Hooters on the ground that were dead”. But Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI still insist there was only one shooter and that shooter died by his own hand up in that Mandalay Bay suite. So, let’s take a look at where Hooter’s is on the map.

Hopefully there is no need to point out just how impossible it would be to fire upon Hooters which is located on Tropicana Blvd. and faces away from Mandalay Bay, much less shoot at people inside of Hooters.  Two men who were in the MGM parking garage across the street from Hooters captured ambulance after ambulance arriving at Hooters. They watched as victim after victim was loaded onto gurneys and whisked away by ambulance. They counted sixteen or seventeen ambulances in total. The video of this can be found on YouTube.

Hooters location vs Mandalay Bay and concert venue


“Bermuda Bob”

There is footage out there of a man in a security vest inside the Route 91 Harvest concert venue. He crouches, points something that looks all the world like a weapon, then stands up, looks around and casually walks out of the area. Many have found this footage to be inconclusive in that the man in question does not appear to be actually firing anything.  And after all, he is a security guard and aren’t his movements in line with what law enforcement is trained to do in an active shooter situation, specifically to crouch and aim their weapon? That said, it is all too easy to forget the fact that most security guards, particularly those hired to manage crowds at venues like this one, are not licensed to carry a weapon.   Case in point: Jesus Campos, Mandalay Bay security guard on the 32nd floor had no weapon.

Let us now kick it up a notch, shall we? A few seconds after the aforementioned security guard steps out of the camera frame we observe people that were seated to his immediate right stand up and flee. One woman swings her pocketbook up as she pivots and begins to run. Her swinging purse  partially blocks the view of another sequence that has gone unnoticed.  But there is a man sitting in amongst a group of people.   As the woman’s handbag swings to block our view of him, he stands up to run. He is wearing what appears to be a short sleeve T-shirt.

The footage is dark and quite blurry but he is clearly wearing Bermuda shorts. As he runs, he holds something in his left hand. Everything behind him is dark and his left hand is up against his body for most of the frames so whatever he is carrying is not visible…that is up to the single split second when there is some light behind him and his left hand drops just long enough to get a fuzzy silhouette of something ominous.

Bermuda Bob, white short sleeve T-shirt

Bermuda Bob is holding something

The lighting and blur in this video makes everything very, very difficult, if not impossible, to make out. In the still shot to the right a part of his left arm catches just enough light to reveal that he is wearing a short- sleeved white t-shirt. We can observe from the photo on the left that he is wearing loose fitting shorts that cover his knee caps and he is holding something in his left hand. He is relatively tall, somewhat stocky, yet has very slender calves. There are some spots in the video where it is possible to determine that the t-shirt is very long extending well below his waist.

This guy is all by himself. He has no one with him. The entire time that he is in frame he never looks back, never calls out to anyone. He is there all by himself and he shows no concern for anyone else.  People all around him get up to run in pairs, trios, quads…but him, he is solo.





The Tropicana

Many concert goers fleeing the venue ended up at the Tropicana Hotel and casino.  Some were ushered downstairs by Tropicana security to the employee cafeteria where they sheltered for hours and were given food and drink.  These were the more fortunate.

There were many strange goings on at the Tropicana the night of the shooting not the least of which was the peculiar SWAT team that marched through the casino stunning onlookers with a command to put their hands up as they passed by, aiming their automatic weapons at them.  If you haven’t seen the footage yet you really must. They look for all the world like Hollywood extras, no two are dressed alike.  It’s really odd because just as it is with police, SWAT teams have identical outfittings, identical weaponry, uniforms, bullet proof vests, etc. But not these folks. Every one of them seems to have just grabbed odds and ends from central casting before they showed up for their dramatic moment.

And then there are the two civilian fellows at the very end of the “squadron”. Just before they peel away from the armed group and head down a corridor to the right we see the full outfit of the guy to the left. He is on the tall side, a little stocky with surprisingly slender calves wearing a white, short-sleeved t-shirt….and….Bermuda….no. Can it be? Is this Bermuda Bob? And what, pray tell, is in that green case???

Is That You, Bermuda Bob?

Authentic Las Vegas SWAT


If we compare the people marching along in the casino with the properly uniformed SWAT officer to the right we can see that these people were not SWAT.  Even though they are menacing the patrons of The Tropicana casino, they are nonplussed by the two men following them.

Alex Jones’ Infowars reported that this incident took place while rounds were still being fired into the crowd at the concert.  The Tropicana is quite close to the venue. Was “Bob” a shooter inside the venue who then took an elevator to a prearranged room high up in the Tropicana so that he could continue firing at the people fleeing?

Several concert goers reported that all of the gates along Las Vegas Blvd. had been chained closed. This had never happened before during the three day venue. The only exit that was open was the one in the rear, the one that steered people closer to The Tropicana.





And what is in that case, Bob?

It even comes in green











The Tropicana seems to have been one of the overlooked hotspots in the event as all eyes were, and still are, focused on the Mandalay Bay.  But perhaps the Tropicana is where the real action was that night.  Mandalay Bay may have been just some fancy window dressing.

Part 6 will be a continuation of eyewitness reports and more about The Tropicana





Mandalay Bay Massacre-Not What You Think-Part 4

Kymberley Suchomel

The following Facebook post was made by 28 year old Kymberley Suchomel who managed to survive the Route 91 Harvest concert massacre. Kymberley was not shot at the venue. She escaped unharmed and posted this extremely detailed account of her ordeal.

This young woman was found dead in her bed by her grandmother on October 9th at 8:30 in the morning and her post has been removed from Facebook. Her death is, of course, being reported “of natural causes”. She leaves behind a husband and a three year old child.  Her Facebook post was obtained from an archive. The only modification that I have made is to highlight in bold her references to multiple shooters. Many survivors have asserted that there were multiple shooters. The next article will cover some of their stories. I felt that Kymberley’s story deserves its own page. To her family, I extend my deepest most heartfelt sympathy.

All words that follow come verbatim from Kymberley’s scrubbed Facebook post:


I have been receiving phone calls, messages & texts galore since Sunday night, and I have been providing the same copy & pasted message to each of those who have contacted me. A really quick, vague, account of what happened at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. It has been nearly 72 hours since the nightmare took place, and I am finally able to sit here & put into words my own personal account. I have attached some photos of the fun we did have. 
I would first like to give a huge giant thank you to both Casie Barnard & Ricky Ardito, without them I can guarantee you I wouldn’t have gotten out like I did- I would have dropped to the floor, stunned, and I would not have been able to get up. I owe them both my life. 
Sunday morning we woke up sore & hungover from the nights before. Friday & Saturday nights were a blast- we drank too much, and fought the crowd to get as close to the stage as possible. We acted like we were in our early 20s and hitting Vegas for the first time; however, when we woke up Sunday we all were in complete agreeance that we would not be doing that again. We decided, instead, to bring in a king sized sheet & sit on the astro-turf in the way, way back & just peacefully watch the concert from our spacious sheet. We also decided to drink the morning and afternoon of, but not the evening, as Ricky, Cassie & Mendy had an early day ahead of them, having to leave at 4am to get Ricky to work Monday morning. When we had full bellies & got our retail fix in-shopping the vendors, we headed to the main stage where we immediately sought out that back sitting area. Unfortunately, we procrastinated getting to our seats for too long, and every spot was taken. We ultimately ended up on the next fake-grass area much closer to the stage- but we still had a decent amount of space & great viewing area, so we spread out our sheet and claimed it our territory. We remember exactly where we were, because most of us (excluding myself) left to go to the bathroom & get water during the concert, so we used landmarks to be able to find each other again. I remember distinctly that one of the bars was to my left and I had to look behind me to see it- thinking maybe I should get one more beer, but I already had a full bladder & I have an irrational fear of porta-potties, so I decided against it.
We are all hanging out on this sheet, dancing our booties off, enjoying ourselves so much that we took off our boots to get even more comfortable. Casie & I were on opposite sides of our little 5-person group. I was on the far right side, and I had so much room to dance that this guy who walked by, who we called “camo man”, actually said to me “taking up a lot of real estate there, eh?” jokingly. After about 20 minutes of Jason Aldean’s set, I got this overwhelming feeling to go stand over by Casie. I can’t tell you why, but I did. The entire time I was dancing next to her I kept thinking to myself, “why? Why don’t I go back to my spacious area?? There is no room to dance over here.. I am not having a good time over here… okay, on the next song I will”. But, there wasn’t a next song. 
From about 50 feet in front of us, and a little to the right, fire crackers were set off. Let me repeat that… FIRE CRACKERS WERE SET OFF. I verbally stated “some asshole just shot of fire crackers in close proximity to so many people”. I was literally pissed off. You could see Jason Aldean look to his left kind of startled by it, but he was also clearly irritated. I would say about 15 seconds later, the first volley of gunfire was released. It was a shorter volley than any of the others, and the gunfire was not as close together either. EVERYONE looked up, down, around. We thought it was more fire crackers at first, but then Ricky reached over, told us all to put our boots on, quickly. And the volley ended. Then people started to panic. The gentlemen behind me looked at me as I was putting on my boots, half laying down, and said “calm down crazy, its just fireworks, jeez”. That is when the 2nd volley went off, Ricky yelled at us all to get down, flat, & we immediately knew there was someone shooting at us. I remember getting down, but I didn’t lay flat for some reason, thinking- oh my gosh, I need to get flatter than I am now, but my body just wouldn’t let me. That was the 2nd volley. At the end of that volley ( I am still struggling to get my boots on), we turned and tried to run, but the people behind us still weren’t moving. I yelled at the lady “RUN! ITS GUNFIRE! RUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!” The look on her face was pure terror, but she finally dropped her stuff and turned to begin running…. But then the 3rd volley hit… and it was close. Very, very close to us. I could physically see the impact of the bullets on the astro-turf, I could feel the warmth & the passing of bullets. Once that 3rd volley was over, Casie linked her arm into mine, and we decided at that moment we weren’t stopping- we were getting the Hell out of there. And I do mean Hell. We were in literal Hell. The gentlemen that mocked me stating it was just fireworks fell to the ground, and he never got back up. The lady behind me (who was now in front of me) who was terrified as I told her to run, never got back up. I actually had to physically step over her body to run (something I am still struggling with, so please don’t attack me. I was absolutely in flight-or-fight mode). There was another person to my right who also wasn’t moving. We ran. I don’t know what direction we ran, I don’t know towards which landmark we ran. We just ran. It was at this time our group got split up. Casie & I were together. Ricky, Cassie & Mendy were together.
We were rounding some sort of corner maybe- and I looked to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread, holding a blood-soaked woman. I thought to myself “we NEED to hide”, but as I looked quickly for somewhere to go, the gunfire once again got closer and closer. We couldn’t hide because they (and I do mean THEY) were chasing us. That exact moment is when I started to really panic. That is the exact moment in which I thought this was it, I was going to die, I was never going to see my family again. So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so we were able to get out. As we crossed the threshold of the venue, my mind went straight to other mass shootings and hearing the victim’s families in my head talk about how they never got to say goodbye. I did not want this for my husband (who was at work) & my grandma (who had my daughter, Scarlett). So, at 10:07pm I called my husband frantically leaving him a voicemail- telling him that I loved him and was in the middle of a shooting & I wasn’t sure if I would make it out alive. Next, while still running, I called my grandma to tell her the exact same thing. But the gunfire wasn’t stopping this whole time. It wasn’t ceasing. It wasn’t slowing down. And It was di rectly behind us, following us. Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us. But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way. The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen- and I say MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing. 100% more than one. 
As we were running, we kept changing direction, because it felt like no matter what direction we took, we were being followed. So we ended up running in a weird triangular path. The first place I remember getting to was a parking lot, and I told Casie (who was slightly in front of me) we needed to get under one of the trucks. She turned to me and started her way back to me, and that is when the gunfire got even CLOSER than ever before. It was RIGHT THERE. It was within the parking lot. Everyone around us was panicking once again. So we ditched the idea of getting underneath a vehicle, and we continued the run for our lives. If you know me, you know I am a big girl, who is out of shape, and who definitely does not run for any reason. But I can tell you I ran like I have never run before. 
The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel. This made us even more scared- we had nowhere to go- no one to trust. At some point, we ended up at the airport & even entered the building for safety. Everyone as we entered were screaming at the staff “IS IT SAFE IN HERE?” but we weren’t getting anyone to answer us, so after running about 30 feet into the building, not getting the answers we so desperately needed, we decided it, too, wasn’t a safe spot, so we got out of there quickly and continued running. 
After all this running, we were tired, sore & having to stop to cough, gag and even vomit. We ran across an intersection & us & another group of people pleaded with a limo driver to let us in and get us out of there. He was clearly confused & didn’t understand what was going on, so he didn’t let us in. Next, we ran to a taxi van & she was willing to let us in, but she told us her van only held 4 people & she wasn’t going to let the 5 of us in, so we said screw it and continued running. At one point, we ran passed a small liquor store where they so graciously gave us water bottles. We passed UNLV as well. 
Some things I can’t remember exactly where we were or at what time of the night they happened. But we were running along what I am guessing was Tropicana Avenue, and this dark colored sedan drives by, slows a little, and a smaller Hispanic, dark-haired woman leans out the window, and she yells something we couldn’t understand in a clearly taunting manner. It really freaked us out, because again, we didn’t know who we could and could not trust. 
I don’t remember at which time, but at some point, Ricky was reminded by Cassie that his Uncle Manny lived in Vegas. He called him, and we made a plan to meet him at a grocery store a couple miles away to get picked up. We finally made it to him, he shoved us all in his car, drove us to our hotel (we stayed off the strip), waited for us to pack (this literally took us all of 10 minutes max to do), and escorted us to the freeway to get us home. A HUGE thank you to Uncle Manny for his love, generosity & kindness. 
The what-ifs still kill me. What if we hadn’t decided to be chill that night? What if we went to the same sardine-like spot we were in the two previous nights? What if we had been drinking as much as we had been Saturday night? Would we have had the reaction time to escape? What if I hadn’t had the desire to move next to Casie? Would we have been separated? There are still so many what-ifs from that night. 
I have bene watching the news non-stop since I arrived back home to my family. And it just doesn’t make sense. The story that are feeding everyone doesn’t add up to our eyewitness accounts. There is something wrong with what they are saying & the evidence seems fake if you ask me. There are multiple people stating that there was a lady towards the beginning of the evening who had made her way up to the stage warning people that we were all gunna die- her and her boyfriend were escorted off the premises. Why has she not been mentioned by authorities? Every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground- why aren’t we being taken more seriously? Tons of things don’t add up.
I know I am forgetting a bunch of what happened, and I will edit this post to include it as I remember. 
I praise our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, for surviving a horrific incident. People were dropping like flies all around me, and there is absolutely ZERO reason why I wasn’t at least struck with a bullet. I left the Route 91 Festival completely unharmed physically, besides some scrapes and super sore bones & muscles. Mentally, however, is a different story. I do okay during the day, but as soon as nightfall hits, I get super scared & anxious. I am even typing this up with butterflies in my stomach and a racing heart. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to go anywhere, ever. I can no longer be in any place with large crowds- concerts, festivals, theme parks, zoos, etc. I can no longer trust anyone around me. I can no longer close my eyes without seeing those bodies & hearing the sound of gunfire. I am ruined, as are thousands upon thousands of people. 
We were given wristbands to wear for the 3-day event. I can’t seem to take mine off. 
We went to Las Vegas for a super fun, down to Earth country concert featuring our favorite artists. We left scared, scarred, traumatized and broken. And for that, we demand answers.

Mandalay Bay Massacre-Part 3

Virtually every person in attendance at the Route 91 Fall Harvest country-western concert passed by this poster. Had they seen it for what it was they would surely have turned around and left, music be damned, so to speak..

But…but…That’s just a Longhorn, right?  The breed of cattle known as the Longhorn has long symbolized the heart and soul of the cowboy’s life, America’s old west.  A person could pass by that at a country-western concert, casually glance at it, never having a second thought. It’s just a Longhorn.



This Spectacular Harvest Fest Brought To You By…


But it isn’t a longhorn.  It is the hand sign used by Satanists all over the world  In the context seen here at the concert venue for the Route 91 Fall Harvest Concert it was a foreboding of things to come.  It is the hand with the index finger and pinky finger  held up with the two center fingers folded down, the thumb tucked around.   It was an acknowledgement  of the event’s true sponsor. And, oh yes, the sign is red.





Many people who were in attendance at the concert were engaged in filming with their cell phones. One of the best of these is the one I include here but please read the detailing of the snapping sounds before you play this. That detailing is located immediately below the video. Just scroll past the video and read through it before you hit the play button


Detailing of Snapping Sounds

Go to the 3:12 mark on the timer. Everything before that is just music and panning of the crowd.  At 3;12 we hear the first sharp snap…but it is just that…a single snap.  In fact, there were six distinct, individual snaps that concert goers mistook for firecrackers. Why? Because somebody had thrown some lit firecrackers down in front close to the stage. There were multiple witnesses sitting close to the stage who said they saw the firecrackers. The last of these “snaps” struck just before the 1st round of automatic fire is heard at 3:52 on the timer. This is the sequence:

3:12 – 1st snap- sharp snap sound, similar to a cap gun

3:17 – 2nd snap

3:20 – 3rd snap

3:38 – 4th snap – sound is not quite the same as the 1st 3

3:39 – 5th snap – sound is not quite the same as the 1st 3 but similar to #4

3:51 – 6th snap – sharp snap (same sound as snaps 1 – 3)

This massacre event was kicked off by 6 individual snapping sounds, all fired off within a total time elapse of 39 seconds, from a position that sounds very much like it is coming from a location inside the venue.  The 6th snap is immediately covered by the start of the first burst of automatic fire. The timing is so close on the last snap that the echo from it is covered by the sound of the more distant automatic weapon fire.

So what might this mean?  it strongly signals that there were one or more people in the audience who were targeted for assassination.   What better way to eliminate specific people and never have it investigated, much less recognized? Remember the story from Breanna Hendricks? She was near the front and an Hispanic couple pushed their way to the front row. The female pulled on the hair of a woman in the 1st row right in front of Breanna and told her “You are going to die”. Then she broadened it to the people in the section saying “You are all going to die!” at which point security escorted her out.  This incident occurred about 45 minutes before the shooting started.  Breanna and her mother wisely left the venue and reached their hotel room just as the shooting began.

With regard to the matter of at least one targeted hit being cleverly masked by the use of the firecrackers, there is a witness who stated the following and I am paraphrasing so I will not apply quotation marks: In the beginning we all thought it was just firecrackers but I turned and I saw a woman collapsing. At first I thought maybe she spilled her drink and was bending down but then I realized that a group of people around her was picking her up, trying to assist her. The automatic fire started and I suddenly realized what was happening and I ran.

Does Anybody Have Any Smelling Salts?

Now, for anybody still buying the official FBI Mandalay Bay floor 32 lone shooter b.s., the next section should positively send them into a catatonic stupor from which they may never recover.  Should you be one of these poor, gullible flower petals, please do not read any further until you find your vial of smelling salts.  You are going to need them.

Caught on Tape

So, okay, you actually believe that explosive charges can be used on a double door and leave one of the two doors in perfect condition, you believe that the door that got “breached” by explosives can end up looking like it was neatly sawed, you believe that a man who has been dead on a suite floor for hours can get up and fire an automatic weapon for 10 plus minutes, you believe that an unarmed security guard will stay on a floor for the duration while some monster rains hell fire out of a window at the end of the hall, you believe that 64 year old millionaires line up to join ISIS and Antifa, you believe in the FBI, and you believe Chief Lombardo (notice that I am respectfully leaving Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy out of this)…well, I am so, so sorry to be the one to send you in to some significant shock, but here it comes…captured by a cell phone compilation that I will link to following the photo gallery. This sequence appears at 1:29 on the timer of the video. You need to slow the speed down to 25%. It appears between 1:29 and 1:30 at which time the cell phone owner suddenly swings left and the bullet is no longer in frame. Here we go:

Note the location and watch the progression. You are looking at the Delano, not The Mandalay Bay which is located to the left of The Delano:  This only proves that the shot does not come from Mandalay Bay which is all we need to be sure that there is at least one shooter somewhere else, but not enough to be sure where that particular shooter is positioned. That said, it only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black. Another thing to note when watching this footage…we never see anything coming from Mandalay Bay at all. The hotel is in view throughout several volleys yet nothing seems to come from floor 32 of the Mandalay Bay…neither window.

Bullet on its way

Bullet starting to drop

Then the camera moves and the bullet is no longer in frame.  Here is the video…and hey, will somebody please help our flower petal up off the floor?

Part 4? Probably

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre-Not what it seems to be – Part 2

L,V. Police Chief Lombardo and FBI Aaron Rousse

White Man Speak With Forked Tongue (intentional or not)

The initial narrative, the one given to the public during the earliest round of press conferences commencing on October 2nd, the narrative that Las Vegas P.D. delivered under the watchful eye of FBI agent Aaron Rousse, was that the unarmed Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, was a hero who took a bullet to the leg  while accompanying a small group of Las Vegas police officers to the door of room 135 on the 32nd floor. He was their beacon, the lamp that lit the way down hell’s darkest corridor.

So….this crazed, demented gunman fired some 200 rounds, rapid fire, through the closed entry door of the suite and Mr. Campos was injured at that time.  The officers,being no match for such heavy artillery, had to stand down and call for SWAT. It took SWAT just a little bit of awhile to set up explosive charges around the door. When the dust settled, they observed a man laying there on the floor of the suite pretty damned well dead.

No doubt the officers were surprised to find a four camera set up, one of which was set up on the room service cart in the hall. He must have done this, police surmised,in order to keep an eye on anything that might come at him down that long hallway. That is what they theorized but it was reported that police were puzzled to find that there was no recorded footage from any of the four cameras. In spite of this, police told the public that Stephen Paddock must have seen the group approaching from the camera feed. He stopped firing upon the fleeing concert crowd on the street below and turned his weapon, instead, toward the approaching team, firing some 200 rounds through a closed door. The least of everyone’s problems here is the fact that a 200 round volley hitting absolutely no one in the seven man team and only producing a leg wound from a bounce of a single bullet is…well, let’s be kind, improbable.

The shooter, of course, died of apparent suicide after firing upon the approaching officers. No matter that review of body cam footage worn by the officers failed to pick up the sounds of the suicide shot. We will just proceed with the remarks that we have prepared, knowing that we will be able to twist and turn the facts in the ensuing days with utter impugnity because, as was stated upfront, this was a very dynamic, confusing event and investigation had barely begun. Understood, Chief, but there is one component of the complex dynamic that had to have been crystal clear from very, very early on; that being whether or not the team of officers walking down that hall had experienced any gunfire. They all survived, they were all able to speak, they were all able to file incident reports, and they all had body cams. In this one issue, Chief Lombardo, you can find no safe quarter. What you told the public was untrue and of all the facts you related in that first press conference, this was the one point where you had the most immediate data available to you before you briefed the public. There was no excuse for this one gaffe unless all six officers lied (highly doubtful) and were found out after there had been sufficient time to examine body cam footage but not in time for the press conference.

Let’s pause here and consider something. Campos ostensibly went up to that sector on floor 32 because of a door ajar alarm that needed to be investigated, not because there was automatic weapon fire coming from there.  The shooter began reigning hell fire down on the crowd at 10:05 pm or thereabouts.  Therefore Campos would most assuredly know precisely where the automatic fire was coming from. We know that security guards carry radios so that they can communicate with their supervisors as well as with other security guards. So why, then, did it take police so long to determine where the gunfire was originating from?

We can hear their confusion on the scanner. That confusion was real. The police knew nothing. They did not even know that Campos was up there on the 32nd floor with a leg wound until the elevator door opened. Here is a link to the police scanner recordings so that you can listen and get a feel for how truly confused they were as to where the rounds were coming from:

Lombardo’s Tiny Revision

A Little Dab ‘ll Do Ya

Fast forward to the October 9th press conference. By this time, perhaps someone within Vegas P.D. had taken the time to review what was on their own police scanner, a copy of which had managed to surface on the internet.  They had already gone on record with a dossier full of fairy tales and released a semi-fictional timeline of events that had already gone to print.  There was absolutely no way out, none.  It took them seven days and seven nights to find enough lipstick to apply to the pig but in the end, it was still a pig. In fact, it was an uglier pig than the first pig.

Undaunted and without shame, they held another press conference on October 9th stating that they had the teensy tiniest little modification to make to their timeline and narrative.  And really folks, it wasn’t much of a change at all…honest.  You see, well gosh, Mr. Campos had gone up there at 9:59 pm. and that is when he was wounded, not while making his way down the hall with that first team of arriving officers.

So how does this change things? With regard to the general narrative, technically Lombardo is right. It doesn’t actually change anything other than to bring focus to bear upon security guard Campos.

(Does any of this sound like the security officer radioed in anything at all? And if he did then it sure as hell was not communicated to officers on the ground). Where, precisely, was the log jam of this critical information?

Fly In the Ointment

The real hero of this event, the one who utterly screwed the perpetrators, was the officer who did this:

10:18 pm: “Contact Mandalay Bay. See if they can shut down their elevators so he can’t get mobile and, um, we can take the stairs and block all the stair exits”. Less than three minutes later someone radioed back that Mandalay Bay was now “locked down”. The time is now 10:21 pm. By 10:21 pm there are no running elevators.

That officer is our actual hero. Mr. Campos, in fact, may not even have been a security guard. But we shall  cover that tidbit a little later on because the police chief has repeatedly said that law enforcement has no idea why the shooting stopped when it did. I will attempt to fill in the blank for them and end their embarrassing stupification.

Let us key in on another police radio transmission which comes in within seconds of an officer announcing lock down:

10:21:44 – “We are taking fire from a very high place-we believe from Mandalay Bay” (these were the final shots fired)

10:22 p m: (2nd officer responds) –“I haven’t seen any flashes from Mandalay Bay but if it is coming from Mandalay Bay there is a strobe light coming from one of those windows on the east side”

Hopefully, that will end the stupification that the Chief and the FBI have been suffering from. Pleased to be of service.

The Spin Cycle

Man Trapped in a Washing Ma

In Chief Lombardo version #1 delivered to the public on October 2nd, he stated that Campos arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:05 pm which is the time that the shots began. He radioed in a report of automatic weapon fire coming from that floor and waited patiently for officers to arrive. He then bravely lead the officers to the suite door. It was then that the shooter opened fire on them, wounding only Campos.. Let’s imagine Campos’ call in to his boss on that scenario:

“Bob, it’s me, Jesus. I am here completely unarmed, just checking a door ajar thing and somebody is firing thousands of rounds of automatic weapon fire from the room at the end of the hall here on 32 east. ”

“Roger. Get off the floor now!”

“No. I am staying here so that I can show the cops where the end of the hall is.”


Lombardo Strikes Again…and again

Now, in Lombardo version #2, officers encounter Campos in the hall near the elevator (true). The entire group proceeds down the hall, shooter sees them approach with his camera set up on the room service cart and commences firing upon them.  Mr. Campos is the only person injured by a hail of bullets fired through the closed door (not true). It was in this October 9th press conference that Chief Lombardo gave a new time for Campos’ arrival in the hall as being six minutes earlier than originally reported and said that it was just a minor revision.

But Lombardo was not done yet. On Friday, October 13th he held a 3rd press briefing to massage this  a little more. There was one big change from the first two press conferences. Questions from the press were no longer being permitted,.Both times are correct for Campos’ arrival on floor 32. Yes, both 9:59 pm and 10:05 pm are correct because Campos first tried to get to 32 via a stairwell, could not open the door, and spent six minutes trying to find an alternate access. We will just scoot on past the part of the narrative that the shooter had multiple drills and had screwed a stairwell door shut. Somehow officers arriving later on scene had no trouble entering via the stairwell.  Whatever.

Here is what I want to point out. None of Chief Lombardo’s versions made in official press conferences match what is on the scanner. When the elevator doors opened the group of six saw Campos standing right there and he was already wounded. And none of the versions stand up to close scrutiny.

From the scanner:

10:24 pm: (lone officer whispering ):  “I am in the stairwell on the 32nd floor”

10:26 pm: “We’re comin’ out on the 32nd floor” ( 6 man team arriving)

10:26 pm (seconds later): Elevator door opens 32nd floor“We have a security officer shot in the leg on the 32nd floor. He’s standing right by the elevator”. Campos is clearly already injured. There were no 200 rounds shot at the approaching seven man team and it is highly unlikely that there had been any 200 round volley just prior to the shooter firing on the crowd. If there had been rounds fired at Campos prior to the arrival of Campos police would have been summoned to Mandalay Bay immediately just for that and the police would have had no doubt where the shots were coming from. Last but not least, Campos would have been told to get the hell off that floor. It did not happen as stated in version #1 as the scanner proves and it could not have happened as stated in version #2.

Quite simply, there was no round of 200 shots fired into that hall. And once again, for emphasis, the officers on scene had no idea that there was an injured security guard on floor 32, nor did they know with certainty that shots were coming from Mandalay Bay.

Three Cup Monte (aka the shell game)

Jesus Campos Not Registered as a Nevada Security Guard

It’s starting to look like Mr. Campos is one of the shooters. He went up there at 9:59 pm. Shooting started at 10:05 pm. Hmmm. Won’t folks be demanding to know if a paraffin test was taken of Mr. Campos’ hands later that night?  Of course they will. And that;s the game, the legerdemain, the magic trick.  Campos was scheduled to do some five main stream media interviews on Friday but cancelled all at the last minute. He was then declared to be missing. Ah, the innuendo of it all.

It is important to note that the state of Nevada requires security guards to be registered. Mr. Campos was not a duly registered security guard.  You can find a larger version of the graphic to the right in this article from The Gateway Pundit:

Warning: Devious Minds at Work

Now that we have successfully shifted suspicion on to Mr. Campos, it is necessary, nay imperative, to fan the flames of conspiracy theorists worldwide. The next move will be be something like this (  prediction alert )…“Yes, of course we tested Mr. Campos for gun powder residue. There wasn’t any.”  At some point they may even release an official report proving this. Why is this necessary? Well, this massacre was committed by a group, it was planned with great sophistication. The media is under control but non professionals are not. It is mandatory to make such people look foolish. In order to do this, you throw a piece of meat into the arena and just as the lions get there, you snatch it away.

Campos had a role. He was there for a reason, but most likely not to be a primary shooter. Stop and think….why would the perpetrators need a security person placed on that floor? Why? Always remember, the key to all of these plots is plausibility and, of course, stealth. While most security personnel do not carry weapons, they always carry radios. They can receive information as well as send it. Might he have been there to monitor what was going on within the Mandalay Bay with regard to police arrival and police tactical movements within the building? Might he have been there to watch over one of the shooters, to watch a shooter’s back, so to speak? Might he have been there to assist with any last minute staging of the room?

If you scroll back up and check the times of the various police transmissions you will notice that the last shots fired on the crowd happened just as police announced that the building had been locked down. See?

The reason why officers found Mr. Campos near the elevators is that he was trying to get out but the elevators were shut down. They were shut down at 10:21 pm. The last round at the crowd was fired just before 10:22 pm. You see, whether he arrived on scene at 9:59 pm or 10:05 pm, nobody in their f-ing right mind would stay on a floor a) after being fired upon and b) upon hearing endless rounds of automatic weapon fire coming from the end of the damned hall. Period. Therefore, obviously, the man was busy doing something else..

Staging 101

 Misleading Photo Alert

But rest assured, this “Paddock” guy was not our primary shooter. In fact, room 135 floor 32 was not the location from which the majority of rounds had been fired. It was only for purposes of staging, to look as though this is where our lone gunman was positioned.  This was where the patsy would be murdered and left for future discovery surrounded by all those weapons and ammo.

Unfortunately, there simply weren’t enough shell casings in there for that to have been the sole source location, much less the primary location, of the massacre. We had something like 515 injured and 58 dead. That’s 572 shots that hit. There had to have been hundreds, even thousands of rounds that missed. So, you would expect to see several thousand casings on the floor. What you do see in the room (including other angles)are not nearly enough.

Now, look at that gun seeming to be laying across the left ankle. Many people have keyed in on this photo pointing to the fact that it is nearly impossible to commit suicide with a rifle, nor any long barrel gun, because the trigger is too far away from the muzzle. I just want to dispel this red herring before it goes much further. It is very difficult to see, but it you increase the size of the photo you can see that this weapon which is pointing at the couch is sitting on a tripod.  One leg of the tripod can be seen just a foot or so to the right of the automatic weapon laying flat at the foot of the chair. There are many red herrings in this case. I will attempt to cover those in a future article.

A GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING:  The next section contains a link to an EXTREMELY GRISLY PHOTOGRAPH. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO BLOODY IMAGES and/or IMAGES OF DEATH,  PLEASE DO NOT click the link.  I promise that I accurately describe what is there. Click only if you have a strong stomach.

Second advisory: Again, sensitive people should not click the link at the very end. OK. You have been warned. Let’s continue:

Dead Men Can’t Shoot

Look at the photograph of the door of the suite where the dead patsy was found. We can immediately notice two things. The right side door looks perfectly intact. The left side door is missing only its upper portion. In the lower section we can observe that it is not only remarkably intact but there are several entry bullet holes as indicated by my arrow at the very bottom of the photo. Now, I have seen footage of the explosions produced by the small charges that police say were used to “breach” the door. Explosives, by their very nature, can not produce nice neat results. They shred. This scene looks more like a situation where they opened the door and then neatly sawed out the top panel.

Suite 135 Mandalay Bay allegedly breached door

The dead man on the floor in the suite had been dead a very long time. He could not have been the shooter. He died hours before the shooting began. Blood had soaked in to the carpet but more tellingly, the blood on his face and around his mouth was dried. That takes some hours. There are also signs of lividity up the man’s right cheek and down the neck. That, too, takes hours. He may or may not be Paddock but he is certainly not the shooter.

The reason why officers found Mr. Campos near the elevators is quite likely that he was trying to get out but the elevators were shut down. They were shut down at 10:21 pm. Anybody up there on floor 32 east would be trapped there. Elevators were turned off and there was an officer in the stairwell, presumably the stairwell closest to the suite.

But rest assured, this Campos guy was not our primary shooter. In fact, room 135 floor 32 was not the location from which the majority of rounds had been fired. It was primarily for purposes of staging.  This was where the patsy would be dropped for future discovery surrounded by all those weapons and stacks of unspent ammo. There simply weren’t enough shell casings in there for that to have been the source location of the massacre. We had something like 515 injured and 58 dead. That’s 572 shots that hit. There had to have been hundreds of rounds that missed. So, you would expect to see several thousand casings on the floor. What you do see in various photos of the room are not nearly enough casings.

In Part 3 we will take a look at the first shots fired (those were targeted hits), acoustics analysis and a very interesting arrest made in Tennessee the day following the massacre as well as some further interesting things said by officers on the police scanner.

Here follows the link to the very graphic and gory photo I warned about earlier. Again, if you are easily sickened DO NOT LOOK.…3764.19220.0.21531.….0…1.1.64.img..9.7.2142…0.0.VTqlKmOO0DQ#imgrc=t1uesBesN4cIwM:



Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre-

Knock, Knock

Not what it seems to be…not at all. But then again, it never is

The jack card is worth 10 points in the game of blackjack.. The ace can be counted as a 1 or as an 11.  If you are playing a hand of blackjack there is no ambiguity. Paired with a jack, the ace is 11 points. But if you are communicating a date in October, the 10th month, then the ace could represent either the 1st or the 11th.  Some people seem to get a real kick out of this game.

Las Vegas-October 1st, 2017

You had to know when you first saw this on the news that it would all be different in just a few days, but as a refresher, this is what they said at the beginning:

  • Location of incident: An open air plot of land located directly across from the Pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel and Sphinx; across the six lane Las Vegas Boulevard also known as “The Strip”
  • An estimated 22,000 person crowd was attending a country western concert called the “Route 91 Harvest Festival”
  • Grim statistics: 59 dead including “the shooter’; more than 500 injured
  • Location of shooter: 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel and casino
  • Shooting of concert attendees began at approximately 10:05 pm
  • 32nd floor:  Two police officers and a hotel security officer approach entry door to gunman’s suite -Gunman shoots through the door of his suite at 10:18 p.m. hitting the hotel security officer in the leg causing the group to back off and call for a SWAT team
  • Additional  officers arrive on scene by 10:30 pm
  • Police use explosives to enter the suite at 11:20 p.m. -the shooter is dead on the floor -numerous weapons lay on the floor-two windows are broken some 40 feet apart from each other- two tripods are set up at the broken windows with weapons affixed-a hammer is on the floor near one of the windows-a great deal of ammunition is stacked near the windows-spent cartridges litter the carpeted floor- several crime scene photos are leaked to the public including a grisly one of the dead shooter
  • The shooter in room 135 (a suite) on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay had blown out two windows 40 feet apart and had set up automatic weapons on tripods firing alternately from both windows
  • As many as 23 weapons were in the suite along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. When the shooter’s Mesquite home was searched police found at least 10 more weapons there.
  • Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos, unarmed, was the hero who took a bullet in the leg and valiantly awaited the officers arrival at the elevator

primary source{ USA Today Timeline

Las Vegas Harvest Festival Massacre Map

(Alternate) Facts that have dribbled out in the ensuing week – mainstream media style:

The shooter acted alone; his name was Stephen Paddock, age 64, multi-millionaire and resident in a retirement community just ninety minutes away from Las Vegas.  Everyone who knew him described him as being decent, balanced, apolitical, not especially religious, and a whole lot of fun to be around, a man with a great sense of humor.  He was a retired accountant who had worked as an internal auditor for Lockheed back in the 80’s.  According to Paddock’s brother, he made his fortune primarily from investing in and managing apartment complexes in Texas, Nevada and California. Paddock had a pilot license and owned two planes.

A couple of days in to the week following the mass murder the public was informed that Antifa literature had been found in Paddock’s room, presumably at the hotel. A few days after that the public was told that ISIS was taking credit for the mass murder and that Paddock had converted to Islam …all this being the spin cycle before the rinse, one might suppose.  That’s what happens when you have a narrative of a 64 year old former accountant turned millionaire gone wild and nobody is buying it.

In addition to the staggering number of weapons and ammo found in the suite there were also explosives, 4 video cameras, several drills, a hammer and a handgun.

And here is the most delicious detail of all,  the cherry on this vile massacre Sundae,released most recently (October 9th) as police walked back their original scenario that security guard Campos had been wounded after the shooting at the crowd had stopped….while in the company of several Las Vegas P.D. officers, during a firestorm of some 200 shots fired through the closed door.  Wait for it….Mr. Campos was actually wounded 6 minutes before the shooting started. He was wounded at 9;59 pm!!!

Now here is what they don’t want you to know

  • There were at least two shooters firing upon the crowd at the concert, at least one at Mandalay Bay and at least one much closer to the venue (not including the other shooters at all of the other hotels much further north on the Strip that you never heard a word about) Police were reportedly looking for no fewer than 7 shooters down in the vicinity of the Paris and Bellagio hotels
  • This was highly planned, but not by Stephen Paddock. Paddock was likely dead before any of the shooting began…well, that’s if it was Stephen Paddock at all
  • The front doors of the Bellagio Hotel were shattered by gunfire- The Bellagio is well out of range from Mandalay Bay and on the wrong side of the Strip . The front entrance of the Bellagio would not be in the line of fire of any window on any floor of Mandalay Bay
  • The Paris Hotel is across the Strip from the Bellagio and they also experienced gunfire
  • The New York, New York Hotel and the Aria also experienced attacks
  • The Tropicana experienced gunfire
  • There were dead and wounded at each of the aforementioned hotels
  • An Hispanic looking male and female had pushed their way through the crowd to reach the VIP section, stage left, at the concert. They began pulling people’s hair, tugging on their shirts to get their attention. They informed as many people as they could before concert security escorted them out that “you are all going to f…ing die!”  We know this because two women who took that warning to heart left the concert early and lived to tell about it

Memorable quotes from the police scanner:

First responders (Las Vegas P.D.) arrived at the venue:

  • “We have an active shooter, an active shooter inside the fairgrounds”
  • “This is CP just advising there are people down on stage left”
  • “CP, I need eyes. CP can you tell me where they’re are coming from?”  Dispatch cuts in with “They’re coming from Mandalay Bay”
  • “We have multiple casualties at the medical tent, GSW to the medical tent! Multiple casualties”
  • “Be advised shots coming from Gate 7….Gate 7”
  • “We have a rifle deployed at Mandalay Bay, Mandalay Bay. We are trying to see where the shots are coming from” (From this point reports are coming in from both the venue and Mandalay Bay)

Following numerous call ins frantically reporting numerous injured, many of them seriously wounded, this comes in over the radio:

  • “Control, see if we can have…contact Mandalay Bay, have ’em shut down their elevators so he can’t get mobile. We can take the stairs and block all the stair exits:”  Police had requested that the elevators be turned off to impede the escape of any perpetrators (Let that sink in for a minute. The importance of this will become clear later on)

Upon arrival at 32nd floor, they radioed this:

  • “We are seeing multiple flashes in the middle of Mandalay Bay on the north side …kind of on the west tower but towards the center of the casino …looks like one of the middle floors”. Check this out: 

Mandalay Bay West Tower, North Side

What we see in the map above is the side of the hotel which is not visible from the Strip. It is completely useless as a location for firing at the concert What it does afford is a perfect sniper nest for picking off people in the Luxor parking lot.  This is the area that one of the early arriving officers was describing to dispatch/control. Nobody, and I mean nobody has made mention of this anywhere else.

  • “Control, we just spoke to security at Mandalay Bay. They say they have shots fired on the 29th and 32nd floor”  At this key statement, we must hit the pause button. Time out. We will have to ignore the business of the 29th floor at this moment because there is something far more serious being revealed here and we do not know which of the three 29th floors they are being referred to.  When we key in on this in part 2, it should become obvious that Las Vegas P.D. has stepped in some deep, deep shit with their Campos narrative
  • They radioed back to dispatch that they had a wounded security guard waiting at the elevator as they exited on to the 32nd floor

This should be enough for part 1. Be sure to come back for part 2. There is ever so much more to cover in this twisted, botched up mess because this time what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas, not this time.


Obama-nation- How the CIA Used White Guilt to Hijack America (Again)

Movie Poster for Putney Swope

Movie Poster for Putney Swope

Back in 1969 a deliciously quirky, fanciful, farcical little movie was released titled “Putney Swope”, a black comedy of sorts. It was about an advertising agency in Manhattan that suddenly found itself without a Chairman of the Board when the stuttering Chairman, Mario, collapsed dead onto the boardroom table while attempting to give an address to the board members.  An election of his successor was hastily arranged. The camera panned around the table to reveal the typical array of over fed, elderly white men. At the end of the table sat their token black board member, Putney Swope. It was a jab at the new reality of the sixties….the token black.

A hat was passed around to collect the secret ballots. Putney voted for himself, of course, thinking this would be his only vote.  In the end, the board was stunned at the final vote count which revealed the fact that Putney Swope had been unanimously elected as Chairman of the Board. Each board member thought that they ought to vote for Putney because, surely, no one else would.

Putney immediately cleaned house substituting  his own clique of inexperienced sycophants and the dismantling of a once successful agency rapidly ensued.

Interestingly, not quite two years after this film was released, ten year old Barry Soetoro was sent to Hawaii from Indonesia to live with his grandparents so that he could “prepare for college”. He was on his way to being prepared for a lot more than college, it would seem. This clever film would turn out to be one of the keenest predictive programming efforts  of all time. That’s the way the CIA likes to roll. They like to show you what they have planned knowing that you won’t figure it out in time to stop it from biting you in the ass.  They get a really big kick out of it.

Manchurian Candidate

Who is he, this “Barack Hussein Obama”?  We really don’t know and the odds are that he doesn’t know either  His birth certificate is not authentic, he has been using the social security number of a man born in the late 1800’s, and his draft card is also an inarguable fraud.


Anyone paying attention has known that for a long, long time.  Yet in spite of many good as gold flaws in the White House birth certificate, no law enforcement has responded, no court has responded, the United States Congress has not responded, Only Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona has put forth any effort at all in getting to the bottom of this fraud and has had to do so on a somewhat unofficial basis. Mainstream media, also known as fake news, has failed to cover the Arpaio story. It must be highly, highly radio active….highly, highly toxic. The question is, why?

Mike Zullo’s Big Announcement

Mike Zullo and Maricopa County long time, but soon to be ex, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, held a press conference a few weeks ago to announce that they have (more) proof at long last that the document the White House posted back in April 2011 is an unequivocal fraud.  Many had already pointed out multiple anomalies immediately following the White House posting of the President’s birth certificate demonstrating that the document was an obvious fraud. The principle clue, as numerous computer and software experts pointed out, derived from the fact that the document had been created in distinct layers.

Of course the layering was not the only anomaly. There was the not so insignificant problem of Obama’s certificate number being out of proper sequence relative to the Nordyke twins who were born at the same hospital in Honolulu the day after “Barack”. The Nordykes’ held certificates 10637 and 10638. Having been born the day before, “Barack Obama” should have held a number lower than theirs but his was higher,  numbered 10641. Some have argued that “Obama”‘s may have arrived at the registrar later than the Nordykes and therefore received a higher number. But this can not be a valid explanation as “Obama”‘s birth certificate was registered on August 8th and the Nordyke twins were registered on August 11th. His certificate was processed before the twins. There is no valid excuse for his registration number being higher.

Arpaio’s Additional Mile

Johanna Ah'Nee

Johanna Ah’Nee

The Arpaio/ Zullo team had gone the additional mile. They had found one of the actual source documents from which nine fields had been lifted and added to “Barack Obama”‘s birth certificate. The source document for the nine fields belongs to Johanna Ah’Nee. Johanna had nothing to do with it since her certificate had been kept safely stored away in a locked box. Whoever did this had to have worked from the original kept at the Registrar in Hawaii.

To understand the importance of this particular find one must keep in mind that there were no computers back in 1961 when Barack Obama purportedly entered this world. His birth certificate would have been created like all the others in that era. Starting with a blank, formatted, numbered document printed at a print shop, it would have been inserted in to a typewriter. All of the pre-printed required fields would have been filled in by a clerk typist.

Parents and attending obstetrician would be required to sign followed by the local registrar. The document would be stamped with an issue date by the registrar. The last step would be the application of an official embossed seal at the bottom which would authenticate the certificate.  After all these steps, the parent (s) would be issued an official copy. “Barack Obama”‘s posted certificate has no embossed seal. It was fraudulent the day it was posted and it is still fraudulent now.

Date Stamp

Old Fashioned Date Stamp Device

Old Fashioned Date Stamp Device

The registrar’s date stamp would have been a hand held device that would be pressed in to an ink pad and then applied to the appropriate boxes.  With regard to the date stamp applied by hand at the registrar’s office, no two would ever be identical with respect to the angle of the stamp within the boxes. Each certificate had two date stamp boxes; one on the left, one on the right. The stamp angles from both boxes of Johanna Ah’Nee’s certificate line up perfectly with both date stamps appearing on “Obama”‘s certificate. This fact indicates that the stamped date detail was lifted from the Ah’Nee certificate and then added to the “Obama” document.

Independent testing performed in Italy by Four Labs Forensic Digital Technicians has confirmed these findings. There is no doubt now. No further excuses can be made.  Therefore, we are left with some very disquieting questions. It was the job of the DNC to authenticate or verify their candidates’ eligibility back in 2007. Obviously, they did not do so. Why not?  The next question is, of course, is this man really “Barack Hussein Obama”, son of Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham?  And if he is not actually “Barack Hussein Obama”, then who is he?

Obliterated Data

Researchers trying to prove that Stanley Ann Dunham had given birth overseas were stunned to find that all passenger records for persons arriving on foreign flights landing in Honolulu, Hawaii from August 2 through August 7th 1961 were missing! The entire file for those five days is lost in space.

“After months of searching, investigators commissioned by Maricopa County Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio  to examine Barack Obama’s eligibility for office found Immigration and Naturalization Service travel records for foreign flights into Hawaii in 1961, only to discover that records for the week of Obama’s birth were missing. Investigators were searching to determine if Barack Obama might have been born in a foreign country and returned to Honolulu in or around August 1961 with his mother, Ann Dunham.

Arpaio’s team looked at databases in the National Archives and Records Administration with microfilm of INS passenger records for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu and New York City. If Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he and the Hawaii Department of Health have been insisting, there should be INS passenger cards that the new mother filled out for herself and her infant son upon arrival in Honolulu from a Pacific Rim city or arrival in New York City from across the Atlantic.”


Alright then….it’s ok. We should be able to see what we need to see by getting hold of Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport, right? Au contraire, mon ami. No one to date has been able to locate the record of the initial Stanley Ann Dunham passport application . All such non-essential records from that era were destroyed in the 1980’s to save money on storage space-crucial evidence literally up in smoke.  We only have subsequent passport renewal applications and one passport amendment request. There are two immediate oddities that jump out at us from the precious few documents that we do have. First is the signature of Stanley Ann Dunham in 1968 .  Compare her signature from 1968 to the signature on the purported Obama birth certificate seven years earlier. First, look at 1968:


Here is the birth certificate signature from 1961:




Notice how fluid and mature that signature on the birth certificate is. Her first name looks like an afterthought. In all of the documents still in existence Ms. Dunham always starts her signature with Stanley-or S., never with Ann. Now look at her signature above it which was signed seven years after the birth certificate. It looks more like one’s writing in high school. Stanley Ann was eighteen when Obama was born. She was twenty five when she amended her passport in 1968, yet the writing styles seem reversed. If we had to guess based on what we see, it would be reasonable to think that the certificate signature came from a far more mature hand. It is so much more aesthetically pleasing, is it not? Perhaps that is because it was made by a more mature hand and not by Stanley Ann Dunham at age eighteen.  To underscore the point, this is what her signature looked like in 1986 when she was in her forties:





You can view all of her documents here:

Passport Peculiarity

If you click on the link above to view all of the available passport applications of Obama’s mother you will notice a glaring, screaming oddity. It isn’t so much what you see. It is what you do not see. Among all of those applications, we never see  young Barack, only Stanley Ann. His name and photo should have been submitted on every one of her renewals as well as the amendment up to the year he reached age eighteen….unless, of course, he had his own passport.

Furthermore, the only time his name appears at all is on page two of her renewal application in 1968 which was initiated in Indonesia. The lone entry mentioning him is in the section dealing with including/excluding children. Someone crossed it out.  Why? Did Stanley Ann fail to produce proper documents to add him? He was only seven years old at the time therefore he would be too young to exclude had he been on the initial passport . The only reason for the entry would be to include him, but why include him if he was already on the original passport and/or its first renewal?  There are only two possible answers here. Either he had his own passport issued by some country other than the U.S.A. or…. he was an Indonesian child to begin with.  Let that sink in for a minute.




Here is a series of head scratchers:

To this day, as with any genuine birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama Jr., no one has been able to locate a marriage certificate for Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. No one has been able to locate a marriage license either. Yet a divorce document does exist.

Then there is the positively baffling series of applications that Obama Sr. made for multiple visa extensions and financial aid.  One would think that a foreign national studying in the United States, needing financial aid, and having a child by an American national would add said child to each application in an effort to get as much aid as possible and to ensure the granting of the request.  The same can be said for requests for visa extensions. Yet the one time and the only time that we find mention of baby Barack is in a handwritten addendum to an August 31st 1961 request for an extension of stay in the U.S.  Let us go through these one by one beginning in late August, 1961.

Visa applications and extensions are submitted to the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) which is under the United States Department of Justice. Barack Sr. was applying for both an extension of his stay as well as permission to work in order to supplement his financial aid which was less than his total living expenses. He was attending the University of Honolulu at the time. The first curiosity in this particular application is of Barack Sr. stating that he was married on the form but he did not give his wife’s proper name. He listed her as Ann S. Dunham instead of Stanley Ann Dunham.  There is a box on the form which queries about children. No child is listed in the box yet Obama Jr. had been born earlier in the month.  He also did not mention his wife in Kenya nor his son, Roy on this application.  He did, however, submit a letter of recommendation from a William Wood II. It was Mr. Wood who mentioned the child, Barack Jr. as well as the fact that the mother and child were residing with the mother’s parents at a different address than Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Sr. made another application in August 1962 to extend his visa, On this application, we find that Barack Sr.had moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Obama Sr. filled in the line asking him to list the names and addresses of any children. This time he did list a child but the child was Roy Obama, his son from his Kenyan wife, Kezia. Barack Obama Jr. was 1 year old at the time of this application but received no acknowledgment, nor did Stanley Ann.

In June of 1963, Barack Sr. once again applied for an extension of his stay in order to complete his studies at Harvard University. This time, he left the boxes pertaining to marriage and children blank. An INS official added question marks to the empty boxes “married” and “children” and noted that Barack Obama Sr. was married and had reported children in the past.

The final request for an extension was filed in April 1964 at which time Obama Sr. included Ms. Dunham, again as “Ann” instead of Stanley Ann. He also included Barack Jr. but added the comment that there was a legal separation in progress which is amusing given the fact that they had never actually lived together.  A divorce was granted in 1964.


Some have speculated that Obama really was born in Hawaii but that there was something on the original certificate that he wanted to suppress that may have interfered with his election. But that makes no sense given the fact that he had no social security number of his own and that his draft card is also a clear forgery. All of this was known before this man was elected. If there was anything positive at all to have come from this pathetic episode in American history it would be the clear revelation to a sleeping population of a planned, even scheduled, corruption that traces all the way back to the time of the Kennedy administration.


The first few moves in the twisted game we came to know as “President Obama” in the early 2000’s began, in fact, in the early 1960’s. The predictive programming for his election was given to us in the movie “Putney Swope” in 1969. The white guilt that made all of this possible was planted in our collective psyche in that very same period; the civil rights marches, the civil rights martyrs; the trauma of the string of assassinations of that era fixed the programming in our psyche. Brilliant…evil can be so brilliant.

That same trauma was inflicted upon us once again all through out Obama’s eight years in office; the BP oil spill, Sandy Hook, the Aurora Batman massacre, the Boston bombings, Fukushima, the fiery death of journalist Michael Hastings, the Fort Hood massacre, the Orlando disco massacre, the Santa Barbara shootings, the San Bernardino shootings, the Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, the string of “beheadings” (all on green screen) at the hand of “Jihad John”.  What a legacy, Barack!  It is doubtful that any future President will even come close to that unique “legacy”.

These were all traumas. These were all planned, these were all contrived and they all took place in those eight years while “President Obama” was out on the golf course or jetting around the world at tax payer expense accomplishing absolutely nothing. This man took the definition of the phrase “empty suit” to new heights.

There is one very important thing to take from this article. When you are repeatedly traumatized, you are being programmed and programming = manipulation.  Now that you know how they think, how they operate, you are in a much better position to withstand the manipulation. These people are cunning, patient, strategic, and they have no boundary that they are unwilling to cross.  What do these people want?  Total control…ultimately your soul, but they will happily settle for simply taking your life. But to answer the question with which we began this article, “who is Barack Obama?”, the answer is patently obvious; Barack Obama is an MK Ultra mind control personification. He is a CIA asset and he did his job very, very well. But watch your back, everyone because he is not done yet.

My work here is done









Huma Abedin’s Life Insurance Policy

Huma Abedin and Hillary

Huma Abedin and Hillary

Imagine, if you will,  being the top aide and confidante to the most ruthless, cunning, power hungry sociopath on planet Earth.  It has to be a tricky, trippy tight wire gig; one where you carefully and ever so gingerly keep sliding one trembling foot in front of the other.  The slightest wrong move, the slightest loss of balance, the slightest slack in the taut line of treasons, felonies and high crimes ….oh no.

She didn’t notice at first. Perhaps she was distracted by love for Anthony Weiner. But the day she married him, that tightrope she was walking began to come loose.  It started with her beloved sending photographs of his privates to other ladies. A New York Congressman at the time, he resigned his office in disgrace.

Huma marries Anthony Weiner

Huma marries Anthony Weiner


Everyone kept waiting for the shoe to drop. Surely, Huma would send him packing and file for divorce. Instead, she did what Hillary did when husband Bill’s sordid behavior came under public scrutiny. She stayed by her man.  After all, they had an infant son to consider. The now unemployable Weiner would make an excellent stay at home dad while his wife jetted around the world with the then Secretary of State.  Time passed and the scandal faded as Anthony kept himself out of the limelight and dutifully attended psychotherapy sessions.  He was on his way to regaining at least a little of the public trust that he had lost.  He then decided to run for the New York City Mayoral position.

But young children nap and a compulsion is a compulsion.  Suddenly there he was again, plastered across the front page of local newspapers, posing on his bed with his toddler son napping peacefully beside him. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he was sexting again. Worse, he had posted the photo of this odd juxtaposition publically.  Needless to say, he wasn’t elected Mayor of New York City after the revelation of his… revelation.  And still, Huma held fast.

But there is always that last straw, most especially when your boss is running for President of the United States.  Weiner began sexting with a fifteen year old girl and that, too, became public in early 2016.  It was time for Weiner to hit the road and so he did with his laptop in tow.

The ridiculous banter with the fifteen year old opened the door for the FBI to search Mr. Weiner’s computers for child pornography. Mon Dieu! That is when a curious file labeled “Life Insurance” was discovered.  The file is said to contain some 650,000 emails belonging to Huma Abedin leading FBI Director James Comey to announce the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

 Justice Compromised

This past summer, on the day following the birthday of our great nation, FBI Director James Comey rattled off a litany of toe curling charges against the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  It was a lengthy cluster of super charges, any one of which would have sent a person straight off to the gallows a hundred years ago. The country held its breath waiting for the coup de grace.  It never came. An astonished nation instead heard the words, “no reasonable prosecutor” and “no proof of intent”.

Disgruntled agents within the FBI have leaked information that Comey found no intent because he did not look for any intent. The investigation was sickeningly superficial.  Precious few appropriate subpoenas were ever issued. Hillary Clinton has committed perjury, destroyed evidence (she deleted the 33,000 emails and had the hard drive acid washed after a subpoena was finally issued for her emails), has committed obstruction of justice and engaged in conspiracy. Any one of these is a Federal offence worthy of a cot in a Leavenworth-style facility.  But Mr. Comey was all see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  She’s just careless, that’s all, and we don’t have a statute for careless.

Internal chicanery is generally difficult to pin down but a constant drip of emails courtesy of Wikileaks has shed a great deal of light on the leniency extended to our wanna be Criminal in Chief.  Internally, the FBI rank and file grumbled about Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s interference in their investigations of various Clinton crimes. He was personally in charge of the email investigation. No doubt, Mr. McCabe would deny ever telling agents to stand down or back off from thoroughly exploring various dark corners but this is what the rank and file have leaked to the public.  And how utterly fascinating that Hillary Clinton personally helped to raise money for Jill McCabe’s Virginia State Senate bid.  Mrs. McCabe did not win the Senate seat and her husband was not promoted to oversee the investigation until the Senate race was over. Still, the damage had been done. McCabe owed Clinton a favor at that point. He should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation team. He did not do so.

Not to be outdone, the “Justice” Department headed up by the hapless Attorney General and tarmac queen, Loretta Lynch, has appointed  Assistant Attorney General, Peter Kadzik, to head up their new Clinton email probe. Who is Mr. Kadzik, exactly? Three guesses…..come on, you can do it.  Still stuck?  Ok, let me help you.

Here are the game rules; any lead investigator must be 1) someone who should recuse themselves, 2) someone who owes something to the Clintons, and 3) someone who absolutely has no business heading up such an investigation.  So if you learn that Kadzik is a personal friend of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta and is married to Amy Weiss, former White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton, you can assume that the results of investigation #2 will be the same as the results from investigation #1. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Icing on the cake quote from John Podesta: “He kept me out of jail”. You see, Kadzik had been John Podesta’s attorney during the Monica Lewinski investigation.  That quote refers to Peter Kadzik.

Huma in Hot Water

In a deposition taken on June 28th, 2016 in the matter of Judicial Watch vs. the U.S. Department of State, Huma was specifically asked if she had copied email files:

Q.  “Did you ever save any of the emails either as a PST or PDF file”?

A.  “No, I did not”.

Q>  “And why not”?

A.  “Honestly, I wish I thought about it at the time. As I said, I wasn’t perfect. I tried to do all my work on and I do believe I did the majority of my work on and many of the instances where I was on Clinton email it was because I had forwarded something from a account in to a Clinton email. And in other instances like Clinton email I was communicating with somebody who was on a account and it was captured through there. I did the best I could to do everything right. It did not occur to me to print and file.”

However, after the find on estranged husband Weiner’s laptop, the question now is did it occur to her to CC herself on everything and forward copies of her emails to her personal Yahoo mail account?  650,000 emails….that is a lot of emails. The only statements that we have heard thus far come from Huma and from Weiner. Huma said that she has no idea how those emails got on to the family laptop. Weiner says that they were downloaded from Huma’s phone as a backup. Any which way you want to slice it, that is one amazing back up file in terms of sheer number.

Who could possibly accumulate that many emails in the span of a twenty year career, even as Hillary’s right hand?  It averages to 32,000 emails per year. We know that Hillary had some 33,000 emails relating to State Department matters over the course of her tenure as Secretary of State. She served from January 2009 to  February 2013, four years.  This averages to approximately 8,200 emails per year.

The fact that these emails were in a file labeled “life insurance” is quite chilling. Was this Huma’s life insurance or was this Anthony Weiner’s life insurance?  Was Anthony Weiner a mole?  Did he download the emails without Huma’s knowledge?  These are all interesting questions. Let’s see what they find.  Either way, the house has really landed, hasn’t it?


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Alas, poor Hillary

Alas, poor Hillary






Wheel of Fortune and the Angel in the Casino

Throughout my life, from time to time, I have been graced by the presence of angels.

An Angel

Mind you, I have never gotten to see them, but they have whispered to me.  Sometimes, the tickle of their breath against my ear has sent shivers down my spine.  One night when I was young I heard them singing and I was stunned by the perfection of the harmony of their choir.  My bedroom window actually rattled with the lower notes.  There was no mistaking it for any hallucination.  It was spine tingling.  I could hear both the blended choir and each individual voice, simultaneously.  I told my mother about it the next morning, but she remained clearly skeptical of me.   Years later, as she drove home late at night on Sunrise Highway, she heard it too.  They were so loud that her car windows rattled.  It freaked her out, but I was forever vindicated when she shakily apologized to me for thinking me daft.

But what does this have to do with Roulette?  Or Howard Hughes?

We were all quite broke, the four of us.  Richard Hughes called his adoptive parents who were living on social security and shamefully begged them for money.  The rent was overdue, the car payment was about to be due, and there was no food.  The money arrived the next day via Western Union.  Richard handed me the  crisp $100 bill and said “Here, take this to a casino and see if you can run it up.  If you lose it, it’s ok.”

Well, no, if I lost it, it wouldn’t be ok, not at all.  I reluctantly took hold of the bill and set out on my mission.  The other three remained at the apartment.

I decided to go to the Stardust  ….

I sat down in my favorite spot and cashed in the entire $100 requesting $5 chips which were pushed toward me in a neat stack.  I looked at my scrawny stash and I felt my heart sink; only twenty precious chips and no room for error.  The nearly crushing pressure of such overwhelming responsibility had me trembling with fear.  But I knew better than to play like that, so I fixed my stare on the spinning wheel, slowed my breathing down and silently asked to be given a number.  Getting myself to a level of deep relaxation was key.

Suddenly, I was out of my body, floating close to the ceiling, looking down at the wheel, the table, the lady to my left, the stacks of chips, ash trays and cocktail glasses, and other players at the far end of the table.  The dealer released the ball and it sped around the wheel.  Then the voice came in the usual soft whisper from my left side…”seven”, it told me. I willed my body to pluck a single, precious five dollar chip from my stack and placed it on seven…and seven it was.  Pay the lady….$5 x 35.  I watched myself reach out and take the chips.  Then the voice softly spoke the next roll…ten.  If only I had done what I saw Craig do…reinvest the bet…if only.  But instead,  I drew a single $5 chip and slid it over number 10…pay the lady, $5 x 35.

But then there came a silence, a terrible silence.  I was puzzled by the silence.  What is the number?  O or OO, no doubt.  I did not place a bet that roll and the number was OO.  Nobody had covered the zeros on that roll…house takes all.

The dealer swept the table with his arms and quickly gathered up all the chips and rapidly stacked them…but I had no chips among them, having withheld my bet.  And then the voice spoke to me one last time.  Again, I bet just a single $5 chip…and again, pay the lady.  But then, something dreadful happened.  The woman seated to my immediate left finally noticed that I was betting  just a single chip each roll and hitting every time.  She became excited and stretched to be ready to follow my next bet but as she stretched, her ample bosom knocked over my pool of stacked chips and the noise of the cascade broke my “float”.

I fell back into my body with a thud, turned and scowled at the woman, and then angrily demanded to cash out.  I was so angry!   But I knew that I had covered the rent and the car and that there would be plenty left to buy food for awhile.  My fury turned to gratitude by the time I reached the apartment.  That money brought such relief to everyone.

From an edition of Boccaccio's De Casibus Viro...

Boccaccio’s Lady Fortune

Had I the utter, unshakable faith that Craig had, had I kept on reinvesting the bet, everything would have been different.  But I didn’t. Even heaven couldn’t save me from my own fear.  Mastering that lesson lay well in the future.  The universe just keeps handing you the same lesson over and over again until you conquer it, at which point it calls up the next big lesson and the game begins anew.

Ultimately, the only thing that any of us has the potential to control is our own personal consciousness, our own personal fears, and how we go about the business of our own personal growth.  The universe will always grab hold of our greatest fears and shove them in our face.  That, my friends, is the basic program that runs silently in the background as the wheel of life spins round and round.  What are your deepest fears and what will you do with them?  How will you play the hand that you are dealt?

Antonin Scalia-Murder, She Wrote

Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia

When a Supreme Court justice, not coincidentally a vociferous advocate for the United States Constitution,  suddenly dies alone in the  1100 sq. ft. “El Presidente” suite of a remote hunting resort, might it not be appropriate to schedule an autopsy whether or not the family wants one? Not in the case of Antonin Scalia who supposedly died “peacefully in his sleep” not long after arriving at the tastefully opulent Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas.  Peaceful and natural death is so patently obvious that it can be determined over the phone. Coroners everywhere must be rejoicing. By summary decree of the Marfa, Texas Justice of the Peace they now have a much lighter workload,

The Setup

Resort owner, Houston businessman and Vietnam War veteran John Poindexter, had invited a group of thirty or so of his personal friends for a three day stay at his ranch resort over the Presidents’ Day weekend. One of Scalia’s friends is a friend of Mr. Poindexter. Scalia’s unnamed friend had been directly invited by Poindexter. Presumably, this mystery friend had wrangled an invite for Scalia who was originally expected to attend along with one of his sons. However, Scalia’s son was not able to accompany his father at the last minute for reasons unspecified.

The guests arrived on Friday, February 12th and engaged in a group tour of the 30,000 acre resort and hunting ranch after which they regrouped for dinner, socializing and conversation. Scalia is said to have left the other guests somewhere around nine p.m. with some reports saying that he was tired and other reports saying that he complained of not feeling well. None of Poindexter’s other guests have been identified therefore it is unlikely that any of the guests granted interviews to the press.  We may safely assume that these two descriptions either came from Poindexter or were invented by those reporting on the story.  In any event, the last time Mr. Scalia was observed to be alive was around 9 p.m. Friday evening.

According to Mr. Poindexter, he went to the door of Scalia’s suite to fetch him for breakfast around 8:30 a.m on Saturday, February 13th. Scalia did not respond and he left. Poindexter reported that the door was locked.

Mr. Poindexter returned to Scalia’s door  around 11:30 a.m. with the mutual mystery friend in tow.  When Scalia again failed to respond, they gained entry to the suite and found Scalia dead in the bed, dressed in pajamas, bedclothes unwrinkled.  For the record, the definition of bedclothes includes sheets, blankets, comforters and pillowcases; not pajamas.  Also for the record, it is customary in a high end hotel or resort for the maid to enter the rooms while guests are at dinner in order to remove decorative bed pillows and bedspread from the bed.  (This resort serves cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m. and dinner at 7:30 p.m.) Large rectangular pillows would be placed on the bed at that time, two per side for a total of four.  This is referred to as turning down the bed.  Maids at high end hotels are trained to leave beds looking military tight-no lumps, bumps or wrinkles. The bed skirt would be even and perfect.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Here We Go

Here We Go

Upon entering the room, Poindexter found that Scalia’s body was ice cold and 911 was called. The venerable Scalia was then pronounced “dead from natural causes” by local Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara (yes, really) who was able to determine this fact via telephone consultation with U.S. Marshals and Scalia’s personal physician back in Washington D.C.  She did not order an autopsy because “there was no evidence of foul play and the family did not want one”.  Cinderela, Cinderela, you take your fairy tales too seriously.  How can you determine absence of foul play without an autopsy? The man may have been poisoned, he may have had a pillow held over his face which resulted in a “natural heart attack”,  he may have suffered an embolism, a stroke or he may have been murdered.

Antonin Scalia was, after all, seventy nine years old and overweight.  His physician advised that he had been recently evaluated as being  “too frail to undergo a surgical procedure” to correct a torn rotor cuff injury.  Interesting….too frail for the surgery, but not too frail for the recent tennis games that caused the rotor cuff injury.  Too frail for the surgery, but not too frail to fly to a hunting resort?  Are we to imagine that Scalia was going to restrict himself to spitting at the quail? Surely, he was too frail to hoist a hunting rifle, right, doctor?

One wonders if the family, the doctor back in Washington or the witless Cinderela had been informed of the fact that Scalia had been found on that bed with a pillow over his face?

source: My San Antonio News

To summarize, arguably one of the most powerful and detested men on earth is found dead in bed on unwrinkled bedding (as if he had been placed there after death), a pillow over his face. No coroner comes to the scene, no medical professional of any kind checks the body.  He could have been bruised all over his body for all we know.The notoriously inconvenient VIP is then immediately declared dead by “natural causes” by a woman who never saw the room, the body, nor recent medical records.  Welcome to another episode of the New World Order….oh, I mean the Twilight Zone.

Bad Signs

The ranch is so, so very remote:  In fact, it is so remote that guests have to sign a waiver stating that they understand that medical help and rescue are far, far away. So don’t get hurt, y’all.  Cell phone service is said to be spotty. Bring your own iodine and band aids and pack a splint or two just to be on the safe side.  This is no country for old men despite the ranch’s luxurious appointments.  Don’t worry about the Mexican drug cartels fifteen miles away. They won’t bother you. Honest.

Cibolo Ranch in Shafter Texas

Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter Texas

  • Scalia had declined Federal protection to which he was entitled though his destination was extremely remote and close to the Mexican border
  • Something came along that prevented his son from accompanying him on the trip
  • Scalia did not know his host, Mr. Poindexter, and accepted the invitation from a mutual unidentified friend
  • Hillary Clinton had recently commented that she would appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she were elected President ( A precious few Supreme Court Justices have died while still serving on the court. What a presumptuous and brazen comment for her to have made just two weeks before the death of Antonin Scalia.) source:  Hillary Open to Nominating Obama to Supreme Court
  • Why would they immediately announce that Scalia had died of natural causes, when in fact, there was no way to know that? Isn’t this another one of those “nothing to see here” moves to which we are now so very accustomed?
  • Why would the bedclothes be unwrinkled?

Dark Possibilities

No autopsy. If the man had been poisoned, we will never know. If he had been smothered with that pillow, we will never know. If he had suffered a heart attack as a result of being smothered by a pillow, we will never know. If the CIA had used their heart attack inducing dart gun on him, we will never know.

In 1975, Congressional hearings were held regarding the CIA’s invention of a special dart gun that could deliver an undetectable, lethal dart into a hapless victim. Then CIA Director William Colby was grilled by Senators John Tower and Frank Church.  Colby had brought along one of the guns at their request. “There is a battery in the handle”, he explained “and it shoots a tiny dart”.

Senators Church and Tower-1975 Senate Hearing

Senators Church and Tower-1975 Senate Hearing

Ex CIA employee, Mary Embree, a researcher for “The Company” explained that she had been asked by her boss to research poisons that induce heart attacks but would not be detectable in the blood afterward. She found one and they came up with a way to freeze the poison into a tiny dart and thus was born the high velocity heart attack gun.  All that anyone would see would be a very tiny red spot on the skin. Colby admitted that the victim would never even feel it.

Following Scalia’s death, this information about the CIA heart attack gun and the 1975 Congressional hearings sprung up all over the internet suggesting that this is the red herring to chase in this case.  So we won’t chase it.



The Room Where He Died

Here are photos of the El Presidente suite taken from the Cibolo Creek Ranch website:  This is an impressive room, indeed. Anyone would be thrilled to stay in such a room, most especially for free as Scalia had.  The weekend stay for all of the quests was at no charge to them.  This was an offer that few could refuse.

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Ranch

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Ranch


El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Resort

El Presidente Suite-Cibolo Creek Resort-Photo by Matthew Busch

This suite has floor to ceiling glass doors.  Were all of these doors locked as well? It is doubtful that anyone checked because, after all, it was just so obvious that the controversial Supreme Court Justice had died peacefully….of “natural causes”.

Our Clues

Here is what we have to work with: One dead enemy of the State dressed in pajamas, a virtually pristine crime scene set in a remote location, no security detail at said remote location, a son who is detained from attending with his father, a hasty rush to declaration of no foul play, a pillow over the dead man’s face, no sign of struggle, unwrinkled bedclothes…and no autopsy. It isn’t really very much, but it might be all we need.

Unwrinkled bedclothes suggests a staged final resting scene. A staged final resting scene suggests that, if he was murdered, it was not while on the bed. Had he died on the bed from either smothering or heart attack, the bedding would have been disturbed.  If he did not die on the bed, he would have to be carried to and placed upon said bed. Scalia was a portly man. Ah! So might we have not one, but two, murderers?  Both are strong males wearing rubber sole shoes. The floors are a beautiful south western baked Saltillo tile.  Shhh! Quiet, please.

But what about the pillow over the face? The bedding bore no sign of Scalia flailing and struggling. If it wasn’t used to smother him, what was its purpose?  The pillow could be the defining clue because it had to have a purpose, but the purpose wasn’t smothering.

Carbon Monoxide

As long as you can drain the blood before it can be tested (immediate embalming and flushing of the fluids works well) as well as skip the autopsy (done!) , this is the way to tango. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and deadly as hell.  Rather than making its victims squirm or resist, it relaxes them into a euphoric and stupefied state.  Two or three deep breaths later, corpus delicti. Since you need a strong concentration of CO in order to complete your mission post haste it is best to swap the clogged tail pipe in the auto technique for the face mask/canister method depicted below.. The one tell tale sign produced by this method would be foaming at the mouth. A nice, fluffy, substantial  pillow strategically placed would mop that up nicely.  You wouldn’t have to wait around until the foaming stopped.


Carbon Monoxide Cannister

Carbon Monoxide Canister

Now, here is something very, very interesting. This photograph was snapped by San Antonio based photographer Matthew Busch.  What do we see here?  If we are standing at the foot of the bed, the pillows and bedding are all to the right side.  No doubt these were moved in order to access the body in order to remove it to the awaiting hearse. This bed would have had a total of four pillows, two on the left, two on the right. People staying in a room alone will often grab one or both of the spare side’s pillows in order to sit up in bed to read or to watch television.  Conversely, if sleep is intended, one of the two pillows on the selected side will be moved out of the way and the “sleep” pillow will be positioned flat. These two pillows to the right of the bed are clearly positioned for sitting up in bed as opposed to sleeping.

According to descriptions provided in the Cibolo Creek Ranch website, the mattresses all have pillow tops.  The photo would seem to indicate that the pillow tops are made from memory foam. So then where is the depression that would have been made by Scalia laying vertically on the bed?  We can see the impression of a knee at the left edge of the pillow top probably left by one of the men removing the body. This knee impression is aligned with the deep horizontal furrow resulting from turning the body for removal from the left side of the bed where there is more room to maneuver,but where is the vertical impression from the body’s reported position when found?

Bed Where Scalia Died

Bed where Scalia died-photo by Matthew Busch

The following photo was taken from the original. The deep horizontal furrow, the knee imprint at the left edge, and the condition of the pillow are all quite clear.  But again, where is the vertical depression that Scalai’s body would have made? Another thing to observe is the lack of staining from the loss of bodily fluids which follow death.



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Here is another zoom in, this time on the anomalous gap in the bed skirt at that left corner near the foot of the bed that is evident in the Busch photograph.  This is particularly ominous.  A portion of the bed skirt is folded to the left forming a kind of triangle. At the peak of the triangle right where the mattress meets the box spring, there are two depressions.  The depressions are rounded, as if made by fingers reaching up from under the bed!  This was not the maid, my friends. Those were made by someone sliding in or sliding out from under that bed.


The Mystery Guest

Who was it that traveled to the ranch with Antonin Scalia? Who could it have been? Can we figure it out? We certainly can try.  Mr. Scalia was given the “El Presidente” suite, clearly indicating that he was a very important guest. One might think that he would, in fact, be granted the most prestigious suite at the ranch given his exalted position as the longest serving member of the United States Supreme Court. But the ranch has one other prestigious suite.  In fact, the other suite known as Master Suite Veranda Cibolo is a cut above “El Presidente”.

For those who pay to stay, the Veranda Cibolo commands a higher price tag. It has amenities that the “El Presidente” suite does not including a large fireplace and a screened veranda.  This tells us that in the special group of nearly forty guests, there was one person of higher rank than even Mr. Scalia.  This is the person of such power that he was never named. Who could this possibly be? Obama? Not likely. George W.? Getting warmer.

How about this guy? Scalia loved hunting and he hunted often with his good buddy, dead eye Dick. No wonder nobody mentioned his name. He already has a bad enough rep when it comes to friends and hunting trips. Remember that time he was aiming at a quail but shot his lawyer instead?

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney

An outlandish theory? Not really.  Watchdog Groups Question Cheney/Scalia Hunting Trip. Somebody more powerful than Scalia was at that ranch that weekend. Else Scalia would have been given the Veranda room.


Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar

Bowie Bows Out-Blackstar

David Bowie-Labyrinth

David Bowie-Labyrinth

Legendary performer and rock super star, David Bowie, stopped performing in concert back in 2004. He took his final bow on January 10th, 2016, succumbing to a cancer that few knew that he had.

At the recent and unexpected news of Bowie’s death, mainstream media began trumpeting about Bowie having suffered a series of heart attacks that brought an abrupt end to his personal appearances as well as Bowie having been diagnosed with an incurable cancer some eighteen months ago. Oh, now you tell us.

Curious Contradiction

Only seven weeks before Bowie’s death, close friend and music producer,Tony Visconti, gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine explaining that heart surgery in 2004 had cured Bowie of his cardiac issues. Rolling Stone published the article on November 23rd 2015 regarding the pending release of Bowie’s “Blackstar” album. Here follows a quote from that article. Please keep in mind that Bowie’s death came only six or seven weeks after this interview was published. Tony Visconti met with, spoke with, and socialized with David Bowie on an ongoing and frequent basis:

“Bowie hasn’t sung a note publicly since performing “Changes” with Alicia Keys at a New York charity event in 2006, and he hasn’t given an interview in more than a decade. That has led to rumors that Bowie, who underwent emergency heart surgery for a blocked artery after a show in Germany, is in failing health, but everyone involved with insists that’s not the case. “He’s in fine health,” says Visconti.’He’s just made a very rigorous album.’ “

“Sessions for often lasted seven hours, and Bowie sang at full force throughout the entire day. “He’d just go from zero to 60 once we walked out of the control room and into the studio,” says Guiliana. “And his vocal performances were always just stunning, amazing.” In his downtime, Bowie was working on the Off-Broadway musical Lazarus, in which he was intimately involved in every aspect of production, down to casting.”

Considering the fact that that the interview was conducted in late 2015, Visconti’s next comment regarding the surreal short video Bowie produced to promote the “Blackstar” single seems eerily prescient:

“I don’t think he’s ever going to play live again,” says Visconti. “If he does, it will be a total surprise.”  (Bowie had shared with him the fact that he was “done with touring” many years ago).


Yet in spite of all these reports of energy and vigor,  David Bowie shed his mortal coil on January 10th 2016. his distinctive and singular voice forever silenced. Mr. Bowie, born David Jones in South London, was an absolute master of self reinvention.  Two days prior to his passing, he had celebrated his sixty ninth birthday which coincided with the release date of what is now his final recorded album.. Given Visconti’s observations, this is all quite curious leading some to speculate that Bowie is the latest “Illuminati sacrifice”.

Anyone who is familiar with even mid stage cancer can attest to the disease’s ability to sap one’s energy. Cancer is utterly enervating.  Its victims can barely walk from their bed to the bathroom much less put in seven or eight rigorous hours each day at a sound studio and then dash off to work on their play production across town.  It just doesn’t seem possible that Bowie had been afflicted with cancer during the making of his “Blackstar” album which was produced during the first six or seven months of 2015.

The “Blackstar” compilation also includes a tune called “Lazarus”, so perhaps there is more to come from the quirky pop star. The truly big question will be if Jesus would agree to participate. Some who knew Bowie in his earlier years might think that quite unlikely

Rolling Stone Part Deux

Three days after Bowie’s death, friend Tony Visconti engaged in some heavy duty back pedaling in yet another Rolling Stone piece. Here are Visconti’s remarks published on January 13th 2016:

“Visconti first learned of Bowie’s illness a year ago, when he showed up for Blackstar recording sessions in New York. “He just came fresh from a chemo session, and he had no eyebrows, and he had no hair on his head,” says Visconti, “and there was no way he could keep it a secret from the band. But he told me privately, and I really got choked up when we sat face to face talking about it.”

“He was optimistic because he was doing the chemo and it was working,” says Visconti, “and at one point in the middle of last year, he was in remission. I was thrilled. And he was a bit apprehensive. He said, ‘Well, don’t celebrate too quickly. For now I’m in remission, and we’ll see how it goes.’ And he continued the chemotherapy. So I thought he was going to make it. And in November, it just suddenly came back. It had spread all over his body, so there’s no recovering from that.”


So, after Visconti as well as members of the band that worked on “Blackstar” gave interviews describing Bowie as energetic and productive at the time that he was making the just released album, now Bowie is being portrayed as undergoing chemo, bald as a billiard ball and without eyebrows during the early months of 2015. Keep in mind that Bowie was also working on his off-Broadway production, “Lazarus”.  All of this had taken place between January and March of 2015.  Hmmm.

More puzzling still, according to Visconti, after remission, Bowie pressed in November 2015 to record at least five more new tunes that he had just recently penned for an album to follow “Blackstar”. Now wait….if Bowie wrote “Blackstar” as a farewell, as a personal dirge, why was he working on a follow up?  And if he was undergoing chemo at the same time that he was doing the vocals for “Blackstar”, how was he spending seven hours a day in the studio and then sprinting off to work on “Lazarus”?  And if he was bald with no eyebrows, why does he have a full head of hair and perfectly obvious eyebrows in the videos for the songs “Lazarus” and “Blackstar”? Cancer is extremely debilitating, chemotherapy even more so.  Something doesn’t smell quite right here.


David Bowie-Black Star

David Bowie-Black Star

As they learned of Bowie’s death music critics immediately and quite understandably assumed that “Blackstar” was a personal reflection of Bowie’s impending passing. One columnist went so far as to herald Bowie’s death itself, timed with the release of “Blackstar:”, as a work of art; another termed it “a perfect exit”, and another portrayed his album “Blackstar” a “parting gift to fans”.

But was Bowie describing his personal and impending demise to which close friend Tony Visconti’s seemed totally oblivious ….or was Bowie warning us of ours?

Was Bowie chosen by the Illuminati to convey a dire warning to us or was he given the death penalty by the Illuminati for having done so? According to Visconti the album was recorded in secrecy during the first few months of 2015. According to the press, Bowie was secretly fighting cancer for the last eighteen months.  One wonders just how many other secrets may be lurking out beyond our loathsome, chem-trailed skies? There is just so much they are hiding from us all the time, isn’t there?

Fraught With Symbols-Dripping With Double Entendre

Perhaps we can learn something from looking carefully at the promotional video that Bowie made to promote the “Blackstar” album. Here is a sequence of some of the primary images (themes) presented to us in that video:


Astronaut-Taped Middle finger

Astronaut-taped middle finger

The video opens with images of an astronaut alone in a desolate landscape. The very first frame is a closeup of the astronaut’s left hand…the very first image. A piece of red tape has been wound around the middle finger. This shot is a deliberated closeup.  Therefore, we may presume that we are supposed to notice the middle finger. The very first message of this video is that it is an “F-U” to someone or to a group of someones,  else why wind red tape around the tell tale digit?

Dead Astronaut

Frame two reveals that we are looking at an astronaut


Astronaut-smiley face

There is a smiley face on his space suit. The breathing tube is barely visible just below and to the left of the smiley face. It is not connected to an air supply.

Bandages and Buttons

Bandages and Buttons

At the point of transition from a purely instrumental introduction, Bowie appears wearing a blindfold with buttons in place of eyes and sings the lyrics “On the day of execution, on the day of execution, only women kneel and smile.  At the center of it all, your eyes, your eyes.”  When you are wearing bandages over your eyes and you have buttons in their place, might you not be suffering from “eyes wide shut”?


Space Odyssey parallel

2001 A Space Odyssey parallel-invoking Stanley Kubrick?

Roughly one third of the way through the video we can barely distinguish a human form that is slowly floating, feet first, toward the strange dark star that had been seen hanging in the sky. Compare to the floating astronaut in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001-A Space Odyssey”.  In Bowie’s video, the floating figure rotates the same way that the astronaut did in Kubrick’s film.

Scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey

Scene from Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey


Eyes Pointed Skyward

Eyes Pointed Skyward

During an instrumental bridge, there is a scene in which Bowie holds a worn and somewhat ancient book in his hand. We are shown the cover which bears a solitary black star printed over a black cover. In some of the frames, that black star is very hard to see. He stares up at the sky along with three other people. They all look concerned.  Lyrics resume:

“Something happened on the day he died, spirit rose a meter and stepped aside. Somebody else took his place and bravely cried ‘I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar. How many times does an angel fall? How many people lie instead of talking tall?  He trod on sacred ground. He cried loud in to the crowd ‘I’m a black star, I’m a blackstar. I’m not a gangstar'” 

Knit these various themes together and we find Bowie stitching up oblique references to Stanley Kubrick, outer space, eyes wide shut, death, and a glowering dark star. It would seem that Bowie may be warning us of a danger that people in high places know about, yet say nothing.  Bowie is trying to “talk tall”.

Rumors of a Dark Star

Brown Dwarf 2008-Ifrared Antarctic

Brown Dwarf 2008-Ifrared Antarctic

In 2008, a man who had a friend in NASA asked if there was any evidence of the planet Nibiru and its brown dwarf sun….its “dark star”, Nemesis.  He was sent a rather shocking photo taken by an infrared telescope located in Antarctica.   The glowing object was in the vicinity of Pluto and the Kuiper Belt and is likely the long sought culprit responsible for perturbations in Pluto’s orbit.

A brown dwarf is a burned out star, an object that is not visible to an ordinary light refracting telescope.  It can only be detected with infrared which will “see” its heat as opposed to its light.  The red-orange glow is a massive cloud said to be composed of iron ore particles which the dead star is continually shedding.

Sumerian Legend

Persons familiar with the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin  already know something of the planet Niburu which is said to cyclically intrude into our solar system along with its sister planets and its dark star companion. The Sumerians recorded a nasty incursion many thousands of years ago. The period of orbit of this rogue mini solar system is thought to be roughly 3,600 years.  It has been speculated that the great flood of Noah may have been triggered by one of the dark star’s crossings some twelve thousand years ago.

Recent Strange Goings On

Here follows two very interesting photographs taken by people half a world apart, people who are not connected and are unknown to one another. Clearly, something “extra” and rather large has been wandering our skies of late. But is it the legendary Planet X as some are speculating?  Many have captured it on video.  Just look through You Tube for the dozens and dozens of home videos of everything from a double sun to the Blue Katchina. The silence from “officialdom” is deafening.  But don’t worry, we have always been told.  Legions of amateur astronomers will warn us even if NASA won’t. Apparently not. The amateur astronomer does not have access to infrared technology. They won’t be able to see the dark star Nemesis until we all can and we won’t be able to see it until it is upon us.

May 27,2013-South America


Plane Window May 27,1013

Plane Window May 27, 2013

The plane was in South America not far from the equator at the moment the picture above was taken.  Whatever this object is, it is easier to observe the further south you are on our planet.
Our sun is clearly visible at the bottom of the photo and we can see a conjunction between planets Jupiter and Venus.  This conjunction is confirmed by the Swiss Ephermeris which tracks the planets for astrologers.

May 2013 Swiss Ephemeris

 January 14, 2014-Sacramento, California

Venus Eclipse of X

Venus eclipsed by an unknown intruder?

NBC television station KCRA in Sacramento, California caught our planet Venus eclipsing something rather large in 2014. The KCRA  photo is a zoom lens capture of a large glowing sphere behind Venus. This occurred during a routine pre -dawn morning news segment during which the news anchors check in with their helicopter.  One of the anchors noticed something odd in the distance and requested a zoom in from the camera man.
There is only one problem.  On January 14th, 2014 when this event was accidentally captured by the KCRA morning news helicopter, there were no planets (other than Venus) from our solar system in that position!
The KCRA video taken a year and a half ago show a large body between Venus and the sun.  With the sun illuminating it, we should be able to observe the signature reddish cloud….but we don’t. Nor do we see it in the preceding photo taken from an air plane window over South America. So then, it can not be Nemesis, the dead star of planet Nibiru.  By now, we should have seen and felt the effects.
At the time of Moses, most likely it was a Nemesis flyby that bestowed Egypt’s renowned seven plagues.  One of the plagues described was of their waters turning red….a consequence of passing through the thick cloud of iron ore. On the other hand, what these may be are one of Nemesis’ planets. Nemesis does have several of is own planets, so the Sumerians claimed.

North Pole Anomaly

North Pole Migration

North Pole Migration

Federal agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) supposedly has been tracking the position of the north pole. The graphic above is based on NOAA reports. The location of the north pole has been measured and tracked since 1831. The degree of movement of the pole has greatly accelerated over the last few years. NOAA does show it moving and does show that movement accelerating. However, it does not seem to be actually measuring the location of the pole, it has been estimating it. How do we know this?
A Russian ice breaker actually measured the location of the north pole in 2014 as it sailed over it. It was some five hundred miles to the east and a bit more south of where NOAA reported it to be.  What is the significance of this? For one thing, it goes a long way toward explaining the rapid melting of ice at the north pole because the north pole isn’t anywhere near where it used to be. And it proves that the melt taking place at the north pole has nothing to do with human beings, their nasty carbon dioxide exhalations, nor their cars…unless the weight of the cars is making the Earth tip over.

Crustal Slippage?

Tracking the North Pole

Tracking the North Pole


On January 11th, 2011, the residents of Llulissat, Greenland were positively freaked when the sun rose two days early. At their latitude, they experience a month and a half of total darkness in the winter. It is a constant. Looking at the map where NOAA thought the north pole was in 2014 vs where it actually was, it does appear that the Earth’s crust did actually slip.. The slippage of the crust would account for the sun rising two days early. Media reports of the early sunrise tried to attribute the phenomenon to melting glaciers. As Bowie said, some people lie rather than talking tall.

To be continued in Part 2 
David Bowie-Illuminati

David Bowie-Illuminati

JonBenet Ramsey-Labyrinth of Lies Part 7

Welcome to Jasper

Welcome to Jasper

Jasper, Alabama-population 14,222

According to Wikipedia, tiny little Jasper is the county seat of Walker County Alabama, and once ranked among the world’s leading producers of coal.  Walker County, it must be noted, bears the dubious distinction of being the “murder for hire capital” of America.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Have Gun, Will Travel

                Have Gun, Will Travel


A series of serendipitous and unlikely mini-miracles occurred and suddenly “I Know” was at the other end of the phone.  It didn’t seem real, but the urgent, southern voice acted as grounding.  The story came out in a wild patchwork of unfinished thoughts, strings of names of unknown people, and rapid fire vignettes. “There was this time John Mark Karr came in to the store where I worked to take some pictures of me. Said he worked for a beauty salon in Atlanta….You know, I drive around town with the names of all the people involved written on my car”. And so it went for about two hours, total stream of consciousness.

Trying to keep this person on topic went about as well as herding cats. “Do you know who Lisa Wallace is? You know about Governor Wallace? Lisa was Wallace’s third wife (1981-1987). Well, she was selling an antique table, a Persian rug and some ivory and I bought it. Mary offered to store the table for me because it wouldn’t fit in my apartment. The apartment was too small.  This really started when my friend Carrie got kidnapped. She was never found. I miss her so much”.

“I tried contacting the police so many, many times. They just ignored me. I finally talked to Lou Smit. I wrote that note! I wrote that note for Mary because she said she was writing a book about Carrie! I gave it to her in a paper towel tube, that cardboard thing in the center of the roll She told me to buy a mailing tube, but I didn’t. That made me mad”.

There was no paper or pen handy, having been caught off guard  “Better to just let them get it all out”, I thought. Hopefully, there would be another opportunity to pin things down, get the names straight and ask prepared questions. Hopefully.

Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

            Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The second call came in just a few minutes into the super blood moon lunar eclipse in late September. It had been a quiet Sunday and the questions prepared after the first call sat near the phone along with a pen. They had been there for over a week. . There was no way to know when IK would call back, nor if IK would call back.

The moon wasn’t up quite yet. I had gone back in the house to check the time. A few minutes later, the phone rang. The timing was mind numbing.  I picked up the receiver and heard that distinctive southern inflection “It’s me, IK“. I grabbed the pen and notebook . “Here we go”, I thought. “here we go”. Just as Earth’s shadow began to slowly move across the face of the moon, it began.

Q.  When did you meet Mary?

A. I don’t remember exactly. Let me think. It was after my friend Carrie went missing. She was kidnapped in 1991 on September 11th. There were search teams through the United Methodist Church. People looked for her all the way from here to Tuscaloosa because Carrie’s vehicle was caught on a security camera down there. I couldn’t never go because I had to work. But this customer came in from time to time and he would talk to me about it.  He and his wife were in the search. His name was Jim. At some point, he invited me to his house to meet his wife Mary. You know, I think Mary and Jim had something to do with Carrie disappearing, too. I just feel it. Jerry didn’t do that by himself. He didn’t kill himself, either.

(ed. note – police said that suspect Jerry Bland committed suicide as they began to circle the house. IK doesn’t believe that. There were reports that $50,000 was missing from the $300,000. Who got paid and why)?

Q. How long did you know Mary before she mentioned the book?

A. I have to think. She was planning to write a book about the kidnapping.  Maybe it was 1992 before I went over there. I don’t remember exactly when.  There was a Christmas party in ’94. John Mark Karr was supposed to be  there. I don’t think he showed up, though. There’s this man. He scares me. When he came in, I just had to get out of there. So I never saw John Mark there, but I know they were expecting him. You know, when John Mark Karr’s family said he was with them at Christmas Day 1996, they were lying for him. The book, the ransom note had to have been somewhere around the time of that party. I have trouble placing the time. I would like to be hypnotized. I could remember things better.

(ed. note – To me, the way this question was answered indicates a genuine memory process. Notice the associations IK went through in an effort to pinpoint the timeline.)

Q. How old were you back then?

A. Well, I am sixty seven now, so what would that be?

Q. It’s a little over twenty years ago that you are talking about so you would have been in your mid forties. Was Mary about the same age as you?

A. No. She was older

Q. By how much?

A. I am not sure to the year, but I would say she was around ten years older.

Q. What do you remember about her physically?

A. She wasn’t tall, had very tiny feet (giggle).  Her hair was dark…. brown, maybe

Q. How about her husband Jim?

A. He wasn’t tall either, salt and pepper hair. He was a few years older than Mary. I can’t recall his eye color. He didn’t have any scars on his face.

Q. The first time we spoke, you talked about a clipboard and sheets of paper. Did Mary hand you a clip board with blank pages on it that you wrote the note on?

A. No. I wrote that note so many times. I kept making mistakes. I started with a small note pad that I bought from the store where I worked. You know, Handy Dandy. We started with that, but it got to be so messy.  

Q. Then what was the clip board for?

A. Mary kept her ransom note script on there. She would read to me from it and I was supposed to write it down. She said it was a collaboration, but she never liked my ideas.

Q. Was Mary’s ransom script hand written or typed?

A. I don’t know. I never saw it. Mary held the clip board and read to me from it. She never showed me the script.

(ed. note – At the time of the 1st call, IK had specifically said that they had written the note many times due to making mistakes, losing their place while transcribing, and finally took everything home to finish it. This was after several sessions over at Mary’s home office).

Q. Well, wait a minute, if you never saw the script, what were you transcribing from?

A. I already told you that I bought a small note pad where I worked. The first sessions went in to that pad. But it was a mess. Then I go over there one time and she hands me a big pad. It had pages torn out.

Q. It had been used?

A. Yes. It had a short grocery list on there. You know, there was a palm print on that ransom note. That had to be mine. She got me so mad that I slammed my hand down on one of the pages.  (ed. note: there were no prints lifted from the note, not even Ramsey prints)

Q. What did she do that got you so mad?

A. Well, you know this was supposed to be about my friend Carrie. But she tells me to write :Mr. Ramsey”. I said, Mary, who is Mr. Ramsey? That’s not Carrie’s husband’s name. Mary said “that’s one of the characters in my book”. I didn’t know what to think. Then, she tells me “JonBenet”. Well, I can’t spell that, so I ask her how to spell that and she didn’t know. That’s when I got really mad and I told her, these are your characters. How can you have a character but you can’t spell their name? I just was so mad. It didn’t make any sense. I slapped my hand down right on the paper really hard.  She couldn’t spell JonBenet, I couldn’t spell it, so I said “why don’t we just say ‘your daughter’?  She was ok with that so that is what I wrote. I tried to get her to change a few things, but (other than that) she never would.

Q. What did you try to get her to change?

A. The ransom amount, for one thing. It just didn’t make sense to me to ask for $118,000. I told her ‘that’s such an odd amount…and it’s too low. You should make it a million’.  She wouldn’t do it. It had to be $118,000. And I told her to change attache to ‘briefcase’. Wouldn’t do that either.It didn’t feel like much of a collaboration to me. 

Q. Ok, ok…then when was the final note written? The one that went into a paper towel tube? The one that ended up at the Ramseys’?

(ed. note – the answer rocked my world)


to be continued in Labyrinth of Lies Part 8












Something Wicked This Way Comes-Smart MetersSmart-Meter-Blaze

A coalition of 190 scientists from 39 countries submitted a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt “more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology.  Given the long list of extremely detrimental effects of EMF on biological fields, such a request seems timid and limp.  These devices damage the DNA in our cells, in all living cells.  What are revised guidelines supposed to do about that?  This doesn’t seem to be a guidelines type of problem.

Partial transcript of Dr. Blank’s presentation to the UN:

“I’m here with disturbing news about our favorite gadgets: cell phones, tablets, wi-fi, etc.
Putting it bluntly, they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.

I’m Dr. Martin Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University.

It is distressing for me, and more than 160 colleagues, who today are petitioning the United Nations requesting that they address this problem.

We are scientists and engineers, and I am here to tell you – we have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control!

Before Edison’s lightbulb, there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment.
The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation.

An example that a lot of us have in our pockets right now is the cell phone. One study shows that as cell phone usage has spread widely, the incidence of fatal brain cancer in younger people has more than tripled.

We are putting cellular antennas on residential buildings, and on top of hospitals, where people are trying to get well.

Wireless utility meters, and cell towers, are blanketing our neighborhoods with radiation.

It’s particularly frightening that radiation from our telecommunication and powerline technology is damaging the DNA in our cells. It is clear to many biologists that this can account for the rising cancer rates.

source: http://190 Scientists Submit EMF Appeal to UN

Health Effects

tinnitus, insomnia, heart palpitations, hormonal disorders, blood sugar spikes and a host of other problems including cancer are being linked to smart meters. Our children, the elderly, and the chronically ill are the most susceptible groups.

Smart Meter Effects on Blood

Blood Cells Before Exposure

Blood Cells Before Exposure


Blood Cells After Exposure

Here is visual proof of the damage caused by smart meter technology. A dark field microscope was used to photograph living blood cells.

Human test subjects were placed one foot away from a smart meter and exposed for two minutes each. Test subject #3 had to be pulled away after only 45 seconds. She began to suffer a powerful headache and could not continue. As you can see, her blood cells were the most misshapen of the three test subjects after the exposure.

Cost Savings

This will be a short paragraph-there aren’t any cost savings. The electric companies fail to mention that the meters are always on, drawing power and communicating with various devices in the home as well as with one another in the neighborhood.  Most people report a doubling or more of their electric bills. These things are electricity pigs.


Smart Meter Fires and Explosions

Smart Meter Fire

Smart Meter Fire

Here is something else that we are not warned of, spontaneous combustion.  Hundreds of smart meters  in Stockton California exploded simultaneously when a truck struck a utility pole causing a power surge.

“The catastrophic failure of these PG&E “smart” meters — which are not approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) — not only damaged meter bases and other homeowner property, but left those 5,800 customers without power”.  Power sockets inside the homes were fried!  Residents lost TVs, computers, refrigerators, DVD players-all fried.





Smart Meter Spontaneous Combustion

Smart Meter Spontaneous Combustion


Smart Meter Lawsuits

There are lawsuits pending in many state courts over a wide variety of issues including

  • wrongful death by fire
  • privacy violations
  • constitutional violations and security risks
  • property rights
  • health damage including cancer
  • violation of Americans with Disabilities Act
  • spying
  • misrepresentation of radiation levels
  • overcharging

Many of the suits are being won by the plaintiffs with the exception of lawsuits focused on over charging.  A mass tort suit has been filed in California against electric companies So. Cal Edison., Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E),  smart meter installer companies Corix and Wellington, and smart meter manufacturers Itron and Landis-Gyr.  The law firm handling the tort has already won a case alleging wrongful death due to a smart meter fire.

A Project Manager/Engineer in Hawaii won a lawsuit against his employer after they fired him after he had warned them that the meters were not safe. And a class action suit has been brought against British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority in Canada for failure to provide customers with freedom of choice and violation of basic civil rights by using coercive tactics in order to implement their rigid smart meter installation program; a program that is intrusive and possibly life threatening.


“The “smart” meter deployments in your area are actually part of a corporate-government collusion to deploy a mass in-homedata-capturing (read surveillance) and control grid the “internet of things”.

Here are three main takeaway points:

  1. As new appliances are being designed to collect detailed activity and report in real-time through the “smart” meter, it’s estimated that the combined data they collect on all of us will be worth more than the entire electricity industry.
  2. Industry wants to pocket trillions in this shift to an information economy, with you as the resource being packaged and sold  without your consent, of course.
  3. With industry selling the wireless convenience and glorious modernization of it all, these deployments are being pushed through under the guise of climate action. Go Green!

If this sounds like a stretch, examine the evidence for yourself.

The “smart” meter agenda, once fully spawned, would facilitate an unprecedented transfer of money, control, information and security from people to the corporate-government complex (CGC).

The reason why there has been so much industry and government propaganda around the”smart” meter issue is because the scope of this pillaging is, again, unprecedented. This is also why those attempting to change to a sane course of action from within the CGC have not yet been successful.

But as awareness spreads, scandals increase (like this one in California), and people take inspired action, I see that the “smart” meter agenda will fail and the pseudo-powers behind it will fall.”


Just Say No

The utility companies typically announce the roll out of their smart meters with small post cards or with announcements tucked in their bills.  It is far easier to refuse or “opt out” before they take away your analog meter.  Once they remove it they will tell you that they can’t give back your original meter because analog meters are not being manufactured anymore.  Determined people have found analog meters for sale online and endured the extra expense of repurchasing a meter plus the cost of an electrician to install.  Do not accept one of their “opt out” meters because these are only slightly less damaging.

Help to spread awareness of these devices and the damage that they cause to people, animals, and property. Forward this article or any other article you deem worthy to as many people as you can.  File in small claims court when appropriate, join class action lawsuits in your state. This destructive technology must be stopped.



Forced Vaccines-You Make the Call

It’s starting to look a lot like genocide, but it isn’t.  It’s just business… and that sacrosanct, precious bottom line.  From time to time, there are bad batches. A “successful” corporation never misses an opportunity to monetize product, so rogue batches don’t get destroyed, they get sold. This is why vaccines can’t be trusted.

The individual can not sue pharmaceutical companies for damages  –  victimized families are “compensated” by a fund. Two Billion dollars has been paid out thus far.  That’s a pretty high price to pay for something that is pushed on us as being “safe and effective”.  Sadly, vaccines are neither. Yet the state Senate is poised to make child vaccinations mandatory in California!

Supreme Court Rules Vaccine Makers Protected

Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs

There are two articles here. For your own sake, please look at both of them

from Natural News:

Child Vaccination Deaths in Mexico




From InfoWars:

Pending California Forced Vaccine Bill



Need I say more?  Feel free to send this article to your family and friends in California. It is time for you to make a call.  Here is a link to the California State Senate. If you don’t know who your Senator is, use the “Find my Senator” button top left.   Call them, forward this article to them if you’d like. It should help you make your point.  Keep track of how they vote and if they go the wrong way, vote against them next time   California State Senate Website



There Were Giants in Those Days

For Aaron

How many fingers, Mario?

How many fingers, Mario?

The bones to the right were excavated on Catalina Island by Ralph Glidden sometime in the 1920’s or 30’s.  Glidden found many such skeletons.   This particular fellow was just shy of nine feet tall.   This and other photographs have been kept in a locked safe in a museum on Catalina.  It is not photoshopped, it is not a forgery.

Articles about Glidden’s dig appeared in the Los Angeles Times starting in the 1920’s.  This is bonefide.   Just look at those hands.  That is not how a human hand looks.  Take a close look at the fingers.  How many do you see?  A human has four fingers, not five.  Compare the close up to the human hand bones next to it.  The configuration of the bones isn’t even remotely similar.  This isn’t arthritis and this isn’t some freak mutation.  The thumb is tucked behind the arm bone.

Author/researcher LA Marzulli made this find after he personally visited the Catalina Island museum and located the file which contained the LA Times articles and several old photos.


How many fingers, Mario?  close up)

How many fingers, Mario?  (close up)


The Human Hand

The Human Hand

American Indian Legends

Many Indian tribes in North America have legends about clashes and interactions with giants.  One tribe claims their people tried to keep the giants fed, but eventually they could not provide enough food so the giants began eating them.  These giants were said to have had red hair and a double row of teeth.  They also had six fingers.

A Nevada tribe tells of giants who were stealing and devouring their children and wives.  According to the legend, the braves of the tribe snuck up to the cave where the giants lived.  They waited deep into the night and slay the sleeping giants by bashing their heads with rocks.  Interestingly, a site in South America, recently excavated, contains dozens of massive skeletons.  Most of the enormous skulls looked as though they had been  bashed with a large, round object.

Yet another North American tribe eliminated their giant problem by stuffing the entrance of the giants’ cave with dry brush.  They set fire to it and eventually, all the air was sucked out of the cave and the giants suffocated.  But of course, these are just legends.

David and Goliath

Most people are familiar with the Biblical tale of David and Goliath.  The Bible tells us that Goliath was a Philistine and he was gigantic, so gigantic that the Israelites were frightened senseless at the sight of him.   David was from Bethlehem and he was the youngest child in his family.  He also was a terror with a slingshot. Young David was carrying five smooth stones which he had taken from a river.  He killed Goliath with the very first shot which hit the giant in the forehead.  But, of course, it’s just a myth.

The Mounds of North America

Mysterious mounds are found all throughout North America.  There are mounds in Louisiana,  Mississippi,Arkansas,  Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma.  They have been attributed to native indigenous peoples dubbed “the mound builder cultures”.  For some reason, the most unusual aspect of these mounds is never mentioned-they contain the bones of giants, often in the fourteen foot range.  Here follows two New York Times articles from the late 1800’s:


North American Mounds

North American Mounds

Mound City, Chillicothe, Ohio

Mound City, Chillicothe, Ohio

Monk's Mound Cahokia

Monk’s Mound Cahokia


It is very interesting that these North American mounds are always attributed to ordinary Indian tribes.  One has to go back to reports from the 1880’s to learn the somewhat shocking truth:


NY Times 1886-There were giants in those days

NY Times 1886-There were giants in those days

NY Times 1897

NY Times 1897

1800's Giant Skeleton

1800’s Giant Skeleton

Similar mounds are found all over the world; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Russia,  India, Pakistan, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, and the area known as the Levant which includes Iraq, Jordan, Israel,  and Syria.

Many North American tribes tell of a time in their past when they were besieged by giants.  These giants taught them how to farm crops and were accepted by the tribes as their rulers.  It became a symbiotic relationship with the Indians performing the hard work of food production.  This was tolerated by the Indians until the giants began performing “sexual improprieties” on the people.  They turned on their masters and murdered them.

The Skulls of Paracas

It is not enough to have giants…we have to have cone headed giants, too.   In fact, we apparently shared the planet with red haired, cone headed giants once upon a time. It will do no good to start harumphing about head boarding.  These skulls were never head boarded, although the vast majority of human skulls located in the same area were. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Now why would the humans want to deform their knobby little crania in this manner?   Perhaps they were trying to be more like these “people”.  Perhaps these “people” were far. far more intelligent.

Elongated Skulls of Paracas, Peru

Elongated Skulls of Paracas, Peru

These skulls have no sagital suture.  Human skulls have this suture which permits an infant’s head to conform to the space of the birth canal.  A pregnant female was found with her fetus still inside.  Not only did it have a conical skull, it also had quite a few teeth.  No head boarding here.

Furthermore, the peculiar practice of head boarding does not increase skull capacity, it simply changes the shape of the skull.  The Paracas skulls have 25% more capacity and the bone itself is considerably thicker than the standard human skull.  Simply stated, these folks had more brains and required a larger brain case.

Preliminary DNA testing indicates that these fine specimens are not actually human, nor are they primate.  In fact, they don’t seem to be related to anything on Earth at all. More testing is planned because initial samples may not have been handled according to established protocols which are very strict.  That said, had the samples been contaminated in the typical way, analysis would have detected modern homosapien genomes.  In fact, there was no match to modern man at all, nor Neanderthal, nor Denisova (a human species recently discovered in Siberia).  In fact, these are said to be so different that they could not have interbred with humans at all.



Red Haired Giant of Paracas

Red Haired Giant of Paracas

Map: Paracas, Ica, Nazca, Cuzco

Map: Paracas, Ica, Nazca, Cuzco




  The Mysterious Stones of Ica

Ica Stone-Dinosaurs

Ica Stone-Dinosaurs

Ica Provence in Peru has a stone known as andesite, a kind of feldspar.  With weathering, the feldspar on the surface changes to a hard clay which can be carved.  Some 11,000 stones of varying sizes have been found throughout the area in caves, sitting on the ground, even in some of the tombs of these strange skeletons.  Throughout the 1960’s, there was a concerted effort on the part of Dr.  Javier Cabrera Darquea to collect them and to place them in a museum where they are currently housed.

They clearly depict human beings with dinosaurs, stegosaurus, sauropods, even the dreaded tyrannosaurus rex! There are also scenes of surgery, blood transfusion, and maps. Cabrera had purchased many of the stones from a farmer named Uschuya in the 1970’s.  In Peru, it is illegal to sell ancient artifacts.

As word spread about the stones, researchers and documentary producers arrived to interview Uschuya about his finds on his farm.  Uschuya told them that he had made them himself.  Later, the Peruvian government did arrest him for the sale of antiquities, and again, he said that he had made them, but that he had not made all of them.  Indeed, he could have not made all of them.  Hundreds were found in a remote cave, others were unearthed from ancient tombs.

Dinosaur Attack

Dinosaur Attack



Sr. Uschuya  primarily made  smaller stones which he and others sold to tourists.   He told the authorities that “it was easier than farming”.  It is likely that he sold Cabrera many fakes, but on the other hand, Cabrera’s collection far exceeded that which Uschuya sold to him.

Mesopotamian Cylinder Depicting Sauropods

Mesopotamian Cylinder Depicting Sauropods

Ica Maps

The word “mesopotamia” means between rivers.  We refer to this area as the “cradle of civilization?.  Many ancient civilizations lived in this region; Assyrians, Sumerians, Akkadians, and Babylonians, to name a few.  But these flourished 400 to 2000 B.C.


Land of the Giants?

Land of the Giants?

Hiddekel River-Mesopotamia

One has to wonder if the cone headed giants had migrated to the Americas as a result of a relentless attack by the Israelites as described in Genesis.  The earliest chapters of the Bible  seem to reiterate earlier Sumerian reports.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of inexplicable, massive stone structures in South America and the cradle of civilization along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  Is it not likely that these are the works of the giants?  Or did they originate in Russia?  Baalbek?  One thing is certain.  Indeed, there were giants on the Earth in those days.

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru














San Felice Circeo-Italy

San Felice Circeo-Italy








Prince Harry’s Misadventure

Prince Harry’s Misadventure

(A re-posting of an article originally published 9/15/2012….remembering the past, lest we forget.  Sincerely wishing Harry and his bride all the best)

Britain's Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry

As most are aware, Prince Harry was recently publicly humiliated by photos having been published of him frolicking in the raw at a Las Vegas hotel gathering.  He had been called back to Britain from Afghanistan a few months earlier when his location had been made public.  The Royal Family had become concerned for his safety and he was promptly removed from his base.

All seemed well.  Harry attended his brother’s wedding and went about his life.


Harry in happier times

In August, he went to Las Vegas.  And that’s when things got ugly.  Someone in the suite had a camera and very embarrassing photographs were taken and published.  It didn’t take long for the Royal Family to ship him back to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry-Military-Fatigues

Prince Harry in Military Fatigues

That’s interesting…suddenly, Afghanistan got a lot safer in the Royals’ opinion.  Harry was dispatched to a base in the Afghan province with the heaviest casualties, Kandahar.  Kandahar!

Quite obviously, they consider him expendable.  He has embarrassed them… deeply… as had his mother before him.  In fact, Princess Diana had become a pro at publicly humiliating them.  She seemed to rather enjoy it.

Diana-Tears in a Tiara

What would you have done if you had woken up one morning to the realization that you were just a brood mare,that your husband was deeply in love with someone else, and that he had been in love with this other woman for many years? Embarrassing the Queen was all the revenge she could muster against such an overwhelmingly powerful family.   But as Diana learned, that power is brutal.

One fears that Harry is the latest victim of Royal wrath.  His base suffered a deadly attack today by heavily armed insurgents.  Two Marines lost their lives during the prolonged attack which included small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades.  According to an official court proclamation, “Prince Harry was not in danger”.  And neither was Diana, I suppose.

Princess Diana's Last Ride

Diana Death Trap

Prince Williams new bride. Kate Middleton, has just suffered the same embarrassment that befell Harry.  She was photographed topless in France.  Careful, Kate, dear.  That Queen grandmum-in-law of yours has some mighty thin skin.  If she could ship you off to Kandahar right now, she would.

The Royal Couple

Kate and William

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